Olympus BHS/BHT System Microscopes (BH-2) Olympus BHS/BHT System Microscopes (BH-2) brochure Author: Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. Subject: Scanned copy of the brochure for the BHS and BHT ...

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<ul><li><p>OI.YMPUSBHS/BHT</p><p>Svstem N/icroscoDes</p></li><li><p>BH2 Series System MicroscopeThe BH2 Series of top-quality microscopes tacilitates the use ol a wide range of micrcscopictechniques, depending on the choice ol accessofles. The Koehler-type illumination elicitsthe tull performance ot the LB Se es obiectives, yielding photomicrcgraphs ol the highestquality. This se es ot micrcscopes ls sultable tot a very wide range of applications, frcmroutine laboratory wo* to educational and research investigations.</p><p>F*</p></li><li><p>Oulsianding EqonomelryThe des gn ofthe enl re syslem-microscopeslands, observal on lubes, stales, eic.-bea6wiiness lo crealive and inventive lhinking.One example may be seen n the desgnoi the coarse stage adjuslmenl, in wlr chrnovemenl is limiled in the upwad d reclionin order lo prevenl conlact belveen oblecliveand specimen The coarse and Ine focusingknobs are ol coaxial design, and ihe mini.mum incremenl on lhe fine adjr.rstmenl knobrepresents a stage movemenl of jlsi lwomicrons, The coarial stage control knobsare localed close lo the iocusing knobs,ow enough to permii operaiiorl wiihouihaving to raise the arm oll the arm rest.In addition, the BHZ TR30 lrifocular observa'ton tub features conslant tlbe englhadjustmenl vlhlch allows camera iocus</p><p>throlgh lhe bnocular llbe n pholomcrcgraphy, lhereby adding signilicanly 10</p><p>lmprovd lllumlnatlng S)sl6mA 8H2 Series microscops empoy lhew de y accepled LB Series objectives andWHK10X eyepreces (as standard equipmenl),prcviding F.N. 20 wdeiied observalion.BH2 Series microscopes prov de Koehlerilumnalion io exp oil lhe lull beneiiis ol lheLB Series objectives. A wide choice olcondensers prov des uniform ilLurninatonlrom ultra low lo hgh magnificalions.These microscopes ncorporale precenleredha ogen lamps, aspherca co eclors andlllly enclcsed ighl palhs designed 1o keep</p></li><li><p>BHS System MicroscopeThis top quality nicroscope features a longJife 12V, 100W halogen lamp which providesbtight illumination lor a wide range of applications. lt is ideally suited for advanced rcsearchwotk and investigations rcqui ng high precision.</p></li><li><p>BHSF Microscope sland.The BHS.F sland s ol a fobusl and slabledesgn unaiJecled by vibralon or shakingH ghy felable, I s idea lor photomicro-gfaph c purposes</p><p>.The sland ncorporales a h gh perJormancelransiormer which s unallecled by luclua.lions ri lhe ne vo tage and so alwaysprovides lghl ol uniorm brghhess and</p><p>.The bal bearing sexlupe revolv ng nose.piece accepts ow 10 h 9h magnlcalonobjecuves wilh 45mm parloca dislanceThs iealLrre conl rbules sgnlcanly 10grealer etl ciency in microscopy.</p><p>BH$LSH Halogon Lamp HouslngThe 12V 100W halogen amp provdes abfghl lighl source sulable lor rnany typesoj microscopy. The precentefed amp hasan average lle ol around 2,000 hours.reducing signiiicanly the I me lost wthtroubLesome bub change.</p><p>Sch i s i osom ias 5 Japon i ca ( ! e r , H .E s ra </p><p>112BI</p><p>iietts</p><p>3 r 3BHS-F o o o oBH2-8t30 o oBH2.TTI3O o OBH26B o oBH2.5RE o oBH2'SVR a o o OBH2 Arc o oBH2.SC o o o o8H$LSH o o o o</p><p>B u b o o oo o o oo o</p><p>10x o o20x o o40x o o100Xoll o o4X o o10x o o20x o o</p><p>o o100X oil o o</p><p>Viewinq, Widelie d, HEP o o o oNFK3,3X LD o o</p><p>-</p><p>la</p></li><li><p>BHT System MicroscopeEmploying the same revolving nosepieces, stages, obseNation tubes, etc' as the ModelBHS, the Model BHT microscope uses a difterent type of illumination system and elect calcomponents. A compact microscope, it otlers exce ent cost-pertormance.</p></li><li><p>rj</p><p>BHT.F Mlcroscop Sland.Smaller llran lh BHS mode, willr adiflerenl lransfomer and lighl source.Exlremely lunct onal</p><p>.The dusl prooi uminatng system keepslhe lghl palh c ean</p><p>LS20H Lamp HousingEncoses a precenlered 6v 20w ha ogen</p><p>,</p><p>ne r r n0 .e . a ' c i nomaGioma .h ,</p><p>BH-I1 1 1 112 312</p><p>BHT.F o o oBH2'5FE o o oBH2.Br30 o o</p><p>T.hocular, 30" Inclined gH2-T830 oBH2,SVR o o oBH2.sC oBH2'D o oLS2OH o o o</p><p>Bulb o o oUYCP o a c</p><p>a10x o40x o1mX oil c</p><p>o o10x a o40x o o100X oil o o</p><p>Vlowino, Widelield, HEP o o oNFK3.3XLO o</p></li><li><p>LB (Long Barre\ Qb5ectlvesThe LB (Long Barrel) Series ranges from inexpensive obiectives to top quality and special-purposeobjectives. This extensive selection enables the user to choose the ideal lens for theputpose intended.</p><p>In the design ol LB objeclives, OLYtvtPUShas drawn upon its exlensive and renownedexperl se in opticaltechno ogy lhe oblectivesoller the fo lowif g iealures:1. High resolulion2. Slperior conlrast3. Excellefl I eld flatness4. F.N. 20 widelie d observation (wilh</p><p>WHK10X eyep ece)5. lJ lralow magnlcalion obleclives are</p><p>parfocal wilh high.magnification tenses.S Plan Apochtlmal ObioctlvsThese objecl ves are of lhe h ghest qualilydesign. Chromatic aberalion is lhorolghlycompensated, lleld I alness is superb and thehigh numer cal aperture provides oustandingfesolulion.</p><p>S Plan Achromat Oblctlvoslle S Plan objectives are the most poputarhigh qua ity obieclives n lhe LB series.Excellent oplical correction across lheentire ens surfaces makes lhem idea lysuiled ior use in diflerenlal nterferenceconlrast microscopy afd ior Super wdeiie d</p><p>S Plen FL ObJoctlY6sThe lllfa ow magn lications (1 X, 2X) oi theseobjectives make lhem dea lor exarninationol la.ge specimen areas. They are tullyparfoca with olher LB objectives. TheSPIaiFL2X objeclive is sulable lor superwidef ie d observations.Noro Th6se objecl vos penorm besl wlh the BH2.ULC</p><p>D Pbn Achromat ObJctlvosWlh D Plan oblectives, leld tlahess sglaranreed up 10 F.N 20. tdeat ior photomicrographic purposes, lhey are widely usediri research, educaliona and roul ne work.D Achrcmat OblecllvssThese are lhe most economicaly prcedoblectives n lhe LB se.ies. Reso utiori andilalness in lhe cenier ponion oI lhe liedol viewareexcelenl and lheyare parlicularlysuitable for rolUne work, educationalpurposes or rrarn ng.No Cover ObictlvsTh s lype oi objecl ve is ideal for examina|onof specimens wlh no cover glass, such</p><p>'A vaaery or olher rypes ol oblecdirlerenl app calions and rcqunemenls, includinsphas-conrasr, ref ecled righl luorscenc, orpo arize! isrrl mlcroscopy</p></li><li><p>Eyepieces and CondensersTo complement the pertomance of out LB obiectives, an extensive range of eyepieces andsix types ot condenserc arc available. To exploit the lu pertotmance of obiectives withmagnitications from 1X to 100X requires the choice of the proper condenser.</p><p>LB Sdes Eyopl6c6sDesgned for use wilh LB Series obieclives,wHK eyepieces afe easy and comlorlableto use and are oi widel eld desgn (F.N. 20wilh the WHK1 0X eyep ece). The high eyepoint makes them easy lo use by personswho wear glasses and enables faligue-lreeobserval on over long periods of lime.Olher eyepieces in lhe seres nclude lheWHK8X, WHKl5X, NK5X and NK2OX.NFK sde3 Pholo Eyeplc3These photo eyepieces are specificalydesigned lor pholomicrography. They areavaihbb in 1.67x,25x, 3.3x, 5x and 6.7xmagnilcalions. NFK 1.67X s recommendedto be used wilh TV camem.</p><p>CondensersAn exlenslve range ot condensers is available,coveing b ghll eld and darklieLd observa'</p><p>The BH2-AqC is a lop quality achromaticaplanalic brightl eld condenserwhlch permilsfull compensation lor al aberrallons. Theswingoul BH2-SC condenser is suilable fora wide range oi magnrlrcalions, severalolhercondensers are available, includlng lhegenera.plpose BH2CD and lhe BH2-ULCfor u lra'low magnilcation.</p></li><li><p>Observation TubesAll BH2 se es observation tubes have constant tube length adiustment. This featureautomatically maintains the optimum observation conditions when intetpupillary distance isvaried, without rcquiring troublesome adiustments.</p><p>BH2-Blm Einocular ObseNalion TubeTh BH2 Bl30 s desgned excusvey ior</p><p>nc inaton: 30" lo lhe hor izontanlerpLrp ary dsianc 53-75mm (w1rrconslanr rube enllh adllshenl)Max mum F N. 2 l</p><p>BH2.TR30 Trinocular Obssrvalion TubeTh s lube ncreases the ejiclency oi pholographic work since t permils camera locLrsingthrough lhe brnoc! ar seclon. The lhree slepghl palh seleclor a ows pholomcrography</p><p>and obsrvalon al lhe same tmencinaton: 30" to lhe horzonlanlerplp ary dslancer 53-75mm (wilh</p><p>conslanl lub engllr adl!slnrenl)</p><p>BH2.SW Super Wldelild AttachmnlThe BH2 SW allachmenl presenls lhe observer wlh a ied o lvew aboLr l lwice lhe szeol rhal obla ned wlh ordinary observalionrubes and lhus reduces 10 a mlnmum lheneed lo move the specimen around Thsresuts in a sgnificanl increase in workeilciency. The 3 slep ight pallr seeclorand constanl lube lenglh adlushent alowcamera loct]s ng lhrolgh llre bnocularsect on ior photom c rography.lnc nalion 30" to the horizontalnlerplp ary drslance: 56 75mm (wilhconslanl lube enqlh adl!slmenl)Max mLrm F N. 26.5</p><p>[ ;hrcasrop Lohr Parh s6r6cnon(8N2.TF30. gN2SWTF)</p><p>, l</p><p>1lBH2 SW</p><p>2</p><p>BH2WTF30 oo c</p><p>NFK33XLD ao</p><p>SPranl0XSP an20x o</p><p>BH2.PT Vrtical PhololubeThis iube presenls the mosl economca wayoi conduct ng pholomicrography The bno'cu ar obsetualion tlbe musl be removed inorder lo altaclr the vei(ca pholollbe and soobserval on s nol possib e al lhe samet rne as phoiom c rography.</p><p>cv c20%</p></li><li><p>StagesA selection of stages is available, including those suitable fot diflerential intederence contrastand fluorcscence microscopy,</p><p>BH2.SVB Mechanlcal Slag wllhRlghtHand Low Ddve ConltolsThis s the most populaf stage ior manyareas of research and lest ng. Covered ba Iraces prevenl conlam nallon by dusl and glasschips. Scann ng area is 76mm 00x 50mm C4.A 270' rolal on capabilly makes lhs slagehlghy slitabe lor pholograph c frcming andford lferential nle erence conlrasl purposesNoro: Rango ot rorai on s reduced io 65" when a d'r{er</p><p>e arinlerre,enc6conlraslcondonsr salrached</p><p>BH2.SVL Mochanlcal Slag wlthLft.Hend Low Ddve ConlrolsHas lhe same feaures as lhe BH2-SVR,excepl lhal lhe convo s a.e ocaled on the lefl.BH2.SH Mchanlcal Stagg wlthHorlzonlal Ddve ControlsThe stage controls are hofizontaty tocatedon lhe lefl- and r ghl-harid s des The slagecan be rolaled lhrough 40q when the stagecontrol knobs are on lhe laf side, andlhrough 180'when on the near sde.BH2.SRG Clrcular Rotalable StagTh s is lhe idea slage for Nomarski d lferentiainlerference conlrasl and po arizedlighi micro.scopy. ll ieaUres a centering mechanism,and gGduations at 1' ntervals around theenlirc circumferonco. Slage diameler is142mm. t accepls slage ciips or KM andFM altachable mechanical slages.BH2SVFR Groovd Mechanlcal slage \rlthRightHand Low Ddve ConlrolsThe llutd desgn prevents sides slickinglo lhe stage surlace dle lo spilled immersonoil, ihus eliminaling inlerruptions in mcrcscopic work The X-axis excursion is 52mm,and Y.axis excurson s 76mm. The slageroiaies lhrough 270'.</p><p>1 0</p></li><li><p>BH2-PC/BH 2-PCD Phase Contrast AttachmentBH2-KPC Simple Phase Contrast AttachmentPhasecontrast is one of the most commonly used techniques in microscopy' lt is employedin the examination of living mictaoryanr'stns, cel/s, etc., pemitting obseNation ot theinternal structurcs ol such specimens under diftercnt degrees ot contrast.</p><p>BH2.PCTAH2.PCD*Phase Contrast attachmenl.Fealures an Abbe lype lurret condenserwilh a numercal aperlure ol 1.25.</p><p>.lncorporales annular phase pale lor 10x,20xr,40x and 100x phase objectve.</p><p>. ncorporates an aperture daphragm for useinbr ghliie d Th s diaphragm is aulomalica lydisengaged n phase.contrasl observal on.</p><p>.The CT.Scenlering le escope wth high eyepoint permls simple and accurale annulLrs</p><p>.The BH2-SW super wdeJ|eld allachemenluse n conluncUon wlh S Pan Phase.cont|asl objeclives enables observalion olsuper wdeleld phase conlrasl irnages.</p><p>.Four lypes oi conlrasl PL PLL NH andNM-are ava able.</p><p>Two lypes oi objecl ves are avaiabe lorphase.conlrasl m crosocpy: S Plan Achromals and D Achromats. They come nmagnlcalons ol 10x,2oX* 40X and100x, and n bolh poslve and negalive</p><p>tox ioxt,,cox, tooxNH</p><p>10x, 2ox', ,r!x, r@x10X,20x",,10X, 10O(</p><p>NH 10x. mx' ,40x 1@xNM rox, 20x',40x, lmx</p><p>'PL= Pos'l ve L@ PLL= Fos lNe Low LowNH=Neqa rvo Hqh</p><p>BHz'KPC Simple Phase Contrasl</p><p>Used in conjunclion wth a BH2.CD br ghliie dcondenser and phase conlrasl obleclves,llr s altachmenl presenls phase conlraslmages eas y and aconor. ca y Availablen 10X, 20X and 40X magnlcalions</p></li><li><p>Flbobl.Bt {human ombryot SPlan2oXPL, NFK2 axLD</p></li><li><p>BH2-UCD Universal CondenserThe BH2-UCD is a powertul univercal condenser that is compatible with diverse microscopictechniques. Sinply by changing the optical elements, a speedy changeover ls posslb/ebetween the brightfield, darkfield, phase contrcsL Nomarski differential inteierence contrast(DlC) and pola zing obseNation methods. lts flexibility for combining difterent obseNationseslab/lshes the BH2-UCD as optimum lor advanced research applications that rcquire acombination of various microscopy methods.</p><p>.Speca y desgned iof use with the BH-2Series ol Syslem l\,{ croscopes theBH2.UCD allows for observalions underlransmilled lighl illuminat on.</p><p>.simply by replacing lhe oplicaL element,lhe BH2-UCD permls a smoolh andquick changeover belween variousrn croscopic lechniques, lhus perlormlngthe combined m croscopy that meelsyour parllcular app icalion</p><p>.The BH2.LJCD may be combined wilhthe BH2-RFCA reilecled lighlflorescence I lminalor, lhe BH2-NANomarski DIC intermediate lube, theBH2'KPA simple poariz ng inlermedaletube and olher altachmenls providedwilh lhe aH.2 seres m croscopes.</p><p>.The BH2-UCD employs a lop lens swing'oLrl syslem, enab ng use ol 2x lhroughI00x magnlical on objecrives.</p><p>.When combned wlh a feflecled ghtiluofescenceallachment, reilecled ghliluorescence microscopy and phaseconlrasl or Nomarski DIC observalioncan be perlormed simu laneously.</p><p>Slandad Conf igurations</p><p>IE</p><p>$6</p><p>Pn@ @iEer Rrni an*hmd |ol mr obl6.usFri@ cqiEr Rrn! Arl.chmd ror 4or o6F.riF</p><p>riorurdd P.km ld and r0l obl.crl6rlomExr P.rm ld sFre 20r obr.orlEtlodEl(| PrIm rd 5r4s 4or oblerlEMfl'8N P'10 ld sFi{ rpo 60r {orD obi*lhr</p><p>Nomdl Prlm td DPhi eo 10r uv obLclrNoddl Pr|m lor DA.i l@ 2&amp; W Obhcnwr.rodE*r P fl ld DPhn ae 40r uv {d/t obierrsibmE*r Pdm rd oPi.n re 40r uv. lollJ or DA@ or uv (oiD ohl*lrv.</p><p>a</p><p>o</p><p>NoNdd Dr hbm.dLL Ill! (o' Tdsmhr.d lohilrrdp' (r.r tbn*r.d lthr Fr6E*@ Ai1.chm.^r)</p><p>Nd.6ril srld.r rior Fclr.cLd Lh Fr@oc.nc. an4hm.n0</p><p>Optlcal Elemsnts and ib le</p><p>PCSPran ld, rcDAch 16, Dolai A0o roruN PLrcsPe 20r, PCoA.h2ox, LwocoPrrcsP44or. rc0A.h.6. DPran Ae2oruv FL, LWDCDPdnloIpL. lLWoCOqf4o^PlPC5Pelmx @l), PCDtuh r0or (or), ophn Apo4orxmxuv.F[ (oD oAPo4tu/roorLrvPl (oru,</p><p>sPrlD1oor {orn DPrs a@ r(l0r lolD</p><p>DFrdn a!.2oluv oPrs apo2oiuv (ol)</p><p>sP er0x,2orl40r, sA.n a@rormr, NcsP/ai4GEDA.hr0x/10r, oA.h r0r/20r/40x DPtdld/2or/4oxDPaisOx(OD DPs,a&amp;r0r/20rrjv LWDCOFai2Ox/1or</p><p>A.n'marlcraddndrlc @nd.is'. top rm st+our typ.</p><p>ou|ntF6'@llca|.|oftnl.Eyboan&amp;hodTsli'a06nul6nsdi.9h60m,|th36."lolai.b|opda'|zl</p><p>105 i'urs' o)\5e 0ioh+m</p></li><li><p>1 Felal I brcblast. Phase-contrasl.2. A ral o@vle at melaDhase ot cell division fof meios s. Noma6ki Dlc.3. a ral pacenta at lsrh day olgsration. (3-a)aighttild,l3-b)oaAlield.</p></li><li><p>BH2-RFC Reflected Fluorescence AttachmentReftected tight tluorescence attachment expands scope of rcsearch through flexiblecombinations and simple switchover ol multiple observation methods</p><p>Light</p><p>lllumlnatot.Three levels oi exclling lighl inlensitarc availabler 100%,25% and 0olo</p><p>.An aperture diaphragm allo...</p></li></ul>


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