Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip & Kipper vol. 3 .Welcome to Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip & Kipper vol

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Text of Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip & Kipper vol. 3 .Welcome to Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip & Kipper...

Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip & Kipper vol. 3

1 Important Information

Basic Information

2 Information Sharing

3 Online Features

4 Parental Controls

Getting Started

5 Welcome!

6 Controls & Icons

Let's Start Learning!

7 Title Screen

8 Main Menu

9 Level Menu

10 About Levels

Sounds and Letters

11 Look & Listen

12 Try Saying It

13 Same Sounds

14 Listen & Write

15 Listen & Choose


16 Story Time

17 Read Aloud

18 Story Questions

19 Do You Remember?

20 Try Writing It


21 Non-Fiction

Let's Sing

22 Let's Sing


23 Collection Menu

24 Stamp Book

25 Card Book

Study Contents

26 Study Contents Menu

27 Stamp Book

28 Study Data

StreetPass Records

29 StreetPass

30 StreetPass Records


31 SpotPass

32 Mail


33 Settings Menu

Support Information

34 How to Contact Us

1 Important Information

Please read this manual carefullybefore using this software. If thesoftware is to be used by youngchildren, the manual should be readand explained to them by an adult.

Before use, please also read theOperations Manual for yourNintendo3DS system. It containsimportant information that will helpyou enjoy this software.

Unless stated otherwise, anyreferences to "Nintendo3DS" inthis manual apply toNintendo3DS andNintendo 3DS XL systems.


Important information about yourhealth and safety is available in theHealth and Safety Informationapplication on the HOME Menu.

To access this application, touch the icon on the HOME Menu, then

touch OPEN and read the contentsof each section carefully. When youhave finished, press toreturn to the HOME Menu.

You should also thoroughly read theOperations Manual, especially the"Health and Safety Information"section, before using Nintendo3DSsoftware.

Health and Safety Information

For precautions related to wirelesscommunication and online play,please refer to the OperationsManual, "Health and SafetyInformation".

This title supports the followinglanguages: English, German, French,Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Language Selection

If your Nintendo3DS systemlanguage is set to one of these thefirst time you launch the software,the same language will be set for thesoftware. If your Nintendo3DSsystem is set to another language,the default language for the softwarewill be English.To change the software languageafter it has already been set, you willfirst need to change the systemlanguage, then delete your studydata. To do this select SETTINGS DATA from the title screen, thenselect DELETE under Delete studydata and confirm when prompted.The software will automaticallyrestart in the language your systemis currently set to.For instructions about how to changethe system language, please refer tothe System Settings electronicmanual.

For age rating information for thisand other software, please consult

Age Rating Information

the relevant website for the agerating system in your region.

www.pegi.infoPEGI (Europe):

USK (Germany)

Classification Operations Branch(Australia)

OFLC (New Zealand)


This software (including any digitalcontent or documentation youdownload or use in connection withthis software) is licensed byNintendo only for personal andnon-commercial use on yourNintendo3DS system. Your use ofany network services of thissoftware is subject to theNintendo3DS Service UserAgreement and Privacy Policy,which includes the Nintendo3DSCode of Conduct.

Unauthorised reproduction or use isprohibited.This software contains copyprotection technology to preventreproduction and copying ofcontent.Your Nintendo3DS system andsoftware are not designed for usewith any existing or future

unauthorised technical modificationof the hardware or software or theuse of any unauthorised device inconnection with your Nintendo3DSsystem.After the Nintendo3DS system orany software is updated, anyexisting or future unauthorisedtechnical modification of thehardware or software of yourNintendo3DS system, or the use ofany unauthorised device inconnection with your Nintendo3DSsystem, may render yourNintendo3DS system permanentlyunplayable. Content deriving fromthe unauthorised technicalmodification of the hardware orsoftware of your Nintendo3DSsystem may be removed.

This software, instruction manualand other written materialsaccompanying the software areprotected by domestic andinternational intellectual propertylaws.

Trademarks are property of theirrespective owners. Nintendo3DS is

IE Institute Co., Ltd. Fontworks, and font names aretrademarks or registered trademarksof Fontworks Inc.

a trademark of Nintendo.


2 Information Sharing

User-generated content, or UGC, iscontent created by users, such asmessages, Mii characters, images,photos, video, audio, QR Codepatterns, etc.

Uploaded content may be seen byother users. It may also becopied, modified and redistributedby third parties.Once sent, you cannot deletesuch content or limit its usage, sobe careful.

Exchanging UGC

Any uploaded content may beremoved without notice. Nintendomay also remove or hide contentwhich is considered to beunsuitable.

When uploading content orcreating content for upload...- Do not include any information

that can be used to identify youor a third party personally, suchas your or a third party's name,email address, address ortelephone number.

- Do not include anything whichcould be damaging or offensiveto another person, or make

These are general precautions forexchanging UGC with other users.The extent of UGC exchangedepends on the software.

someone uncomfortable.- Do not infringe on the rights of

others. Do not use contentowned by a third party or thatdisplays a third party (photos,images, videos) without theirpermission.

- Do not include illegal content orany content which aids illegalactivity.

- Do not include any content whichviolates public morality.

3 Online Features

This software supportsNintendo Network.

Activate SpotPass for this softwareto receive mail from Kipper.

Nintendo Network is an onlineservice which allows you to playwith other players all over theworld, download new softwareand add-on content, tradevideos, send messages and muchmore!

About Nintendo Network

For information about connectingyour Nintendo3DS system to theinternet, refer to the OperationsManual.

4 Parental Controls

You can use the following ParentalControls to restrict certain featuresof this software.

For more information aboutParental Controls, refer to theOperations Manual.

StreetPassRestricts sending and receiving ofstudy data and messages viaStreetPass (p. 29-30).

5 Welcome!

Welcome to Phonics Fun with Biff,Chip & Kipper vol. 3!This software has been developedbased on Floppy's Phonics from theOxford Reading Tree series, a studyprogramme which has been adoptedby approximately 80% of primaryschools in the UK. It teaches Englishthrough an array of easy-to-usestudy methods.This software includes Level 5, Level5M and Level 6.The native-style study methods(learning English through English)are suitable for almost anyone, andallow learners to effortlessly put intopractice what they have learnt.All of the study material is in English,but if necessary, the user can viewexplanations in other languages forreference.

Meet the Characters

Some of the screenshots used inthis e-manual were taken from thesoftware while it was still in thedevelopment stage.

KipperThe youngest in the family. Hecan be mischievous, andoccasionally, a bit of a rascal. BiffKipper's older sister and Chip'stwin. She's a bright, driven andenergetic young girl. ChipKipper's older brother and Biff'stwin. He's a kind and artisticyoung boy. FloppyThe family's beloved pet dog.He was adopted from an animalshelter and quickly found aplace in the hearts of everyone. DadDad is always cheerful and has asunny disposition. He is happilymarried to Mum. MumAlways smiling and full ofenergy. She and Dad have beenhappily married for many years.

Wilf & WilmaFriends of the family. The siblingshave a great relationship witheveryone in Kipper's family.

6 Controls & Icons

Explanations for the various learningassistance functions and icons aregiven below.

Parents IconThis icon is for parents andguardians. Touch this on the

various menu screens to viewinstructional advice and explanationsabout activities. If the software is setto a language other than English,explanations will be displayed in thatlanguage where available.During some activities, you cantouch this icon to display a transcriptof part or all of the text, dependingon the situation.

Return IconTouch to return to the previousscreen. Use this to exit

activities when you wish to take abreak from studying.

Arrow IconsThese icons will appear whena large image is displayed or

when there are multiple pages.Touch an arrow to turn the page ormove in the selected direction.

Cursor IconThis icon will direct you toyour next objective. Touch

the point on the Touch Screenindicated by the pointing finger.

Listening Icon

This icon will be displayedwhen there is something you shouldlisten to. Listen carefully to thesou