Playstation 3 Repair ‘While You Wait’

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  • 1. Playstation 3 Repair While You WaitThe best gaming product on the market is the playstation 3, you are at last happy with your purchaseand can game away to your hearts content, but sometimes, just sometimes, things dont work out asyou would expect, you may have encountered a problem, an error message pops up, and you cannotbear to be without your precious console, for too long, so what do you do, you take it to a reputablePS3 repair service.PS Pros when it comes to playstation repairs is the whole package, and second to none in terms ofany fault you may encounter with your console. Over time you may come across the YLOD (YellowLight of Death) causing your system to immediately shut down after turning it on, or freezing, yourPS3 will suddenly freeze on you, which of course makes playing impossible, or is your PS3 notreading games, its taking longer than usual to load, not accepting discs, or you may get an errormessage "cannot find correct hard disk", maybe your PS3 is not showing up on the TV, no red lighton your PS3, these are just some of the faults you may come across, but do not worry help is athand.PS Pros repair facility based in London has the perfect combination of a repair service you will find,giving customers options of how to deal with a faulty console. Firstly on offer is the same day mail-inrepair service, with the best price guaranteed. You may find that other repair shops will take days torepair your system, dont wait, get in touch with PS Pros and they will arrange a pickup of yourconsole at your location and delivery for no charge.On the other hand if you are local to the London area, on offer is a while-you-wait service and thisincludes Saturdays. The company is very easy to contact you can go online and check out whatservices are on offer, then you can contact by telephone or Email.So why would you deal with this company for all your playstation 3 repairs the facts speak forthemselves. The parent company, eSales, Inc. Is one of the leading playstation 3 and Xbox 360refurbishers in the United States and United Kingdom. Playstation 3s are their speciality and they arevery well regarded within the industry. As a direct result of the repair methods they have refined, thiscompany has an exceptionally high percentage of systems that are repairable by them, compared totheir competitors.

2. With an extremely fast turnaround time for any size order, for example, many wholesales refurbishingorders have been completed in just one business day. PS Pros give a professional, responsive andpersonal service, and offer a direct point of contact by assigning a dedicated member of their team toyou and all your needs.Play station repairs cost from 30 to 80 depending on what is needed, and if using the while-you-wait service the repair can take under one hour to complete, most of the repairs are completed in 30minutes or less,If things go wrong dont get frustrated contact PS Pros, who are the whole package when it comes toall your PS3 repairs.For further information visit: note: Playstation Pros is represented by online advertising consultancy, Media SolutionsMarketing. Please direct all media enquiries to:Email: or call 0845 6809802website content