Nazir Razak Speaks His Mind

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  • 7/28/2019 Nazir Razak Speaks His Mind


    Nazir is not anti-Malay, he's for all M'sians8:34AM Jun 12, 2013

    YOURSAY 'The infighting in Umno is such that even the PM's brother is not spared. The powerbrokers are moving in on the top post and are attacking his siblings first.'

    Now it's Nazir Razak who is 'anti-Malay'

    FellowMalaysian: By giving AirAsia X CEO Azran Osman Rani a pat on his shoulder, CIMBgroup chief executive officer Nazir Razak has gained respect from the business circle in light ofthe harsh and unfair pelting Azran has received recently from Malay rights groups, includingUtusan Malaysia.

    Having a clear and a no-nonsense attitude as the CEO of AirAsiaX, Azran rightly deservedNazir's praise though Nazir's action does not seemed to have gone down well with dissenters.

    Azran examplifies the qualities of a towering Malay whose achievements and ability is notdictated nor gauged by the trappings of his own race but rather through fair dealings and a good

    dose of respect for fellow human beings.

    Ksn: Nazir, the whole country welcomes your stand on this issue and your earlier reference tothe bastardisation of the NEP (your choice of words).

    The Malay NGOs do not understand, or pretend not to understand, why you supported the viewof Azran about Utusan's racial insults against the Chinese on the election results.

    You did that because what was said was not only racial but completely uncalled for and it wasalso unfair to the people of this country, who have the right to comment on issues like that,including Azran.

    Thanks Nazir, keep coming out with such mature views for the good of Malaysia and Malaysiansof all races. It is time for all to stop being racist and talk about revenge just because peopleexercised their constitutional rights, for example, in the GE.

    Absalom: "We are very disappointed with Nazir's statement because, despite leading a famedconglomerate in Asean, he is trapped in a mindset that sidelines the sentiment and sensitivity ofhis own Malay race," said Muslim Consumer Association of Malaysia.

    Huh? What mindset do these people want? One that condemns those who vote for theopposition? Just because people vote for Pakatan Rakyat, they become traitors and betrayers ofthe race? A mindset that does not question any wrongs? What insane logic is that?

    Even more insane is, just because guys like Azran and Nazir are successful (which I like to thinkis because of their own merit rather than anything else), they should support members of theirethnic group, like defend newspapers which carry insensitive seditious articles.

    Articles that are politically motivated to incite ill-feelings among people of different races?

    YouAreNotAlone: Nazir and Azran are great Malay leaders. All of us, regardless whether we areMalays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, etc, should look up and learn from them.

    It takes hard work and righteousness to become what they are now. They are the real leaderswho know how to catch their own fish. Not like those NGOs who only know how to condemn other


  • 7/28/2019 Nazir Razak Speaks His Mind


    races and beg for fish from their BN masters. Pity them, for they do not know how to fish forthemselves.

    Lvbala: Bravo Nazir. Your kind of Malay leads by example. You don't talk about one race butyour words are for all Malaysians.

    Clearwater: I don't think Nazir and Azran are in the least bit anti-Malay. However, being smartindependent-minded individuals, there is every likelihood they are also thoroughly anti-idiot.

    Quigonbond: This is turning out to be a rather bizarre situation. Utusan operates by takinginstructions from the Umno president, if not the supreme council. Yet Utusan is whacking thepresident's brother, Nazir.

    One has to wonder if Najib has the real levers of power anymore or are the little Napoleons allbreaking loose?

    Pengundi: Infighting just before Umno GE?

    6th Generation Immigrant: Please PM Najib Razak, say something intelligent quickly in order thatMalay daily Utusan and all the Malay NGOs can decide whether or not to lump you in the same

    basket as Nazir and Arzan.

    As a PM for all Malaysians, you must show leadership. Umno has created a monster it cannotnow control so you must decide which side to support.

    Lim Chong Leong: The infighting in Umno is such that even the PM's brother is not spared. Thepower brokers are moving in on the top post and are attacking his siblings first.

    The noose is tightening round Najib's neck. Soon they will be unleashing the carpetman again.

    Jeremy Ng: These NGO are not 'dumb' but pure opportunists. Speaking up against Utusan whoprovoke and promote racial/religious disharmony is not anti-Malay. These are the people who areputting and correcting the wrong perception of the Malays.

    Now that Perkasa is taking a 'rest' after its leadership election defeat, we seen an emergence ofmore opportunist NGOs to play the instigating role.

    Fair Play: If a non-Malay speaks up for Azran, it is anti-Malay. If a Malay speaks up for Azran, itis also anti-Malay. If no Malaysian speaks up for these NGOs, that has to be ultimate anti-Malay. Ireally can't understand the psyche of these NGOs.

    If a prominent or successful member of their community voiced his or her opinion, the standardanswers would be such as they have "forgotten their roots, and a traitor to their race and religion",etc.

    With such a siege mentality, I wonder how long it would it take to unshackle their mind before

    they can stand tall among Malaysians from all communities.

    I suppose with these NGOs, mediocrity is really what they want and definitely form takesprecedence over substance.

    Baiyuensheng: You know what, this will start a renaissance of Malay resilience and the rise ofthe moderate Malays.


  • 7/28/2019 Nazir Razak Speaks His Mind


    Hopefully, this group will push the rest to rise up to the challenge. The Chinese are tired of beingaccused of everything that is wrong with the Malays. Enough of the crutches already and wiselyspend my taxes.

    ABU_sed!!: If it is the bitterness that these Malay NGOs are talking about, perhaps they shouldask Umno who has been running this country since independence?

    AirAsia X CEO finds backing from Najibs brother for speaking his mindon Utusan

    June 10, 2013

    Azran has come under fire after criticising Utusan Malaysia for its racial instigation.KUALALUMPUR, June 10 Once scorched for speaking his mind, Azran Osman Rani earned highpraise today from CIMB Group CEO Datuk Seri Nazir Razak, who commended the AirAsia Xchief executives forthright manner as the mark of a leader.

    The captain of the long-haul budget airline, which will be making its market debut next month, had

    been the public target of Umno-owned Utusan Malaysias venom for much of last month, after hecriticised the Malay broadsheet for what he saw as racial instigation in the aftermath of the May 5polls that split the country apart.

    Nazir, the lead banker for AirAsia Xs listing on Malaysias main bourse, praised Azran forspeaking his mind and doing what he believed was the right thing.

    That is the mark of a leader, Nazir said at AirAsia Xs prospectus launch here this morning.

    The remarks appeared to be in reference to Azrans run-in with Utusan Malaysia, although Nazirmade no specific mention of the newspaper.

    The younger brother to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak added that it was these qualities in

    the airlines management team which had seen it register a 70 per cent annual growth in itsrevenues since it launched its first flight in November 2007.

    Azran had come under the right-wing dailys hammer last month after criticising Utusan on hisTwitter account, @azranosmanrani, for what he reportedly saw as a racial instigation in theaftermath of the May 5 polls.

    He was also reported to have criticised Malay group Perkasa for its hardline stance as anirrelevant organisation that had caused Malays to be myopic.

    In response, the paper had published daily views from Perkasa leaders, the Muslim ConsumersSociety of Malaysia and pro-Umno activists who slammed Azran, branding him arrogant and aMalay who had forgotten his roots.

    AirAsia X chairman Tan Sri Rafizah Aziz and director Datuk Seri Kalimullah Hassan had alsocome under attack from various groups after the duo had defended Azrans comments.

    Self-declared Malay rights champion Perkasa, the Ex-Servicemen Association of Malaysia,Malaysian Reformists Movement and the Malaysian Malay Network were among the groups thatlashed out at both Rafidah and Kalimullah and demanded the duo apologise for their remarksagainst Utusan which they say is the voice of the Malays.


  • 7/28/2019 Nazir Razak Speaks His Mind


    Perkasas acting president Datuk Abdul Rahman Bakar had rallied to the papers defence andblasted Azran, saying the latter could not have climbed up to his present position without theMalay power fought for by Utusan Malaysia.

    Has Azran never thought also that the licence issued by the government to AirAsia is because atfirst the airline was owned by Malays? Abdul Rahman was quoted as saying in one such report.

    On May 19, Utusan columnist Awang Selamat the nom-de-plume for the papers collectiveeditorial voice told the Umno-owned paper to stop taking the airlines ads until its sistercompanys chief executive apologises for criticising the broadsheets racist piece.

    Awang would like to suggest that the Utusan Group not accept any AirAsia ad as long as there isno apology. Let the companys advertisement go to another paper, but not Utusan.

    Without AirAsia, Awang Selamat will not have any problem. Furthermore, the value of theadvertisement g