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  • 1. Monthly Report May2009Community BasedDisaster preparednessworkshop In Renala khurdparish K KSSSK Agriculture coordinator visit for Community Based Disaster Visit and Recovery forSurvey for Christian students preparedness workshop in cooperative and small Kitchen gardening programin Renala khurd Renala khurd Business in follow upVisit agriculture- coordinatorfor Kitchen Gardeningprogram in follow up areaAnimation and Development program 220/2.L Renala khurd Animator Asher NazirCARITAS PAKISTAN FAISALABAD

2. 1Introduction summary In May2009 I am working on these activities in follow up area 20/2.L and target area 15/1.LRenala khurd okara. In this month I worked on these activities in different areas of Renalakhurd parish. So with it I worked with parish team.1. Meeting with parish priest about monthly activities.2. Visit agriculture coordinator for kitchen gardening program in 20/2.L3. Community base disaster preparedness workshop in Renala khurd.4. House visit for kitchen gardening with LDC members.5. House visit for Recovery with Recovery team for cooperative society.6. Shops visit for small business in follow up area.7. Visit and meeting with children for Child labor program in follow up area. 8. Christian students Survey for scholarship in Renala khurd parish. 9.Meeting with community members in target area.10. Cooperative Recovery Rs.10.000 deposit in Bank account of Naya Rasta Cooperative society.11. Meeting with agriculture coordinator about kitchen gardening program.12. Meeting with child labor coordinator about IGP program and Recovery.In may2009 we arrange training and visit by caritas Faisalabad different department in target area and follow up area for community leaders and different group which are working with caritas Pakistan Faisalabad for integration development. Community Based Disaster Preparedness training arranged by Disaster Management program caritas Pakistan Faisalabad. In the month of May2009 I am working in two areas one is a target area and other is a follow up area. Target area name is 15/1.L this is a rural area and in this area Christian and Muslims living together and Caritas is working for total human development of all the communities in this village. More people and childrens are uneducated and unskilled in this village and childrens are working in factories and vegetable market. Women and girls work in field and earn money because they have no skill and no education. Christian community of this village is no united and they have no group no LDC no cooperative no youth, childrens and women group. This is my target area and I am completing CO process in this target community. We are searching local leaders which has positive think for development and social change. So with the help of these leaders we shall organize different groups between children youth women and male. We are searching local resources and for improvement. We are motivating people for cooperative and collect saving in a society. We shall promote to skill in young girls and boys with the help of Non-Formal Education. We shall open a child working school in this village for those childrens which are not going to school but are working in different places . So Child Labor program will 3. work for this area. People have not business but they want to start his small business. With it in follow up and target are we complete Christian students survey for scholarship and in this survey we completed (60) survey form of Christian students.Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad2In follow up area 20/2.L Renala khurd we have NRCS cooperative society. In this society (30) members have his saving and they are getting loan from cooperative society. Working children school is working in follow up area and thirty children are getting education from this school. Now their parents have his own business and they are giving installments every month to cooperative society. Area animator Asher is giving every month activities report to caritas Pakistan Faisalabad in every animation meeting.Objective 1.Community Grow vegetable in their small houses. 2.To get skill on disaster management on community level. 3.Social investigation in target area 15/1.L 4.Christian students survey for scholarship from government institutions. 5.Monthly Report and plan shared with animation coordinator. 6.House visit in follow up area for kitchen gardening program. 7.Meeting with parish priest about monthly activities of target area and follow up area. 8.Recovery collection cooperative members in follow area. 9. Monitoring visit by agriculture coordinator in follow area for kitchen gardening program. 10. Recovery deposit in Bank account of cooperative society. 11. Visit for small Business with Cooperative (NRCS) in follow up area. 12. Promotion for growing vegetable in follow up area. Target 1.To meet parish priest for sharing plan and activities Report. 2.To meet working children school teacher and children in target area. 3.Meeting with LDC about recovery of cooperative and small business. 4.Networking with other NGOs for community training and project. 5.Survey in follow up and target area for the scholarship of Christian students. 6.Recovery deposit in Bank of cooperative society. 7.Meeting with Cooperative about recovery collection and new loan for next members. 8.Monthly Report and Plan shearing with animation coordinator. 9.Fill up foam of internal Evaluation of animation program. 10. Awareness of drinking water with AAGAE organization in follow up area. 4. 11. Meeting with LDC about scholarship survey and Disaster training. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad (3) Activities 1. Monthly meeting in Caritas office Faisalabad. 2. Meeting with parish priest for plan and Report sharing.3. House visit in target area for Christian students survey for scholarship.4. Meeting with cooperative society in follow up area Recovery and record.5. Visit for small business in follow up area 202.L Renala khurd.6. Meeting with working children school in follow up and target area.7. Meeting with parish priest about survey of Christian students for scholarship.8. Meeting with E-body of Cooperative (NRCS) Recovery detail foam in 20/2.L.9. Visit for childrens working school in target area.10. Recovery deposit in Bank account of cooperative society.11. House visit for kitchen gardening in follow up area.12. Monitoring visit for kitchen gardening program in follow up area.13. Community Based Disaster preparedness workshop in Renala khurd.14. Meeting with LDC and cooperative about internal evaluation of animation program Integration (Program and Project)1. Animation and Development.2. Non-Formal Education Department3. Child Labor program.4. Agriculture.5. Disaster management program.6. CooperativeNetworking. 5. 1.PRSP.2.Kashaff3.Social Welfare Okara.4.Abadat.5.National Commission for Justice and Peace.6.Noor ministry.7.Lamp fellows Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad 4 Outcomes (Results)1.Survey of Christian students for scholarship from government institutions.2.Community Based Disaster preparedness workshop in Renala khurd parish.3.Fill up foam of internal evaluation of animation program.4.Fill up Recovery detail foam of Naya Rasta Cooperative Society.5.Twenty seven families are growing vegetable in their houses.6.Better relation with parish priest and parish team.7.Shared monthly report and plan in caritas office Faisalabad.8.Agriculture coordinator did monitoring visit for kitchen gardening in follow up area.9. Written information about survey of target area.10. Cooperative (NRCS) Recovery deposit in Bank account of society.11. Visit complete in follow up area for small Business with cooperative members.12. Meeting and visit for working children school in target area.13. Meeting with NRCS cooperative society in follow up about Recovery and loan.14. (50) Posters of Lenten campaign 2009 sold to community.15. (96000) Recovery of cooperative is present in Bank.16. Bank statement of NRCS cooperative society 20/2.L Renala khurd.Meeting with LDC in follow up area In follow up area we have LDC which is working for animation and development with caritas Faisalabad. Members in this LDC are (8) and they are from different group with are working with different department of caritas Faisalabad. So we put a meeting with these members for different points as1. Christian students survey for scholarship from government institutions.2. Community Based Disaster preparedness workshop for target and follow up areas.3. Internal evaluation of animation program in target and follow up areas. 4. Monitoring visit by agriculture coordinator for kitchen gardening program in follow up area.5. Recovery collocation detail and Bank statement shared with LDC members.6. Cooperative and small business which are working in follow up area. So for these points we shared with LDC members and informed all these things and took suggestions from them. So in this meeting we decided that community based disaster 6. preparedness workshop we shall arrange in teshil hall Renala khurd because this is hall is very comfortable and sitting arrange are better for community. Survey for Christian students LDC decided that this survey we shall do in Renala khurd parish and in this survey we shall involve convent school and parish team. With it LDC members talked on internal evaluation of animation program and they fill up this foam. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad 5 Cooperative (NRCS) In Follow up area 20/2.L Renala khurd Naya Rasta Cooperative Society is working against poverty and before one year they have no saving and no loan for small business and no cooperative members in this village. After animation (co) process we organize cooperative in this community and more members are women and they are giving saving and they are taking loan from this cooperative society in 20/2.L. we had been given (1.50000) loan to this cooperative society before one year and we are taking installments every month from cooperative members