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NHS Electives

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NHS Electives. Course Offerings for Rising 9 th Graders. Architecture Drawing & Design. Intro to Engineering & Drawing Sample Projects: CAD Drawings House Designs. Engineering. Foundations of Engineering Sample Projects: Bridges Rockets Roller Coasters Power Tools Mechanical Systems. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of NHS Electives

NHS Electives

NHS ElectivesCourse Offerings for Rising 9th GradersArchitecture Drawing & DesignIntro to Engineering & DrawingSample Projects:CAD DrawingsHouse Designs

EngineeringFoundations of EngineeringSample Projects:BridgesRocketsRoller CoastersPower ToolsMechanical Systems

Broadcast Video ProductionBroadcast Video Production ISample Projects:Film Various School EventsTitan TronFilm & Edit School Broadcast ShowsField Trips to CNNClass & State CompetitionsDaily Morning Announcements

Business & Computer ScienceBusiness EssentialsSample Projects: Creating Your Own Business, Stock Project, Federal Reserve Field TripComputer ApplicationsSample Projects: Buying a Car, Newsletters, Company LetterComputing in the Modern WorldSample Projects: Web Site, Programming, Networking, Build Computer

Fashion MarketingMarketing PrinciplesSample Projects:The ApprenticeCreate a New Super HeroPromotion ProjectSuper Bowl AdsField Trips:World of Coca ColaChick-fil-a Corporate OfficeAtlanta Mart

World LanguagesNorthview High School is one of the only schools in the county with FIVE languages!

ChineseFrenchGerman LatinSpanish

World LanguagesAll languages have programs from Levels I through AP. All programs are involved in a variety of the following opportunities for language activities OUTSIDE the classroom:

Governors HonorsLanguage ContestsNational ExamsStudent exchangesGuest SpeakersField tripsCompetitions and Conventions Nationwide

World LanguagesWhen deciding which language, students may consider:Which language interests me the most?4-year state universities look for students to study a language through the most advanced level offered, if possibleLearning languages is a fun way of exploring and understanding other culturesGlobalization is the trend in which colleges are presently immersed

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