P2P Microfinance Program By Wirly Xiao. What is P2P?  P2P means ‘Peer to Peer’

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P2P Microfinance Program

P2P Microfinance Program

By Wirly XiaoWhat is P2P?P2P means Peer to Peer.

NosebleederGorillaChinatown unclePhotographerWe ate lunchZombieOur team membersWirly4Villager #1: Luo Yanlin(51 years old5 family membersDeclining working ability2 past loan experiencesNo irrigated landFuture loan plans: Sheep breedingIncome: Labor, livestock, agriculture

David5Villager #2: Li Fengmei() 28 years old4 family membersNo experience with livestockNo past loan experiences2 acres of irrigated landFuture loan plans: Sheep breedingIncome: Labor (husband)

David6Comparison of Cash Flow

Why am I even here?

Income: 17,990 RMB Income: 21,125 RMBCosts: 18,000 RMBCosts: 36,000 RMBCash Flow: 10 RMBCash Flow: 14,875 RMBIm taller than youKesler- This graph compares the cash flow of the two families. The first family is about breaking even with their money, while the second family actually is making a lot of extra money that they have been putting into savings or just using for additional items. 7Final decisionVillager #1: Luo Yanlin(

- Cindy- Even though the second household had a higher cash flow, the first household has a credible loan history and also has existing experience with livestock. As a result, the first household will be more likely to return the loan, and they need the money more because they have no extra money as of now, while the other family already has savings that they could use.8ReflectionWhat we learned: How to evaluate a businessTaking risks Tolerance Decision makingPerseveranceCommunication Money doesnt come easilyTeam trust

Did we really learn all that?????David9

Thank you for your time!

Any questions for us?Q&AJun16


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