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PRACTICALHORARYASTROLOGYGAYATkI D[V!YASUU[VOUBSPDUIlS Publi shen, ' Di mibulOB lJd.N"" 1l!rology more applicableanJ u,eful than in da ily life. Vel lhi, branoh of a,tr olo/lYhas nol been fullv uplored. There have been many" anslati on, of d afoSical on Ibe",, 1 but no real 00 Ihe art .of an,wering horary ques lions.I fo und n\LO(ilCAL MAGAZ'''E .Jl mar y Aserology i, peginner wilb Ihe mer",t acquai ntance wilh aSlrotogy bUIat"" to (he ad,-anced s{ udenl and lbe pro f.,,,ional amologcr.M)' daughler tends to hol d be. own in (he fuU>rc andI bope more book, will be coming oul of her I"' n on aspect.of nt So far lnuched h)' me.BI"", i"g her wilh all my hearl and wi,hing her a longan d f ruil ful fjfe or to {he puhlic.8. V. KAMA"l .CHAPTE R IBranches of AstrologyAstrology IS made up of 3 limbs. They urei-c-(I ) Predictive Astrology(2) Mundane Astrology(3) Electional Astrology.Predictive Astrology is concerned with makingforecasts or delineating future trends and possibi-lilies. This branch can befurther subdivided intonatal horoscopy a'ld horary astrology . 10 theformer, results are assessed on the basis of thechart erect ed for the time of birth. In horaryastrology, the chart 1> erect ed for the time ofquestion . Both give equally good results provideda careful balancing is made of all the factor, inthe chart. Our interest is horary astrology.Mundane astrology is related to Judginghoroscopes of nations ;'Old of the collective desti-uies of peoples.Electional astrology is predictive astrologyreversed: HCIC a moment is so chosen as toensure success of any vent ure begun at that] P"(1rliro! HMO' ''' ,moment. The chart is first cavt and the eventmade to co mmence at the chosen time .Horary Ast rology has been populal fo rit dis penses a",ay with the birth time .... hich issomet imes 110t recorded at all 01 only vaguelynoted down for a variety of reasons. However,if t he birt h chart can he made use of to st udy theentire life of t he nati ve. the hor ary chart is limitedto assessing a particular situation with which thequercm concer ned at the tu ne of askingquestions .The greater pari of Hora ry Astrology is I'crysimilar 10 natal astrology. Ihe same srgns of thezodiac. lhe samc significations of the twehe signsand houses arc used in bUi ll. The on ly ulfterence the way In which aspects arc judged an dconclusion, dm"'n .-c- o-,CHAPTER 2Keys to the SignsIt is necessary for l\ student to make himselfthoroughly familiar with the signs, "hat theygovern, the planets and their significationv as wella' the 12 bhavav and what they indicate .There are twelve sign, of the zodiac :--L Aries T2. Taur us"3. Gemini", Cancer 5. Leo &l, Vir go TIl '7. Libra s Scorpio '"9. Sagittari us ,10. Capr icorn eII . Aquarius 12. Pisces II, j',."aical H",a,y Astrologyr: [ ~ " ,I , -- -- - ArksArk ;" rules the head. fores t, grazing grou nds,hilly tracts, ceiling, stables, the east , brick-kilns,blacksmit h. . / \ r j ~ s ' nat ives have a broad andlarge forehead and a small chin. They are, thesign being fi er y. thin, lean, tall a nd dry looking.Eyeb row, arc thick. The neck is thin and longlike a goat' s with medium hair on head. Theskin is sallow and someti mes ruddy marked byspots and blemishes. They are hasty, impulsiveand restless They have an ability for leadershipsand arc overbearing ill nature. Tlicy rules the tace, fields, meadows. plains,cow-pens , low rooms, the ground floor , floweringshrubs and bushes. luxury halls. dining rooms,ea(i"g places. Taurus nalive, arc handsome witha slightl y snubby nose lind broad cheeks . Theyare SlOut \11 body and height wil h thick necks .dar k thick hair, ti ne teeth, hlrge eyes and clearcomplexions. They arc slow ill movement andinclined t o ease and l uxury. They are suddenlyand easil y provoked to anger and do nOI COOl010"'11 easi ly_ They call be fait hful and ohcdiellt,whell they fed Ii!..e ;t. Taurus IS fixed undeart hy_GenliniGemini rules t he neck and ehe, !, bed-rooms,walls, plast er ing, che sts. trunks boxes, barns,schools study-rooms, colleges. electr ical andelect ronic appl iances, communication media s uchas cables, te lephones, televis ion, rad io, the news-papers , Gemin i natives are taU, weU-buill withflushv cheeks and face. 1 hey are, without cxccp-tion, good-looking with dear and lair skins ,thi ck lustrous hair. sensuallips broad chest, goodspeakers, will y, enq uiring and curious, fond ofknowledge. fu n-seekin g and g i ~ c n to qu ick chang-ing mood; and tempers. Gemini is common andarry .CancerCa ncer rules t he heart , breast . watery tklds,rivulets. small lakes. tanks, risers, canals. localtransports. " ells. dit ches. 1110at\. kitchen andhome" bakeries, milk-bars, snuck-shops , pumps,places where food is stored. Cancer nati ves aresmall-built bUI fleshy. with artracnvc faces andeyes. soft curly but thick 1,,'IT. plumn limbs,emouonat and possess deeply nunched natures.Such nat ives arc fo rgiving and Iry \ 0 act themother in all t heir relatio nships. They arc very;e nsitl ' e but easily forge l animosities. Cancer ismovable and water" .Leul eo rules the belly, the digestive organs, thenavel, r nountams, thick forests . deep caves ,wood s rocky ter rain. deserts. palaces. parks,,forts, fire-places. chimney. boilers and heat appli-ances, factories such as of iron and steel. Leosubjec ts have dis tinct Jaw, and Joints t hai sta ndout witha head a little [ 0 0 lar ge for the body.The body is thin, dry and ho t In constitut ion.The limbs have no part icular beauty abou t thembUI the carr iage is royal and insol ent. Theyhave ver y great rega rd for themselves lind getupset over mere t ri fles. The} are domineering innat ure ,tnd belie ve they aTC mea nt 10 pass onl yorders. Fhc legs aTC thin but the tr unk is largeand wide . Leo is fiery and fi xed.Virgovirgo rules the hip, appendix. irr igatedfields ami channels, lush gardens, orchards.plenty, corn Iieldv, libraries. book shops dairi es,honey, farms and farm-hous e, coll age produce.Virgo 'nauves arc the best loo\.. i'lg of all the signs.They have dark fuwn cyes, "rehing eyebrows,small attractive mOUl h,. white even teeth andsharp de te rmined chins. Limh, arc graceful andlend towards corpulence. They mIX ea, ily withpeople. They arc intelligent , sharp and goodspeakers. They CI nervous ea"h and are weak inphysical str ength, They have st udious und,economising habitsthrough disc retionand earthy.PrdUi( al Norar y A.rlm/oJ:They avoid nasty situationsand tact. Vi rgo is commonLibraLibra governs the groms, businessmen, marketplace, ,lr ade-cenlr cs. hanks, ho tels, amusementcent re, public fetes and fair s, toilets, hath-rooms,closets, ... ater-tubs, flushouts . storeyed build-lUgs . Tho, e bor n in this sign arc vivacious andsparkling in temperament and appcaranc" . Eitherthey arc too bala nced and wise or lend to losebalance mer the merest trifles. They arc goodtalkers but sometimes rude. hasty and harsh.They arc tall and elegant Wit h slim bodies, pi mpledor freckled , kin", upright and j udicious in theirdealings lihra is movable and a iry.ScorpioScor pio f UIeS the pr ivat e parts. holes. deepca ves cre vices, mines, underground cellar, gara-ges, ca r-parks. the basement, sinks, swamps,rums, g arbage heaps , slush. moon, the lowershelves or a cupboa rd, pannctled walls. Scorpionat ives arc small and neatl y built with thic k, bushycurly hair. Th ey have dark bright eye, that havea hypnouc effect in them, They have duskyKeY' IQ I he Si gn.. ,complexion and ale usually bowlegged. Theyare offended easily and harbour ill-feelings. Theycan be the best of friend, or the worst of enemies.They love to hide or ru n away [rom peopte andcrowds. They are peevish but straight-for ward.Scorpi o i ~ fixed and watery.SagittarillSSagit tar ius rules the th ighs, royal and govern-ment q uarters, government offices, armo ury,racing grounds, gambling de ns, the upper floorsof buildings, stud-far ms, race horses, vehicles,aircraft. Sagitt arius natives are stout with broadshoulders , sparse hair , muscular limbs, straightnose. deep-set eyes , br oad shanks and thighs.They are upr ight and honest in thei r dealings,easy going unless provoked, even tempered andgenial hearted . They tend to ta ke too many risksIn life and are bur n gamblers. Sagittarius iscommon and fi