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New Year Feature focusing on fitness and wellbeing.


  • 10 Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, January 9, 2009 To advertise telephone (01226) 734666

    Bannatynes Health Club is your homefrom home and the perfect venue fortightening your belt both physically andfinancially this New Year.

    The health club, which is located on BarnsleyRoad, Dodworth, half a mile from junction 37 ofthe M1, offers a wide range of exercise andwellbeing opportunities supported by expertstaff that specialise in health and fitnessprogrammes for all abilities and levels offitness from complete beginner to more

    advanced levels. Central to Bannatynesfacilities is its swimming pool and largegymnasium, which now boasts Powerplatetechnology.

    Outside of the gymnasium this can includetaking part in Barnsleys most comprehensiveweekly group exercise programme, whichincludes a variety of aerobic classes, includingBodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyAttack,BodyStep and BodyJam, as well as a largeselection of mind and body sessions including

    Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and BodyBalance.Exercise classes also take place in the clubs

    swimming pool, which is the perfect place torelax, with the saunas, steam rooms and spapools. The caf bar is also the perfect place torelax with friends after a workout. Memberscan enjoy a wide range of hot and cold foodand drink and take part in regular social events.

    Start your New Years resolution today andjoin the thousands of members who have madeBannatynes Health Club Barnsley their club to

    achieve their personal health and fitness goalsin 2009.

    There has never been a better time to getstarted at Barnsleys Premier Health Club andto help new members on their way, why not jointhe club before 31st January 2009 with nojoining fee*, free individual fitness assessmentusing our Fi-tech system, and free welcomepack? Call us on 01226 704100 to book yourpersonalised no obligation tour of BarnsleysPremier Health and Fitness club today.

    *Administration fee applies



    ROMANNA70 Pontefract Road, Oakwell, S71 1ABNEW YEAR SALE

    Other offers available Please ringBack Massage only 10 Normally 20

    Universal Contour Wrap Buy 2 Get 1 Free (100)10 Pedicure with Jodie and a Free File and Polish

    We also offer pamper packages includingmum-to-be package, bridal and other packages.

    GATINEAU offers available.*Offers cannot be used in conjunction with gift vouchers.

    01226 244588

    Pulse DancentreSTREET DANCE & FREESTYLE DANCE CLASSESSATURDAYS 10 a.m.-11 a.m. Ages 5-18 years 4

    Wilthorpe & Redbrook Community Centre

    Tel: 07813 083056

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    Quit and get fit 3 services one result!!


    Thats the message that the BarnsleyNHS Stop Smoking Service is keen toget to everyone and they havelaunched a unique and totallydifferent approach to quitting.

    Barnsley has a significantly highernumber of smokers than the UKaverage which leads to shortened lifeexpectancy and early deaths fromheart disease and cancer which couldall sound like doom and gloom butthe service really wants to help peoplemake positive and committeddecisions to stop smoking.

    The service has helped over 2,200people to stop over the last year andits a fact that people are 4 times morelikely to quit with help from the stopsmoking service

    The service opened its new drop inpremises on Eldon Street in Februarylast year and from there co-ordinate aBarnsley-wide programme.

    The service offers confidential 1 to1 support with all sorts of tips andadvice on how to quit for good.

    John Auty from Birdwell says

    Best service Ive ever used.Theres always someone to talk to

    and Ive saved a fortune.

    I went to my local sessions andthey really helped. The sense ofachievement you get when youknow youve done it is fantastic.People said I couldnt do it and Idid.

    Sadie, Darfield

    If you visit during January the serviceis offering 4 free weekly vouchers fornicotine replacement when youregister and attend weekly sessionsPLUS free Slimming World vouchersup to 12 weeks or Premier Leisuregym membership for every week youstay smoke free.

    So with the support of the UKslargest and most successful slimmingorganisation with over 35 groups inBarnsley at times to suit everyoneplus the chance to make use of thefantastic gym facilities at PremierLeisure sites how can you fail!!!

    Make you sure you put theQuitShop on your list the next timeyou are in town and drop in to takeadvantage of these great offers andbag yourself a health bargain, a longerhealthier life and save yourselfpounds into the deal!!!!

    Old habits die hard: Can you commit to quitting in 2009?

    A burning desire to quit smoking?RECORD numbers of smokers are pre-dicted to quit in January 2009, accordingto an online store supplying nicotinepatches and gum.

    Simon Driscoll from Stop Smoking Shopsaid: We have seen an unprecedentedinterest in our website in the run up tothe New Year. Weve seen record numbersof people using our online tools to workout how much time and money they usesmoking cigarettes as well as findingout more about the impact their habit ishaving on their health.

    It takes just a minute on Stop SmokingShop to calculate the details of how muchyour personal smoking habit costs you,how much time it takes up, and the realimpact on your health.

    Many smokers are also catching on tothe fact that like the banks, the tobaccoindustry is lining its pockets at theirexpense and no-one wants to be takenfor a mug.

    Mr Driscoll thinks the current interestin stop smoking products is attributableto two things the traditional New Years

    resolutions and the current economic sit-uation.

    He said: As usual we are seeing a sea-sonal uplift in people wanting to quit inearly January when they are looking for afresh start. But we also believe interest inquitting has been boosted by the UKrecession, which has meant people arewatching every penny they spend.

    One of our key messages to smokersthinking about stopping is that they willsave an awful lot of money. Smoking issimply money going up in smoke a 20-a-day habit is equivalent to buying a decentMP3 player each month and setting fire toit.

    Once people get a handle on the cost oftheir smoking, they start to see spendinga few pounds on quitting as an invest-ment.

    The public health charity ASH has thefollowing tips for smokers wishing to stubout the habit: Make a resolution to quit on or beforeNo Smoking Day (March 8). Setting a dateto quit helps in mental preparation.

    Telephone the professionals: Yourchances of succeeding are greatlyimproved with qualified help. Know what to expect: Many people findthe first few days very difficult. Nicotinewithdrawal may make you restless, irrita-ble, frustrated and sleepless. These feel-ings will pass and you will soon start tofeel the benefits of stopping. Deal with nicotine withdrawal: Optionsinclude the use of nicotine replacementtherapies such as gums and patches orprescribed medication. Make an appoint-ment with your doctor to discuss thetreatment that will work best for you. Avoid temptation and watch out forrelapse; in the first couple of days avoidsituations where you would usuallysmoke, and throw out lighters, etc.

    Remember that if you do just have onenot to use this as an excuse to carry onsmoking. Make it your last and go back toquitting. Make a list of reasons why you want tostop and carry these around with you.

    Advertising feature

    NEW YEARnew you

  • To advertise telephone (01226) 734666 Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, January 9, 2009 11

    Having successfully worked as a plumber formany years, Gary Shaws life was turnedupside down when a serious accident at workleft him unable to continue with his job. Garysuffered severe back injuries and was left inconstant pain which meant he was unable toleave the house during much of his recovery.This caused the onset of depression and Garybegan to lose all confidence in himself andhis ability. This unfortunately continued forseven years until Gary, 45, decided that heneeded to do something new with his life.

    Gary had always been interested in photographyand graphic design and decided to buy himself adigital camera. This really ignited a passion forGary who began to really enjoy the creativityand freedom that photography had given himbut he wanted to learn more. He phonedBarnsley College to find out if they were runningany part-time photography courses and

    subsequently enrolled the following week ontoAS Level Graphic Design and AS LevelPhotography. This was a real turning point forhim. Although still in pain, Gary was able toattend College for a couple of hours during theday. He admits this wasnt easy, I was reallyworried about going to College and obviouslyanxious about how I would fit in, but its beenfantastic. It has changed my life for the betterand made me want to have a future. Imlearning every day and feel that for the first timein a long time I have something to offer. Imreally enjoying the courses Im doing and itsmade me realise that its never too late tochange your future.

    After completing his courses at College, Gary ishoping to study part-time for a degree in Art andDesign at the University Centre Barnsley andwork as a freelance graphic designer/photographer.

    Its nevertoo late tochange yourfuture.

    Gary Shaw (right) pictured with CollegePrincipal Colin Booth after designing thewinning Barnsley College Christmas card.

    ESOL English for Speakers of OtherLanguagesIf English is not your first language, this course willwork on all aspects of English from beginner toadvanced levels. ESOL will help you get more out ofliving and working in the UK, gi