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Olympus BHM BH2 MLJ microscope Brochure, documents, manual

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  • Precision Optical Tools Meetingthe Cha lenges of a New Industrial Era




    Intermediate Image

    Intermediate Image

    Tube Lens

    Parallel Beam

    Swingout half-mirror(BH2MA only)

    Observation tube

    Detachable revolvingnosepiece

    LBM objective

    Tube lens


    LBM Objective

    / \" I

    Finite Tube Length System

    Widefield eyepieceFeatures of Infinity-Corrected LBM Objectives-ImprOVed resolution, due to a 20% aver-age increase in the numerical aperture ofall high performance objectives in theseries.

    -Better contrast, for a clearer, moredistinct image.

    -Improved image field flatness. The Planobjective series offers a 100% effectivefield of view for both observation andphotography. Super widefield observationis possible with the M S Plan and NeeS Plan series.

    -Working distance is appreciably extended,for easier marking and handling ofspecimens.

    -Easier operation with the addition of dryhigh power objectives.

    -Visual field diameter increased by 23%using the WHK 10X standard eyepiece(F.N. 20).

    -Adjustment length of 45mm (long barrel),for parfocality from ultra-low power tohigh power Objectives, is now possible forthe first time in incident light microscopes.The result is improved operator comfort,without the necessity to refocus whenchanging from ultra-low to high powerobjectives or vice-versa.

    -The utilization of infinity-corrected LBMoptics results in the complete eliminationof ghost images and astigmatism pro-duced by the half-mirror of the verticalilluminator. This advantage, combinedwith better correction of lens aberrationsand improved lens coating, makes itpossible to obtain a clearer and sharperimage than ever before.

    Infinity Corrected System


  • PolarIzer receptacle

    Field diaphragm (BH2MA only)Aperture dIaphragm

    Filter receptacle

    Heat absorbing filter

    12V50W long-lifehalogen lamp

    New Easier-to-UseObservation TubeConstant Tube Length AdjustmentInterpupillary distance is adjustable withoutloss of focus or parfocality. Using a framingeyepiece, focusing for photomicrographyis done with the binocular observation tube.3-Step Light Path selection (BH2TR30 only)The BH2-TR30 trinocular tube providesa light path which either passes 100% ofthe light to the camera, 100% of the lightto the eyepieces, or 20% to the eyepiecesand 80% to the camera. This designfacilitates photomicrography of materialswith low reflectivity.

    Detailed Attention toObjective ChangeImprovements have been made to thoseparts of the revolving nosepiece andobjectives which come in contact with theoperator when changing magnification,making it more difficult for debris anddust-the cause of fatal flaws in themanufacture of semiconductors-to fallonto the specimen.

    Finite Tube Length SystemHalf Mirror

    IReflected Ray


    Reflecte1 Ray '1No Ghost

    Half Mirror

    Parallel BeamI

    Infinity Corrected System


  • Infinity-Corrected Optical Design ImprovesPerformance of Incident Light Microscopes

    Equipment for BrightfieldObservationThe BH2-MA brightfield vertical illuminatoris used in conjunction with brightfieldobjectives for observations in brightfield. Thissystem permits work with both incident andtransmitted light, allowing continuousobservation from low to high magnificationswithout change of illumination.BH2MA Brightfield Vertical IlluminatorThe BH2-MA illuminator is equipped withfield and aperture diaphragms, and hasprovisions for insertion of polarizer, analyzerand filters. The polarizer (BH2-MPO) andanalyzer (BH2-MAN45) are standard equip-ment. The half-mirror may be swung out todouble the light intensity for transmittedlight observations. The light source uses a12V-5QW long-life halogen bulb, considerably simplifying time-consuming bulbreplacement.


  • 7Brightfield ObjectivesThree series of objectives for brightfieldobservation are available: M S Plan, M DPlan and M D Ach.The M S Plan series design features partic-ularly high numerical apertures and providesvery high image resolution and contrast.Super widefield observation is possible withthis series, making it ideally suited forresearch applications. The M D Plan seriesis a high performance plan objective, thecost of which has been kept down byomitting the super widefield feature,making it ideal for general and routinework. The M D Ach series of objectives isespecially economical and is ideally suitedfor routine work and scientific educationpurposes.Specifications

    Magnification N.A. W.O. (mm)SX (dry) 0.13 21.10lOX (dry) 0.30 9.0020X 0.46 3.00

    M S Plan (Spring, dry)SOX 0.80 0.47(Spring, dry)lOOX 0.95 0.30(Spring. dry)

    LWO M SPlan 20X (dry) 0.40 7.0050X (dry) 0.60 3.005X (dry) 0.10 19.0010X (dry) 0.25 7.0020X 0.40 1.00

    M 0 Plan (Spring. dry)SOX 0.75 0.38(Spring, dry)SOX 0.90 0.20(Spring, dry)lOX (dry) 0.25 6.7720X 0.40 1.10(Spring, dry)

    M DAch SOX 0.70 0.45(Spring, dry)looX 1.25 0.32(Spring, oil)

  • Equipment for BrightfieldlDarkfield ObservationThe brightfield/darkfield vertical illuminatorBH2-RLA is used in conjunction with bright-field/darkfield objectives for darkfield orbrightfield observations. Brightfield/darkfieldincident light observation and transmittedlight observation are possible, withouthaving to change the illumination whenswitching between low and high magnifi-cations.BH2-RLA BrlghtfieldlDarkfield VerticalIlluminatorThe BH2-RLA illuminator is equipped withan aperture diaphragm and has provisionsto accept for polarizer, analyzer and filters.The polarizer (BH2-MPO) and analyzer(BH2-NAN) are standard equipment. Asingle lever makes changeover from bright-field to darkfield observation simple andthe aperture diaphragm can be used in bothobservation modes. An ND filter is auto-matically inserted when the illuminator ischanged from darkfield to brightfield so thatbrightfield observation is possible at virtu-ally the same light intensity as darkfield.The ND filter may be removed from the lightpath when required, even when in thebrightfield mode. e.g., for photomicrography.The light source uses a 12V-5QW long-lifehalogen bulb.


  • 9BrightfieldiDarkfleld ObjectivesTwo series of brightfield/darkfield objectivesare available: Neo S Plan and Neo D Plan.The Neo S Plan series offers all the performance characteristics of the M S Planlenses with the additional function ofincident light darkfield observation, andmay be used for super widefield observa-tion. The Neo D Plan series consists ofhigh performance plan objectives designedprimarily with costperformance in mind.Specifications

    Magnification NA W.O. (rrvn5X (dry) 0.13 10.00lOX (dry) 0.30 4.00

    Neo S Plan 20X (Spring, dry) 0.46 3.00SOX (SprIng, dry) 0.80 0.50lOOX (Spring, dry) 0.90 0.305X (dry) 0.10 11.20lOX (dry) 0.25 8.00

    Neo D Plan 20X (Spring, dry) 0.40 1.00SOX (Spring, dry) 0.57 0.34SOX (Spring, dry) 0.90 0.18

    Eyepieces for LBM ObjectivesF.N. Remarks

    NK 5X 21WHK ax 20WHK lOX 20WHK 10XH 20 Diopter adjustmentWHK l5X 14Mlcro-WHK lOX 20 Built-in 101100

    micrometer reticleCross-WHK lOX 20 Built-In cross 101100

    micrometer reticleNK 20X 1035WHK lOX 20 With builtIn 35mm maskPWHK lOX 20 With bulltln 31l x 4'1.

    mask4x5-WHK lOX 20 With builtin 4 x 5 maskMHWHK lOX 20 With bulltln 16mm cine


  • Olympus Up ight Metallurgical System Microscopes...Flexibility for aWide Variety of ApplicationsThe Olympus Metallurgical Microscope System features five basicmode/s-BHM, BHSM, BHT-M, BHMJ and BHMJL-offering a selectionof models to match the user's specific requirements. These models areall components of a modular system with wide range of interchangeableaccessories, including illuminators, observation tubes, objectives andeyepieces, as well as revolving nosepieces, which may be used on allmodels. Being part of such an integrated system permits the use of thesemodels in a wide range of microscopic applications, ranging fromsophisticated research to on-line inspection.


  • 11

  • System Diagram of Olympus UprightMeta lurgical Microscopes

    BH2-BI3OBinocular Tube (30')

    BH2TR3QTrinocular Tube (3O')


    PM10MPhotomicrographic System(Manual)

    BH2-5WTRSuper WldelleldTrlnocular Tube {3O')

    .,r MNFK"Photo Eyepiece

    PMl0ADPhoto and ClnemlcrographlcSystem (Automatlcl

    P...ADFEyepiece Adapterlor 'NFK" Eyeplece

    BH2-PTVertical Phototube

    BH2MAVertical illuminatorlor Brlghllleid Observation


    BH-lllC'BH2-SIC' Large MechanicalStage

    BH2NNICNornarskl DlllerentialInterterence ContrestAllachment

    BH2-HRE-------r-----::~SP Revolving

    Nosepiece lorBrtghtllaldlDarkllaldObservation

    BH-5VR'BH2-5VR* Square MechanicalStage with RlghthandLow Oflve Controls(graduated. 270' rotatable)

    BH-5VL' BH2SVL ' ,Square MechanicalStage with Lefthand LowDrive Controls(graduated, 270' rotetable)

    BH2...NICNomerskl DUlerantialInterterence ContrastAtlachment

    M SPIanM 0"'-' M DAchBrlghtlleld Objectives

    BH2SH' ,Square MechanicalStage with HorizontalOflve Controls(graduated. 40' rotatable)

    AHTP1472Compensator Plate

    BH-aRO'8H2-5AO' ,Circular RotatableStage (graduated)

    AH-'fP53O.2Compensator Plate


  • BH2-
  • The Model BHM.For Reflected Lig t ObservationThis is the most widely used model for a diverse range of research andinspection applications in the fields ofmetallurgy, mineralogy and precisionelectronic engineering.


  • Standard Outfits


    BHML BHMNLModule Description 113 163 313 363 112 162 312 362 113 163 313 363 112 162 312 362

    Microscope BHMFW Focusing adjustment range 25mm plus extra 27.5mm 0 C 0 0 0 (I 0 C 0 C C C 0stand by stage height locking positio