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NRC 2015


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NRC 2015 Competition Briefing & Training

2014Sochi, Rusia

2014Sochi, Rusia

SK Bukit Lalang, Semporna, Sabah

NRC Kebangsaan 2014Tempat ke 3

WRO, Rusia 2014Terbaik 16/60Pencapaian Sekolah Luar Bandar

2014Sochi, Rusia

Malaysia to Qatar


General Guidelines A school team should comprise of 2 or 3 students and 1 teacher. A participant may only participate in ONE category. Each school can send a maximum of 5 teams for each category. All rules and regulations are subject to change without prior notice.

1 mentor

2 3 studentCompetition Categories & Age GroupsCategoryDate of BirthPrimary School 1 Jan 2003 31 Dec 2008Lower Secondary1 Jan 2000 31 Dec 2002Upper Secondary1 Jan 1996 31 Dec 1999CategoryDate of BirthEventPrimary School 1 Jan 2003 31 Dec 2008PEARL DIVINGLower Secondary1 Jan 2000 31 Dec 2002TREASURE HUNTUpper Secondary1 Jan 1996 31 Dec 1999MOUNTAINEERINGRegular CategoryOpen CategoryTheme : Robot Explorers

Competition Categories & Age GroupsGEN II FootballDate of Birth1 Jan 1996 31 Dec 2005

General Rules Regular CategoryRegulations on materials used:

The shape of materials used must be exactly the same. The color may differ from the original.CodeName45544LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set45560LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Expansion Set9797LEGO MINDSTORMSTM Education Base Set9695MINDSTORMSTM Education Resource Set9648Education Resource Set9794LMFS Team Challenge Set (Non-Electronic parts only)9649Technology Resource Set

Control Program:

Teams should prepare and bring all the equipments.Batteries - 6 pieces of AA batteries or lithium batteries of LEGO MINDSTORMSTM NXT/EV3.Pre-Build: NO. Pre-Program: YES.Teams may not refer to any instruction sheets either written, illustrated or pictorial.

General Rules Regular CategoryCategoryLMEROBOLABLME NXT SoftwareLME EV3 SoftwareLabView for LMEPrimary school PEARL DIVINGYesYesYesNoLower Secondary TREASURE HUNTYesYesYesNoUpper Secondary MOUNTAINEERINGYesYesYesYes

EV3 Gyro sensor is allowed in NRC Regular Category. EV3 users may use up to four (4) motor ports.Regulations concerning the robot:Before start maximum 250 mm X 250 mm X 250 mm.After start not restricted.Amount of motors, sensors not restricted.ONE CONTROLLER ONLY (EV3 or NXT).Robot movement must be completely autonomous.BluetoothTM and Wi-fi function must be switched off at all times.

General Rules Regular Category

Regulations on the competition event:The competition consists of 2 rounds.Assembly Time for 1st Round 120 minutes.Maintenance Time for 2nd Round 30 minutes.Can only start to assemble, program, test robot after the time starts. After time stops, no modification on robot. This includes replacing batteries and downloading programs.Contestants should take good care of their robots.If violation is found, judge will give the team 3 minutes to correct the violation.General Rules Regular Category

General Rules Regular Category

RankingBest ScoreTime2nd Best ScoreTime110047 sec10052 sec210036 sec9020 sec310035 sec8025 sec49033 sec9045sec59043 sec9045 secRegulations on the competition event:If teams acquire the same score, ranking is decided by the second best score. If the score is still tied, ranking is decided by time recorded for the highest score.Sample ScoringRegulations on the playing field:Teams must assemble their robots in the area designated by the tournament. Only these people are allowed in competition area: Contestants, NRC Organising Committee Staff and Special Personnel.All models and playing field are according to the standard provided by the tournament on the competition day.Teams should always expect some variability, such as:Variety in lighting conditions.Judges shadow on the field.Judges will walk around the field during judging.Texture/bumps under the mat.Waviness in the mat itself.

General Rules Regular Category

Behaviour as listed below are prohibited and may result in disqualifications:Causing damage to the competition playing fields, models or robots of other teams.Bringing a cellular phone or a medium of wired/wireless communication device into the court.Using dangerous items or displaying behaviours that disrupt the competition.Using inappropriate words or behaving inappropriately towards other teams, audience, judges or the tournament.Creating situations which judges deem unacceptable or interfering.

General Rules Regular Category

The judges have the utmost authority during the tournament.If disqualified, teams robot must quit match immediately. And no marks will be given.Communication devices: STRICTLY PROHIBITED!Any alterations to the rules will be announced by the judges.Penalty will be imposed to the team if there is any violation to the General Rules.

General Rules Regular Category

NRC eligible sensors and motors for Regular CategoryPIDProduct PictureProduct Name9842NXT Interactive Servo Motor9843NXT Touch Sensor9844NXT Light Sensor9845NXT Sound Sensor

NRC eligible sensors and motors for Regular CategoryPIDProduct PictureProduct Name9846NXT Ultrasonic Sensor9694NXT Color SensorNCO1038HiTechnic NXT Colour Sensor45502EV3 Large Motor

NRC eligible sensors and motors for Regular CategoryPIDProduct PictureProduct Name45503EV3 Medium Motor45504EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor45505EV3 Gyro Sensor45506EV3 Color Sensor

NRC eligible sensors and motors for Regular CategoryPIDProduct PictureProduct Name45507EV3 Touch Sensor

Surf School Code (Username & Password)Fax to Sasbadi Learning Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (03-6156 9080)Register Now!!

NRC 2015 Registration is

Closing Date: 30 April 2015OPEN22NRC 2015Regular CategoryElementary SchoolGame description, rules, & scoringPEARL DIVING

Playing Field

Challenge Objects9 Colored cube (3 blue, 2 red, 2 green and 2 yellow cubes).

Challenge Objects

12 Ping-Pong balls are allowed to be loaded onto the robot by participants before the robot starts.

The robot must start in the large green area.Challenge Overview

At the start of each round (post-quarantine), 9 colored cubes (3 blue cubes, 2 green cubes, 2 yellow cubes and 2 red cubes) will be randomly placed on the white squares. Challenge Overview

The robot's mission is to dive into the water and determine the number of pearls found in each of the three colored zones.Challenge Overview

The colored cubes must be pushed into the small colored end zone below the white square where the block is found. Challenge Overview

0 Pearl

1 Pearl2 Pearls3 PearlsChallenge OverviewThe robot must determine the number of pearls that each cube represents by its color.

Each pearl found is represented by one Ping-Pong ball.

Challenge OverviewThe sum of the pearls found in a colored zone gives the total number of Ping-Pong balls the robot should deposit into the large colored area associated with that zone.Challenge Overview

To make sure the diver does not run out of air, the diver must touch the border of the large colored zones within every 30 seconds. If the diver runs out of air the attempt is immediately ended. Challenge Overview

How To Start A Robot

Step 1: Placed the robot in the start area.

Step 2: The judge will give the signal for a program to be selected (but not run).

Step 3: Wait for judges signal to run the program.

Robot SizeMaximum dimensions of the robot before it starts are 25cm x 25cm x 25 cm. After it starts, the dimensions of the robot is not restricted.



Starting PositionRobot has to be placed within the start area. No part of the robot is allowed to exceed the start area before the match begins.

Attempt and time will end if :Any team member touches the robot after it starts.Challenge time (2 minutes) has ended.The robot has completely left the game table.The robot runs out of air.The robot entered to the Large Red Area completely (on condition that all are released from the robot and touching the mat).The rules and regulations within have been violated.

ScoringEvery colored cube pushed completely into the small colored end zone below = 5 points.5 points0 point

ScoringFor each of the large colored areas, the correct number of ping pong balls present in the area = 15 points.15 Points0 point15 Points

ScoringRobot finishes completely in the large red area = 10 points.10 points0 point

NRC 2015Regular CategoryJunior High SchoolGame description, rules, & scoringTREASURE HUNT

Playing Field

7 Colored cube (a maximum of 5 of any color cubes).Challenge Objects

Challenge ObjectsColored card.

The robot must start in the area outside the large grid. No part of the robot is allowed to touch the black line and/or the edge of the large grid before it starts.Challenge Overview

At the start of each round (post-quarantine), the coordinate system for the round will be randomly chosen.Challenge Overview

ColorMap KeyFirstArtifactRowsColumnsThe coordinate system consists of a five by five grid. Each column and row of the grid is represented by one of five colors (red, green, blue, yellow, and brown).Challenge Overview

ColorMap KeyFirstArtifactRowsColumnsThe coordinate system will be displayed on the table by placing 10 colored cards in the dotted square outside of the grid. This is known as the map key.Challenge Overview

ColorMap KeyFirstArtifactRowsColumnsThe first five colored cards give the colors of the rows on the table. The second sequence of five colored cards gives the colors for the columns on the table.Challenge Overview

ColorMap KeyFirstArtifactRow