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Valga/Valka Euro-region: cross border cooperation for increasing competiveness. How?

Our Green ValgaAlar NmeValga Town Government www.valga.ee alar.naame@valgalv.ee

In 1286 first mentioned as Walk in Rigas` debt book. Traditional place for assembling towns` days of Old Livonia Town rights were given by the Polish king Stefan Bathory in June 11, 1584.Johannes Mrtson the first Estonian ever to be elected as Mayor of Township in 1902In 1920 state border marked by British colonel Stephen George Tallents. Town Walk was divided in two parts Valga and Valka.

Valga Livonian heart jaunty, green and international!

The area of Valga is 16,5 kmInhabitants in Valga ca `14 000Population in Valga over 65% native EstoniansAverage income 792

Passive houseKindergarden KasekeFirst children facility in Baltics, which uses passive house technologyEU support - European Regional Development Fund Cost ~1,28 million (from EU 1,08 million )

Passive houseEnergy efficiency Smaller ecological footprint Healthy environmentHeated two weeks per yearSaves 75% of heating energy

The most of Valgas heating energy is produced in our boilinghouse which has 10 MW power caldron for wood chips75% of heating energy is produced by wood chips Thermal-networks temperature loss per year is only 15%

Sustainable living environment

New development plan:Strategic (conscious choises, purposed, attracted different target groups)The plan of action has mutual agreementInterconnected with the budget strategy PragmaticalRecons with the EU 2014-2020 opportunities

Goals and ChallengesBetter living environment

Valga internationally well-known to live, invest and visit

Valga Livonian heart jaunty, green and international!

We support sustainable manufacturing and green thinkingWe want to create conformable environment for enterprises for strenghtening sustainable productionSustainable environment is the best way for enterprises to develop in Valga

Carpet weaving is their main field of activity which they have done for more than 20 years. They have used and still use cotton yarn/thread and also textile-material (rag) to produce carpets.


AS Graanul Invest &O Helme Graanul O Helme Graanul is a subsidiary of AS Graanul InvestBioenergetics and renewable energy production The company was founded in 2003The biggest producer of pellets in the Baltics The top five European producers

Total production volume of all six factories is 500 000 tons of sawdust pellets per yearIn the next five years the company expects to increase its production volumes by at least 25% per year and thus to become the Europes biggest pellet producer.The companys goal is to produce environmentally friendly and quality goods and deliver them to the customers thus helping to protect the environment and to minimize industrial waste.

PelletPellet is a cylindrical stick of up to 4 cm long and 6-10 mm in diameter. Pellets contain nothing but pure sawdust and shavingsAS Graanul Invest factories mainly produce pellets from sawdust and flindersOur technology allows to change the sawdust density while producing pellets

Our visions for the futureSustainable enterprising environmentMore sustainable enterprisesRaising knowledge about green thinkingSustainable manufacturing must make good profitBetter, knowledgeable, cultured, educated people

General attitude towards sustainable designWe have certain direction towards sustainable designNo extra expences due to sustainable development

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