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Organizational BehaviorMKT 511MBA (Evening) Program

It is a great pleasure for us to express my deep sense of gratitude to our honorable teacher Dr. Md. Morshed Hasan Khan for giving us such a wonderful topic as a term paper.

The topic Ethics in business is the burning issue now-a-days. I think this report will help us to know about the present situation of Organizational Culture of business sectors.

Our research topic was Ethical view of the movie Corporate. In the preparation of this term paper, information has been collected from papers, articles, websites, reports and our self-realization from the movie.


verything is fair in Love and Corporate Warfare. That's precisely the theme of the movie titled 'Corporate'. Director Madhur Bhandarkar is giving a multi-dimensional viewpoint about the lives-n-fetishes of up-market party people; he paints the ruthless-n-sharp 'Deals' of the business world with a penchant for being oblivious to the sensitivities of people involved in it. Corporate is made memorable by some brilliant performances by a battery of fine actors. Bipasha Basu who as the high flying Vice President of Sehgal Group of Industries, dazzles with a touching-the-heart performance. Her beau Ritesh Sahani (Kay Kay Menon) is the brother in law of hot shot Vinay Sehgal (Rajat Kapoor), the Chairman of Rs 200, 000/ crore SGI. His immediate rival Dharmesh Marwah (Raj Babbar) would stoop to any level to stay a step ahead. Be it the Business awards, lucrative business contracts or pocketing the most influential of politicians, Marwah Group pips its nearest rivals at the post.The boardroom battle hots up when Nishi steals a major Marwah project and ensures that Ritesh heads it. The ensuing battle resembles the cold war where pesticides are detected in the Sehgal brand, Just Chill. Ambitious Vinay Sehgal goes ahead with his plans in spite of the negative report of FDA. It goes without saying; Marwah gets back to him and soils his image completely. In all this hullabaloo of opportunism, the love of live-in couple Nishi and Ritesh has to deal with tough times. What they do, whether they manage to ride the tide is the crux of the story. Or, in other words, there is no scope for emotions in the corporate world. They learn it the hard way. And they thought they knew everything.Bipasha Basu has given the best performance of her career. Her suave chic look, dapper suits, closely cropped hair and moist eyes convey a hell lot of misery and claustrophobic loneliness. And obviously she has had her fill of glamorous bimbette song-n-dance; it's time for the real thing baby. Kay Kay Menon is smoldering lava of perfection. His restless energy and deep dark eyes can do magic with the vocabulary of silence. Rajat Kapoor as Vinay Sehgal is another bright spark. In fact he is a total surprise. For his calm exterior inhabits an ambitious monster. Raj Babbar as Dharmesh Marwah justifies his reputation of being a fine actor. But the disappointments are the two young guns Minisha Lamba and Sammir Dattani who are completely wasted in spectator parts.As for Madhur Bhandarkar's direction, then hats off to this master creator. For, he takes chances with the idiom of stream of consciousness. He also takes the requisite risks by shocking the viewer sensibility by showing the stark naked truth. He never deviates from his vision to accommodate cinematic liberties.

Through the film knits a compelling criss-cross of agile entrepreneurship it's the heart that eventually triumphs over the head in this smartly-told drama of doom and redemption. Corporate is about the vicious circle of ambition in the private sector, and how human emotions and life have no significance in it, thus it teaches all to learn the survival means to be the length in this rude corporate world.

Due credit is given to an employee's contribution, thus by throwing a party in honor of Nishi (Bipasha Basu) and her inspiration (Ritesh Sahani) Kay Kay Menon. The transformation of Bipasha from middle class city girl to a working woman is amongst the most convincing aspects of the film. It teaches us that there is equal opportunity for all employees, if anyone can pose that quality. Employees can accomplish and achieve their full potential. There is a stronger communication and information dissemination among the employees regarding the company's policies and issues.

In movie corporate, Meet the handful of men and women, who hold in their hands the power to influence the lives of unsuspecting millions? Live their lives. Learn their lies even to be such successful like them. Thus proves the picture that corporations produce dedicated leaders with a vision and purpose. This film takes a deep insight in the mindset of these powerful people and attempts to find out what makes them tick. It explores the nexus between the corporate world and the political; and follows the trail of sex and corruption that hides behind a glittering and glassy exterior. And thus the movie gives insights of the reality, and is making the ambitious young learn the hard, rough beats of life. The film shows how the corporate world functions - their style of working, their language, boardroom dramas and rival groups vying for one-upmanship.

The film is a must-see, especially for all those aspiring professionals who are ready to do anything to be at the top. It subtly conveys the message that one should not compromise one's principles. As the morally upright, Nishigandha who steals her rival's project only to pay an unimaginable price for her indiscretion, which initiates the need for understandable guidelines of the employees in their selves. Madhur aptly portrays the deceitfulness and underhand tactics behind the snazzy, suave and sophisticated demeanor of the corporate world and the people associated with it. In a world that may bring fame and fortune, one definitely has to pay a price but just how high a price is paid, Madhur delves into this aspect. Like Chandni Bar and Page 3, Corporate sets its feet firmly in a culture-specific work-oriented milieu. It then finds an emotional bedrock in its innumerable characters, portrays them as people trapped in ambitions and desires over which they've no control after a point to make us learn that hard part. Madhur manages to explore the psyche of the corporate world and the people who are associated with it. Corporate reiterates the belief that behind power, money and glamour there is a lot of deceit, lies and an erosion of moral and ethical values. Corporate shows the extent to which people can stoop to for success, power and money; it has also explored the close connection between politics, the film world and the corporate world. It shows how sex and scandal are used to the advantage of the players of the game. Ultimately the corporate world war has an effect on the day to day functioning of common people and they are the ones to suffer. Corruption is a deep-rooted aspect in the corporate world and Madhur manages to portray this aspect quite clearly and convincingly. The Thin Line between right and wrong, success and failure, profiteering and ethics, loyalty to your company and loyalty to yourself is well played out by Madhur Bhandarkar (MB). Here in this movie the leaving of CEO Naveen Shroff (Harsh Chaya) reminds us the fact there in some ways some people are, who tries at least to care for the commons; it creates a great relief from being lonely out in the way of justice along with trying to survive in the rude corporate world.

It is criticized as a futile endeavor to "pigeonhole" or categorize the organizational culture itself. The movie welcomes to the world of Corporates. A battlefield of power-hungry people, a world filled with deceit and corrupted minds, where wealth, fame and success are fought over. And rules don't exist.

It showed the fact that When the market opens up to international players, competition gets fierce. And the battle for supremacy begins. Moral codes are abandoned and ethics are forgotten as these two bitter rivals embark upon a deadly game of monopoly. The harm that the common man faces due to some cheap egoistic rivalry has even been portrayed in this movie. Success and prestige take precedence over everything else. Good is no longer good enough. And people are driven to the brink of insanity. All in the name of business. If the war was just between two companies then their battles should've remained behind the scenes. Unfortunately, its implications have an impact on the common man. The film also explores another shocking issue - the use of actresses by businessmen to lure politicians. I n his film 'Corporate', Bhandarkar takes a dig at the corporate world and exposes the depravity that has become an intrinsic part of the business culture in the times of cutthroat competition. The movie mostly focuses the ugly sides of this culture - top executive sleeping with high-class girls, the nexus of corporate world with corrupt politicians, the innocent taking the fall while the guilty walks away free. At the end of the day, the film will have you believe that many of the executives in their well-preened suits and ties are morally bankrupt within.

Deceit + Corruption = Corporate, The film takes a candid look into the world where nothing matters more than profits, power and prestige. Where wealth, fame and success takes precedence over human emotions. Where one has to step upon another in order to raise a rung higher in the corporate ladder. In this corporate tussle, covert business tactics are played. People are manipulated, moral codes abandoned and ethics forgotten.


orporate is Madhur Bhandarkars expose on a behind the scenes functioning of the corporate world. So finally it's about the conscience. All of Madhur Bhandarkar's best worksand this certainly qualifies as a fine progressive piece of c