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Film, TV land book locations in the Outer Hebrides. Set up as a holiday trail, illustrated map and guide to help you plan your Hebridean Hopscotch holiday.

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  • Barra













    1 2Castlebay




















    Whisky GaloreCastlebay's main street is seen as thelocation where news of thegrounding of the S.S. CabinetMinister spreads among thepopulation.


    Island ParishChurch of Our Lady Star of the Sea.The largest Catholic Church in Barrafeatured frequently in Island Parish.

    This is'headquarters'for Fr. JohnPaul, priest forthe Isle ofBarra. 2

    Monty HallsGreat Hebridean EscapeThis circular walk, laid out by Monty,starts at St. Barr's Church. Follow themain road and track up the hill to thefar side of Loch an Duin. Join the trailto Loch nic Ruadhe, then down tofinish with a refreshment at theHeathbank. See our Googlemap for more details - ideallyuse an OS map. 3

    Monty HallsGreat Hebridean EscapeLangass Lodge, off the main road toLochmaddy is the location for anumber of celebrations. excellentbar and restaurant (book ahead).

    The Hebridean HopscotchHolidays Literature Trail


    Monty HallsGreat Hebridean Escape - the cottageNot accessible by road, the cottage ison a private road at Griminis.However, we understand thatScottish open access legislationwould not prevent you taking a walkfrom the main road.


    Castaway 200036 men, women, and children whowere tasked with building acommunity on Taransay island.Occasional summer boat trips fromHorgabost beach.



    Island ParishSt Michael's Church, EriskayHome Church to the late Fr. Calum.See the boat shaped altar andadmire he panoramic views.


    Whisky GaloreWreck-site of the SS PoliticianKnown in the film as SS CabinetMinister, the ship grounded atRoshinish Point, near Calvay Island,between Eriskay and South Uist.


    Island ParishSt Peter's Church, DaliburghFr. Roddy, who appeared in earlyepisodes of the Outer Hebrides'Island Parish was the parish priesthere.


    Find the locationsUse our Google web map to help - a map as small as the one above, its impossible to show precisedirections to individual places, so we have created a more detailedmap that you can view on the internet.Using Google maps, you can zoom into the locations and get amuch better idea of where they are.However, please be warned that theres almost no mobile internetin the Outer Hebrides, so youll need to prepare/print your maps athome, or by using wi-fi at your accommodation.Above open source map adapted from


    Rocket Post Scarp - is not accessible from Harris,but there are good views when youpark and take a walk over fromnearby Huisinis. Filming actuallytook place on Taransay.


    Katie MoragRiof harbour - Artistic licence showsin this location, as the slipway here isshown in the series as the oneoutside Katie's house.As you can see from the map, itsaround 30 minutes drive from theone point to the other - most viewersof the series would never know,as the camera shots are verywell edited. 17

    Katie MoragRiof beach and machair - This is the location for the StruayGames seen in the series.



    Katie MoragDalmor - east of CarlowayLarge beach (popular for surfing)features in the series and BBCpublicity.


    Katie MoragDalbeg - east of CarlowayFeatured in the programme checkout the great view from the ruin onthe hill above Dalbeg beach. Watchyour footing.


    NessStop forrefreshments in'The Buttery' atthe Decca(almost oppositethe nature reserve hide), where Peteor Louise will point you in thedirection of more locations usedfor Katie Morag, Peter May'snovels, and BBC series. 22

    PeterMayOuter HebridesTourism has producedan excellent guide tolocations in Peter MaysBlackhouse trilogy. Askus for a copy if its notalready enclosed withthis leaflet.

    Castaway 2000A living pod was dismantled on theneighbouring island of Taransay,andhas been reconstructed herealongside the road to Luskentyre.


    A Space OdysseyLoch Airigh - Location for the filmingof Jupiter in Stanley Kubrick's film.The path is opposite the point wherethe loch almost touches the road.Turn towards Rodel at the quarry.


    Rocket Post Taransay was the actual island usedto represent the island of Scarp.Occasional summer boat trips runfrom Horgabost beach.


    Rocket Post Amhuinnsuidhe Castle - Rocketscientist, Gerhard Zucker was seentrialling his rockets during the film,one of which was launched from thegardens in front of the castle.


    Monty HallsGreat Hebridean EscapeHeather at Bonnieview,Carinish (features in theHebridean Hopscotchprogramme) providedhome-bred pigs forMonty Halls smallholding. To prevent the spread of diseases by shoes and boots entry to the fields is not permitted.

    Whisky GalorePolitician Inn,EriskayNamed, of course,after the ill fatedship, the inn isright on themachair, a stone's throw from thebeach. There are bottles from thePolitician, other memoribilia and maybe a yarn or two.

    Photo attribution: wikipedia

    Photo attribution: Peter Barr

    Katie Morag'Struay Post Office' - Tolsta ChaolaisKatie's home - be aware that thesigns have been removed.

  • Inspirational islands in view

    The Outer Hebrides has a huge

    variety of unspoiled landscapes, plus

    a wealth of historical locations and

    ancient culture. So its hardly

    surprising that the islands have

    formed the backdrop for films, books

    and TV programmes.

    This little guide and the foldout map

    are designed to help you find and

    enjoy some of the highlights.

    We dont claim to have listed all the

    publications or places that have

    featured our area, but you should find

    that theres plenty here to add interest

    to your holiday in the Outer Hebrides.

    The hosts at your chosen

    accommodation are sure to know

    about places of interest local to them

    and its well worth talking with them

    to check directions and current

    accessibility to the locations listed.

    Please take extra care if leaving

    established roads and footpaths - and

    remember to close gates so that

    livestock will not stray.

    Whisky Galore

    An hilarious Ealing comedy film from 1949, based

    on the novel by Compton MacKenzie, who lived

    on Barra. The film was inspired by the the real-

    life grounding of the S.S. Politician off Eriskay.

    Local residents took advantage of the shipwreck

    and removed much of its cargo of whisky. The

    plot follows the the attempts of islanders to

    enjoy their windfall, while the authorities seek to

    regain the whisky.

    The Rocket PostDespite a star cast and winning the FestivalGrand Prize at Stony Brook Film Festival, it seemsthat events and financial difficulty conspired toprevent this delightful film from becoming a boxoffice success.

    The plot, based on a real life story, follows theattempts of German scientist, Gerhard Zucker, toestablish a rocket propelled postal systembetween the island of Scarp and the Harrismainland.

    It presents a picture of small island life in the1930s, where communication was a realdifficulty. The loss of life that may be attributedto such isolation in the first half of the 1900s wasa real contributor to the abandonment of islandssuch as Scarp and St. Kilda.

    If you wish to view the film (we loved it!) you canfind it on DVD at Amazon.

    Peter Mays Lewis Trilogy

    Despite being initially turned down by major

    British publishers and after being hailed a

    masterpiece in France, The Blackhouse became

    a best seller and was followed by The Lewis Man

    and The Chessmen.

    The suspense thrillers paint a detailed picture of

    the entire Outer Hebrides in the not so distant

    past and the influence of people and places that

    Peter May has encountered here is clear to see,

    Outer Hebrides Tourism has published an

    excellent map and guide, called The Peter May

    Trail, so we have not duplicated the information

    in the guide, which we make available on request

    to guests booking holidays with us.

    An Island Parish

    Produced by Tiger Aspect for the BBC, two series

    of the generally light-hearted programme

    followed followed Fr John Paul in his first year as

    the Roman Catholic priest at Castlebay on the

    Isle of Barra in 2010 and 2011, also neighbouring

    priests, Fr Calum from Eriskay and Fr Roddy from

    South Uist.

    The prime-time episodes included many local

    people and gave a glimpse into the lives they

    lead - often revealing the special sense of

    humour thats part of island life.

    Monty HallsAn ex-Royal Marines officer, Monty Halls becameinvolved in expeditions and natural history,before three Great Escape series for the BBC.

    After a mainland escape, Monty arrived in theOuter Hebrides to live and work as a naturewarden on North Uist for six months in 2009.

    He settled into a cottage at Griminis and theprogrammes showed much of the area and thelives of his neighbours (including some of ourHebridean Hopscotch Holidays hosts).

    Monty left a lasting legacy when he departedfrom the islands - a walks book and waymarkedtrails. The book may be purchased at theCladdach Kirkibost community centre cafe.

    Monty Halls Great Hebridean Escape DVD maybe purchased online at Amazon.

    Photo courtesy of James MacLetchie (seen on left) Monty Halls localguide and mentor during the series.

    Considering CBeebies success with Balamory, it seems that

    children enjoy stories of island life.

    So we suppose that the BBC would have been delighted to have

    the opportunity to introduce Katie Morage to junior audiences.

    Created by Mairi Hedderwick, an author and illustrator who

    moved to the Isle of Coll at the age of seventeen, Katie Morag

    lives on the fictional Isle of Struay (actually represented by several

    small villges and locations on the Isle of Lewis).

    Katie Morag lives close to the jetty above the island's only shop, where her mother is the postmistress and

    her father runs the general store.

    If visiting Katie Morag locations here, you will need to exercise a little imagination, as the props department

    has been quite creative!

    Your guide to film, tv and book locations in the Outer Hebrides

    This guide was produced by Hebridean Hopscotch Holidays. All logos and public domain creative commons images acknowedegedand are the copyright of their respective owners

    Katie Morag

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