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    PMI Corporate Values Honesty and ethical behavior

    Teamwork and supporting each others professional efforts and achievements

    Performance and a Get it done attitude

    Each person engaging, contributing, and succeeding


    Partnership and team

    Diversity and respect for the rights and thinking of others

    Creativity and innovation

    Sound fi nancial thinking

    Work life balance

    Our community and the environment

    3 Scope of Report

    5 The PMI Story

    10 Letter from CEO/Founder Rob Harris

    11 The PMI Leadership Team

    12 PMIs CSR Journey

    16 Our Strategic Pillars

    17 Commitment to Excellence

    18 Innovation

    19 Culture/People

    20 Social Consciousness

    24 Environmental Responsibility

    26 PMI Environmental Performance Indicators

    29 Stakeholder Engagement

    30 Memberships & Awards

    31 Materiality Chart & Acknowledgements

    Table of Contents

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    Pacifi c MarketInternationals (PMIs) fi rst Corporate Responsibility

    Report was created using the

    Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

    as our learning tool and guide. We

    are reporting on our direct impact

    and ownership: PMI and PMI

    Joinease. The scope of this report

    is the owned or leased property of

    Pacifi c Market International, LLC,

    which includes the Seattle (HQ)

    offi ce, the Shanghai offi ce, the

    Manila offi ce, the London offi ce,

    and the PMI Joinease factory.

    In our next Report, we will

    expand our reporting scope to

    contractors, which will include

    contract factories, packaging

    suppliers, and warehouses.

    The primary purpose of this

    report is to bring together all

    aspects of PMIs Corporate Social

    Responsibility (CSR) program as

    a resource for our stakeholders.

    The intention is to provide

    incentive for our employees to

    drive innovation that will improve

    our performance. In 2010 and

    beyond, the accomplishment of

    goals that support our Strategic

    Business Pillars will be tracked

    and reported.

    When evaluating this reports

    content against the standards in

    the GRI Application Levels



    PMI self-declares that it has reached

    the A level. The GRI Content Index

    Grid, along with our Code of

    Conduct, has been published on

    our website (www.pmi-worldwide.

    com) as a companion document

    to this report.

    Scope of Report

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    201 Patents4 Offi ces: Seattle, Shanghai, Manila, and London 164 Employees Products sold in 50 Countries14 Awards


    0s: Se

    64 Employ Products sold in 50 Countrie

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    In 1983, Rob Harris founded PMI with a modestinvestment of $1,200 and a curiosity about international trade. With degrees in psychology, business, and education under his belt, the entrepreneurial path seemed an obvious fi t.

    For the fi rst few years, PMI imported a number of differ-ent products and designed and styled products for the sports and recreation markets. As business progressed, Rob expanded the product lines to include food and beverage containers.

    In 1994, PMI joined forces with Eddie Bauer to create one of the fi rst lines of stainless steel insulated mugs. Prior to this, travel mugs were mere utilitarian objects. PMI recognized that modern lifestyles would soon demand products that

    were not only functional, but stylish as well. At the same time, Starbucks Coffee Company was responding to the increased pace of their customers lives and they partnered with PMI to create beverage containers for patrons on the go.

    In 2001, we opened Pacifi c Market International Shanghai Trading Company Ltd. to provide additional sales, engineering, and manufacturing support. PMI also has offi ces in London and the Philippines.

    In 2002, PMI purchased the Stanley and Aladdin brands, both venerable brands that are close to 100 years old. Over the past few years, PMI has expanded both lines and breathed new life into these American icons.

    The PMI Story A Balanced Cycle Twenty-Six Years in the Making

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    We will revolutionize the

    way people enjoy food

    and beverage everywhere


    We are a global

    company that designs,

    manufactures, and

    markets products that

    enable consumers

    everywhere to enjoy

    food and beverage.

    We collaborate to

    apply market knowledge,

    technological expertise,

    and social responsibility

    in developing innovative

    products and successfully

    growing our business.

    In the past three years our goal of being the best food and beverage con-tainer supplier in the world has come closer to reality. Our strategy is to leverage our multi-brands (Stanley, Aladdin, MiGo,

    and Private Labels), multi-channels (specialty, commercial, mass, and outdoor), and multi-geographic regions in a manner that creates product synergy and supply chain effi ciency. Our concept of taking a niche product category and leveraging it through different brands and distribution channels in key global geographic regions helps PMI remain competitive. The company is positioned to be a platform for further growth through acquisitions that take advantage of our distribution network and our supply chain competencies.

    After twenty-six years in business, PMI is still deeply rooted in human values and committed to ethical behavior, education, sustainability, and good business practices. While PMI continues to refi ne key brand strategies, the underlying foundation of a balanced and responsible approach remains the compass for innovation and company growth.

    Brands, Products, Patents

    Today, PMI holds more than 200 patents

    and launches over eighty new products

    each year. We currently have over 800

    products. Our brands include:

    Aladdin Lifestyle, Specialty, and Sustain

    Stanley Classic, nineteen 13,

    Outdoor and Commercial

    MiGo International


    Headquartered in Seattle, WA, PMI has offi ces in Shanghai, Manila, and London. Our Seattle and Shanghai offi ces house our Product Development, Operations, and Sales teams while our Customer Service team works from Manila with support staff in each offi ce. We work with many factories in China to manufacture our product lines, including PMI Joinease of which we are partial owners. The North American Logistics Center is in Auburn, WA where we contract the services of freight and warehouse companies. Additionally, PMI has three distribution centers in The Netherlands and China. From these locations we manage product lines that ship to fi fty countries aroundthe globe.

    Countries in which PMI Products are sold

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    Management Structureand Employees

    As a small company, our management structure is relatively fl at with each staff member being, at most, three degrees from a member of the Leadership Team. Because of PMIs collaborative nature, execution comes from the bottom and works its way up based on the goals set by the Leadership Team and approved by Board Members. PMI values the ideas and opinions of all its employees. Tools are in place for employees to voice their ideas and opinions to top leadership through open forums within all of our offi ces and through suggestion boxes in our factories.

    In 2009, PMI Worldwide had 164 employees across four offi ces: eighty-eight in Seattle, fourteen in Manila, twelve in London, and fi fty in Shanghai. Of the total, 153 were full-time employees, eleven were full-time temporary contract employees, and seven held top level management positions. In addition to the eighty-eight employees in our Seattle offi ce, PMI engages the services of numerous local consultants, legal fi rms, and not-for-profi t organizations.

    PMI has a six-member Board of Directors, which evaluates the strategy set by the Leadership Team and offers guidance and strategic alternatives. Committee work is usually headed by the seven-member Leadership Team led by the CEO. The Leadership Team creates strategies for the whole company, including the factories where the products are manufactured, based on the Mission Statement and set the Strategic Business Pillars that will take us into 2012. The Corporate Responsibil-ity team is charged with monitoring the factories and ensuring all company policies and objectives are followed.

    We continually work to implement programs to support the personal and professional growth of our employees. The company pays for job related training and has tuition reimbursement programs for those wishing to further their education.

    PMI hosts health and wellness programs, including a fl u clinic, throughout the year to provide training and promote employee wellbeing. At PMI Joinease, we offertraining courses that help employees manage their careers and arrange for advanced workers to attend third-party training programs on workability.



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    All employees have access to these opportunities to develop their skills and improve their chance for advancement.In 2009, Verit completed a worker-training program at PMI Joinease that provided workers with information on health and safety relating to both the workplace and the community.


    As an international company with employees and partners around the globe, an apprecia