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2. In 2010 I will be beter I wont speak in class I mayraise my hand for speak I mightget into a business 3. I willnot go with my friends if no one knows I wontdisobey my parents I mayvisit my grandparents once a week I might buy presents in christmas for my family 4. I willhealthy eating I wontalways eating candy I maylearn to cook healthy food I might not eat in Mcdonals 5. I will go with my friends once a week I wontmake jokes I mayhelp as needed I might 6. I will save to buy that I like I wontspend all the money all at once I mayask my parents pay I mightgo to the bank to exchange my coins 7. I willview other programs I wont all of the day watching TV I maybuy another TV I might downloading channels 8. I will turn off the electric appliancess I wontleaving the tap on when I wash hands I may go to a parc for clean it I might plant a tree 9. I willshare my hobbies with my friends I wontpoint to theater I maysign up for another sport I might training all of the days 10. I will speak more in class I wont speak in spanish in the speacking activities I may go to England to learn I might go to an academy