Philmont Information For Scouts and Parents 2015

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  • Philmont Information For Scouts and Parents2015

  • Awesome ChallengeMental, physical, team challenge for all involved2-12 miles/dayElevation change: 0-3,500 ft/dayHigh altitude: 6,000-12,400 ftWeather: warm/sunny to cold and rainy10-30% humidityTemps 30-90 FTeam dynamicsLoads of funAWESOME!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Activities Beyond Backpacking: LOTS o FUN STUFFChallenge courseConservation projectsArcheologyAstronomyBlacksmithingWestern lore / BrandingGeocachingHomesteadingHorse ridingBurro packingEtc.

    Shooting: rifle, shotgun, bow & arrow, black powder rifle, etc.Rock climbingPanning for goldMountain climbingLogging camp activitiesCampfiresChuck wagon dinnersMule racingLeave no trace camping Team decision making

  • Other Cool Stuff We Did in 2012Saw the USA by trainSaw the milky wayMingled with the horsesNight hike up Mt. Baldy, 12,440Saw a shooting starFought off the chipmunksWent rock climbingWent BoulderingWalked up to deer (but did not eat them!)Etc.

  • Trip Schedule 2015July 10: early morning; depart for Chicago/trainJuly 11: arrive Cimarron, NM; stay at Cimarron Inn, acclimate.July 12: arrive Base Camp early/ night at Base CampJuly 13-July 22: 10 nights on trailJuly 23: arrive Base Camp/night at Base CampJuly 24: train to Chicago/ overnightJuly 25: arrive Chicago, transfer to bus, arrive tri-cities late night/early morning (~1 am) the 26th.

  • Crews7-12 people total/crewMin. 2; Max. 4 adults/ crew (Crew Advisors)Adults must be registered, YP-trained ScoutersScouts have priority, especially those who have never been, and may not have another chance to go.There will be scouts from troops other than T763 in all the crews: this is the W&W Council contingent need to work to integrate themCrew composition will be decided by adult leaders prior to 1st planning sessionsBased ~on age/ability/other factors

  • Age RequirementsScout Rank: 1st ClassAge: 14 by date of arrival at Philmont, or,13 and finished 8th gradeCarry 40-45 lbs for 11 daysPersonal gear: 20 lbsWater: 6 lbsCrew gear: ~7 lbsFood: 7 lbs

  • The TrekCrews will choose treks in advanceCrew will be bussed in to drop point, then backpack to initial activities, camp sitePhilmont Ranger to accompany & train crew 1st 2 nights on trailStaffed and unstaffed campsStaffed: cool activities & campUnstaffed: camp and move on the next dayAccommodations: only the best!10 nights on the trail, then bus from pick up point to Base Camp

  • Estimated Cost2012: ~$1600Exact 2015 cost to be determined as we get closer to departure$100 deposit + 3 payments of $400 (Oct. 1, 2014, Dec. 1, 2014, Feb. 1, 2015) final payment of the remainder (400~500), April 15, 2015.Expensive, but priceless

  • What is IncludedT-shirt (quick-dry, wicking fabric)Shakedown tripsAll transportationMeals to and from/ duringCrew photo @ PhilmontPhilmont trek & food, some crew gearTour of Phillips Mansion (Villa Philmonte)Bus to/from Cimarron (on the old Santa Fe Trail)Gear not included

  • FormsParts A, B, C, D of Medical Form: Physician signature requiredPermission slip/waiver, publicity releaseBMI limit for all (rigorously enforced)Variety of medical conditions cautioned (see Philmont website & medical form)

  • TrainingThe most successful crews that hike the trails at Philmont spend months preparing 3 shakedown tripsDayOvernight (Jordan River, 20 mi)3 night, ~25 mi, North Manitou?Each crew responsible for planning and executing shakedowns, trek at PhilmontTraining: Wilderness First Aid, CPR/AED: at least 1/crew, youth protection, severe weatherPhysical ConditioningBeing in top physical condition will help your crew enjoy their experience more and be less likely to experience medical problems. This training calendar and exercise tips will help you prepare for your expedition.Developing SkillsTime and effort spent in sharpening your hiking and camping skills will allow you more time to enjoy the natural beauty and program features at Philmont

  • Crew OperationCrew functions as a unit/teamWork together as a team in planning, choosing trek, shakedowns, trek itselfQuality of team interactions determine the success or failure of the trek.Succeed or fail as a teamCrew responsible for getting the crew equipment needed. Crew responsible for planning and executing each shakedown exercise and Philmont Trek

  • GearIndividual gear: personal responsibilityCrew Gear: crew & crew advisor(s) responsibilityEstimate ~$1000 for personal gear if you have none nowBirthdays/Christmass/etc., mowing, shoveling, etc.We will need a full complement of personal and crew gear for shakedown trips, as well as at Philmont- do not count on getting it at Philmont, since you will need it before thenSee gear listTroop has no useful gearDo not buy gear too early: your scout is likely growing very quickly (boots, backpack, etc.)

  • Merit BadgesBackpackingCamping (most requirements)

  • Philmont WebsiteFor more info:


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