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of Upper Lachlan Shire, the Shire of ... of Upper Lachlan Shire, the Shire of Villages Get the full picture with the new Hotondo Homes ... steps to enjoy the full walk and scenery

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Text of of Upper Lachlan Shire, the Shire of ... of Upper Lachlan Shire, the Shire of Villages Get the full...

  • THETHEvv August 2016

    iceice of Upper Lachlan Shire, the Shire of Villagesof Upper Lachlan Shire, the Shire of Villages

    Get the full picture with the new Hotondo Homes 3D Explore tool. You can now take an online

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    Funding Success for the Shire

    The Upper Lachlan Shire is bustling with activity with Council and community groups securing grants for much needed infrastructure. Council recently received $531,200 for the Kiamma Creek Bridge Upgrade and $540,000 for the realignment of the Devils Elbow on MR52 from the NSW Government’s Fixing Country Roads Program. Upper Lachlan Shire Mayor John Shaw said the funding would allow Council to build a more productive freight system from the northeast to the southwest of the Shire. “Realignment of the Devils Elbow Corner on Grabben Gullen Road and the Kiamma Creek Bridge upgrade will benefit all road users by ensuring safer trips for both heavy and light vehicles,” Cr Shaw said.

    $45,000 has also been granted by the Veolia Mulwaree Trust for the installation of disabled toilets and an upgrade of waste water management at the Tuena Campground. These facilities will service Tuena Hall and Campground users as well as provide disabled facilities for travellers on the road to the Abercrombe Caves and Bathurst. A further $19,000 was awarded to Council under the Australian Government’s Stronger Communities Program to upgrade playground equipment and fencing at parks in Dalton, Gunning, Taralga and Crookwell. Community Groups have also successfully secured grants with the Kiamma Creek Development Group receiving $8,921 in Stronger Communities funding for the Pat Cullen Reserve disabled ramp.

    The ramp will allow residents and visitors challenged by the current steps to enjoy the full walk and scenery along the river. The Stonequarry Cemetery Committee received $8,989 for a Community Toilet from Veolia Mulwaree Trust and $3,516 from the Australian Government’s Volunteer Grants initiative for the upkeep of headstones. Breadalbane Hall Committee received $5,000 in Volunteer Grants funding and $4,500 from Gullen Range Wind Farm for a ride-on mower and landscaping. Projects benefiting from previously gained grant money are also underway across the Shire. Work on repairing and painting the Crookwell Pool, for which the Council was awarded $15,000 from the Australian Government’s

    Stronger Communities Programme, will be commencing shortly, making it ready for this year’s summer pool season. Plans are also forging ahead for the Crookwell Water Treatment Plant with the town expecting to see clean, clear drinking water by the end of 2017 with thanks to the $6 million in funding from the State Government’s Restart NSW infrastructure fund. $200,000 grant funding from the Environment Protection Authority is being used to improve landfill and waste facilities at Crookwell, Tuena, Bigga and Taralga. To receive regular information about available funding grants, or for assistance with grant applications please contact Council’s Grants Officer Linus Nesbitt-Hawes on 4830 1000.

    Devils Elbow Corner on Grabben Gullen Road Kiamma Creek Bridge Tuena Campground

  • THETHE VoiceVoice of upper Lachlan shire, The shire of villagesof upper Lachlan shire, The shire of villages

    August 2016

    Emergency after hours contact numbers: Crookwell / Bigga / Binda / Tuena / Grabben Gullen / Laggan / Taralga and Big Hill areas: Roads, bridges and tips, water and sewer: 0429 786 659. Gunning / Dalton / Breadalbane / Collector / Jerrawa areas: Roads, bridges and tips, water and sewer: 0427 454 206. Postal address: (For all offices) PO Box 42, Gunning NSW 2581 Council Offices: Crookwell office: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm Ph: (02) 4830 1000, Fax: (02) 4832 2066 Gunning office: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm (cashier closes at 4pm) Ph: (02) 4845 4100, Fax: (02) 4845 1426 Taralga office: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm Ph: (02) 4840 2099, Fax: (02) 4840 2296.

    Council email address: [email protected]


    Facebook and search Upper Lachlan Shire Council

    Justice of the Peace Justices of the Peace in NSW serve the community primarily by administering oaths or affidavits and taking statutory declarations and affirmations; witnessing signatures; and attesting and certifying documents. The Upper Lachlan Shire Council have people serving the community in this capacity at our Council offices in Gunning and Crookwell. If you are in need of such services please contact the Council office nearest to you to arrange an appointment.

    Police and Fire

    Published quarterly by Upper Lachlan Shire Council address for editorial and advertising: The Voice of Upper Lachlan Shire Council, PO Box 42, Gunning NSW 2581 Phone: (02) 4830 1000 Fax: (02) 4832 2066 Email: [email protected] Web:

    Editor, Advertising and Production: Media Officer Danielle Crosbie [email protected]

    Printing: Spotpress Pty Ltd, 24 Lillian Fowler Place, Marrickville NSW 2204

    Council services

    THETHE VoiceVoice The publisher accepts no responsibility for any of the advertisement notices. All such advertisements are published at the risk of the contributor who by forwarding advertisements agrees to indemnify the publisher and warrant that the information is accurate and is neither deceptive nor misleading, in breach of copyright, in breach of any laws and regulations.



    Welcome to the August 2016 edition of The Voice.

    This edition will be my last as Mayor of Upper Lachlan Shire Council.

    After careful consideration and consultation with my wife Suzi I have decided not to stand for election at the Local Government Elections on Saturday, 10 September 2016.

    My decision not to contest the next election after 29 years in local government was made with a heavy heart, but it will allow me to spend more quality time with my wonderful wife and family.

    It has been an honour and a privilege to serve my local community over the past 29 years. I thank the community for affording me the opportunity.

    I would also like to thank my fellow Councillors and Council staff for their tireless work in advancing the Upper Lachlan Shire.

    I have been fortunate to work as part of a team which has made great strides in improving the Shire’s facilities and amenities.

    Among them are water supply upgrades in Taralga, Gunning/Dalton and Crookwell, the establishment of waste and recycling management, the sealing of roads across the Shire, and the establishment of recreation facilities like the Gunning Skate Park.

    Much has been achieved, but there is still work to be done.

    I wish the incoming Councillors and new Mayor all the very best in working with Council staff to continue to kick goals for this wonderful Shire of ours.

    Cr John Shaw OAM Mayor Upper Lachlan Shire Council

    The Upper Lachlan Shire has been impacted by persistent inclement weather over the past few months, the likes of which we have not seen for decades.

    The unrelenting rain and strong winds have had a significant impact on Council’s road maintenance, with scheduled works unable to be undertaken due to the weather.

    The weather has also created new, more pressing matters, which have arisen faster than they can be addressed.

    Unfortunately, potholes cannot be filled and roads cannot be graded in very wet weather.

    In wet conditions the gravel used to fill potholes washes away.

    To attempt to undertake such work would simply be a waste of money and resources.

    Ratepayers can be assured that Council is currently working to address issues according to urgency.

    When there has been a slight reprieve in the weather our teams have been out across the Shire, repairing our roads as best they can, according to conditions.

    When we eventually have consistent favourable weather, we will be working to address the issues as a matter of priority.

    Until that time, I would ask ratepayers to be patient as the clean-up continues.

    I also encourage anyone who notices damage to report it to Council on 4830 1000 so we can work on getting it fixed.

    John Bell General Manager Upper Lachlan Shire Council

    Upper Lachlan Shire Council's annual household chemical collection will be held at Todkill Park, Crookwell from 8.00am-11.00am on Sunday, 30 October 2016. Accepted items will include: • Cleaning chemicals and solvents • Fire extinguishers • Pool chemicals • Pesticides and herbicides • Paint • Acids and alkalis • Gas bottles • Poisons • Motor oils, fuels and fluids • Fluorescent globes and tubes For more information please visit the NSW Environment Protection Authority website: managewaste/house-chemicals.htm or phone Council’s Works and Operati

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