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  • 1. Portfolio: Gordon Lee
    Collaborative Industrial Design
    Mechanical Design
    Product Development
    Rapid Prototyping
    Tooling Engineering collaboration
    Presentation and Proposal strategies
    Vendor Interactions both domestic and offshore
    Technical Illustration

2. Caterpiller: Euro Roading fenders
Sheet Metal, weldments, hinging mechanisms, latching mechanisms, Pro/Mechanica, vendor contact, collaborative
with U of IL Champaign on stress analysis.
Sheetmetal, 3-1/2 ft tall weldment, hinge/latch mechanisms, plastic trims, Industrial design review by I.D. group in Decatur, stress analysis by Champaign IL simulation center, vendor interactions, and six sigma green review for release.
Caterpiller: European Roading Fenders
3. Advanced Filtration Systems Inc.a joint product development project between CAT and Donaldson.
Heads were standard Caterpiller ACME thread-on. A Turkish vendor for Aluminum cast/machined heads; all markup came through a stateside translation service used by CAT and then through Donaldson project management for execution by the contract AFSI staff using Pro/Engineer.Volume, Filter Media surface area, Max diameter, and Max heightbased on standard ground and machine clearances per the individualtractor, dozer, wheel loader, etc. were the criteria.Ansys FEA used in house.
4. Panasonic Home Appliances
This project involved the facelift of an existing upright vacuum cleaner in the redesign of the dust cover. The CAD model, shown above, derived from an industrial design sketch done in Rhino. The main body and style features are all originally surfaces merged into a closed quilt, thickened, and then ribbed and made strong as well as being air tight with a groove and neoprene seal style perimeter. A new latching mechanism was created along with the new Dust Cover. FEA, Rapid Prototyping, and on machine testing were ongoing. Consulting with in-house Tooling Engineering as they interfaced with their offshore counterparts, was also ongoing, until tooling signoff signaled the end of this project.
5. TraneTechnology Center
Product development, Industrial design, mechanical design, Printed Circuit Board collaborative for mounting/packaging, plastic part design/documentation, user interface/ergonomic considerations, tooling collaborative and review with offshore vendor, and design review presentations.
Wireless Zone Sensor: first production - 2008
Small Universal Controller: section through light pipe
6. Polaris Industries - Victory Motorcycle Division. Product Development Center
Collaboration with Industrial Design department in configuration, geometry, and tooling related issues in the development of Chrome Disk (Brake Rotor) Cover.Development of SaddlebagAssemblies (including molded liners, cargo netting).
Development of Mini-Apes Handlebars.Development of Cush Cast Rear Wheel Assembly, Cush Billet Rear Wheel Assembly. Layout of Foglight Assembly Kit.
7. Ecowater Systems
Collaborative with an external Industrial Designagency on product lines such as the GE Odyssey. All of Ecowaters product is injection molded, blow molded, or vacuum formed in-house. Assemblies were snap-together with few fasteners. My responsibilities included Product Development, Design, Surfacing, Layout, Detail, CAD Model Repair,and Tooling related changes on both Softeners and Reverse Osmosis Product.
8. Kohler
Kohler was mainly interested in my Surfacing experience and training and my use of Alias software in the startup/tool up phase of the Presque Isle Tub project. My duties included Surfacing, Reverse Engineering, Design, Assembly Details, BOM's, and Exploded Views in the Bath/Whirlpool group.
9. IMI Cornelius
. I was brought in because of my Surfacing experience and training to work on their new line of Roto-molded Ice Bins. Their engineering group previous to that was basically a sheet metal based group making stainless steel bins with not a lot of Pro/Engineer Surfacing and complex geometry experience.