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PRESENTED BY: Sara Peng Almira Naz Mehreen Riaz

WHAT IS PERSUASION?is the process of changing attitudes and behaviors influenced by the communication with people. - A means of convincing people: to buy a certain product to believe something or act in a certain way.- Persuasion

WHY DO WE USE PERSUASION?Commitment and Consistency - Once people commit to what they think is right, orally or in writing, they are more likely to honor that commitment, even if the original motivation is subsequently removed. CHANGE IN ATTITUDE: The persuasion power brings a positive or negative change in one s attitude.

PERSUASION TECHNIQUES- Low-ball technique - Foot-in-the-door technique - Door-in-the-foot technique - Fairy tale - Compliance

LOW-BALL TECHNIQUEA strategy to gain compliance by making a very attractive initial offer to get a person to agree to an action and then making the terms less favorable. - For example: Customers are initially quoted a lower price, then informed that there has been a mistake and the actual price is higher. Customers who initially agree to pay the lower price are much more likely to continue with the sale at the higher price.


In the picture, the seller is offering free SUV if anyone buys the house (low ball technique) as he offers a favorable requests which he may deny later.

FOOT-IN-DOOR TECHNIQUE The foot-in-the-door technique involves making an initial smaller request before making a larger request. - It is a sequential request First you ask for something small. When they give it to you, then ask for something bigger. And maybe then something bigger again.

FAIRT TALE TECHNIQUEThis technique involves story telling, people tend to detach themselves with the idea. Storytelling can make their minds open to accepting new ideas previously unacceptable to them. People don t really want to be told what they should do or have; through storytelling, and seeing the exact scenario happening positively with another person, they can then visualize it happening to them too and then they get convinced that way.

DOOR IN THE FACE TECHNIQUE-First make a request of the other person that is excessive and to which they will most naturally refuse. -Look disappointed but then make a request that is more reasonable. The other person will then be more likely to accept.

DOOR IN THE FACE TECHNIQUEIn this cartoon, Calvin is trying to persuade his mom to let him have a cookie by using the door-in-the-face technique. By asking large (and obviously not allowed questions), he believes that following them up with one that is not such a grand request will make it easier for his mom to give in. This technique shows the rule of behavior that deals reciprocity; theoretically, Calvin's mom should give in to the last question (can he have a cookie) in order give a slight concession to Calvin who had his larger questions ignored.

COMPLIANCE TECHNIQUE- Refers to how people try to get other people to DO things, or comply. - For example, if trying to persuade a young person to vote, an adult would provide reasons to the why they must take voting seriously as a citizen. If persuasive, they might convince the young person that voting is important.

HOW CAN WE HAVE A HIGHER RATE OF PERSUASION:The Persuasive Mindset: There are two key factors that will determine your level of persuasion. The first of these factors is your psychological mindset, and your ability to tap into this resource and utilize it to its greatest effect. A persuasive person needs to cultivate a mindset that is built upon 3 fundamental layers of being . 1st Honor. 2nd Trust. 3rd Presence

METHODS FOR GAINING HONOR- Show Willingness to be Taught - Display Consistency - Display Unconditional Acceptance - Display Compassion - Show Genuine Interest & Support - Display Patience with People - Cultivate Discipline - Cultivate Integrity - Cultivate a Solution Focused Attitude

METHODS FOR GAINING TRUST- Acquire Credibility. - Display Congruence - Display Competence - Display Confidence - Display Strong Character

METHODS FOR GAINING PRESENCE- Present Powerful Goals & Vision - Display Optimism - Display Empathy Towards Others - Display Passion & Charisma