Northwest Coast Native Americans

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  • 1. THE NORTHWEST COAST NATIVEAMERICANS Region: Northwest Coast group members: Chris Diewtragulchai Josue Galvez Class period:2

2. TRIBES OF THE NORTHWEST COAST List of the important tribes: Chinook, Haida, and Tlingit Chinook People Tlingit People 3. FOODS IN THE NORTHWEST COAST list of the foods eaten in the region: Fish, clam, oyster, deer, elk, cranberries, crab apples, cow parsnip, wild celery, and skunk cabbages. They ate these types of food because these tribes were near both the sea and forest which allowed them to get these kinds of food. 4. Chilkat shirt CLOTHING OF THE NORTHWEST COASTThe clothes of the Northwest coast were robesmade of dog, muskrat, rabbit, and mountain sheepskin. They also wore fringe dresses made of silkgrass and wide brim hats made of bear grass.Shirt that children woreWoman clothing Man clothing 5. HOMES OF THE NORTHWEST COAST Include the followingThe types of homes that Native Americans in theNorthwest Coast is called the long house.The long house is usually a long house , just asthe name states, made of wood and had bedsmade of cedar wood. Longhouse 6. NATIVE AMERICAN RELIGIONSThe religion that the Native Americans of theNorthwest Coast is one where the people believe thatevery object contains a mystical power like aguardian spirit. Later adopted a new religion withbeliefs of the old religion and Christian beliefcombined, this religion was named Indian Shaker. Indian shaker religion Plus Traditional NativeChristian religionAmerican religion 7. TRADITION OR CEREMONY OF THE NORTHWESTCOASTA tradition that is done in the Northwest Coastis that they will worship and own a woodenstatue believing that it host a guardian spiritthatll protect them.Include a picture of it. 8. ARTS/CRAFTS OF THE NORTHWEST COAST The type of arts or crafts made in the tribes in the Northwest Coast are objects or wooden statues and necklaces or bracelets used for marriage. Ceremonies are done with the use of masks. Pictures of at least three of the arts/crafts of the region. Captions with the picture naming the arts/crafts necklacesWooden Statue Mask 9. A FAMOUS CHINOOKA famous from the Chinook tribe was namedChief Comcomly, who controlled trade alongthe Columbia river and was held high inrespect by white traders. He has his ownmemorial after his death. Could not find a picture of his face so I used a picture of his memorial 10. INTERESTING FACTS FROM THE NORTHWESTCOASTInteresting Facts: Members of the Chinook tribe protest for recognition fromthe government. The memorial of Chief Comcomly is in the shape of a canoe Christians tried to convert the Chinook tribe into theirreligion. Each person of the Chinook tribe has a special object that isburied with them when they pass away. Hunted sea lions and seals with harpoons. 11. WORKS SITED . "Canadas First People." . c Goldi Productions Ltd.Web. 19 Oct 2012. "The Columbia River." . EnglishRiverWebsite. Web. 19Oct2012. "Costal arts online gallery." . Costal Arts, 13 2005. Web.19 Oct 2012."Edupics Graphical Resources." . Edupics GraphicalResources. Web. 19 Oct 2012. Mohel, A. Early Americans. St. Louis: Milliken,2003.Print. Native Americans Bat Cave-Children. 2. GrolierEducation, 2000. Print. Tribes of Native America Chinook. Blackbirch press,2004. Print.