NATIVITY PLAY Show prepared by senior pupils with junior pupils

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NATIVITY PLAY Show prepared by senior pupils with junior pupils Slide 2 A nativity play is shows about the Christmas modeled on medieval Franciscan mystery plays. w is regarded as the author of Christmas shows. Franciszek from the Assisi. A history of giving birth to the Jesus in Bethlehem and the conspiracy of Herod was their contents. At first figures of the Baby, for Mary, of Jzef, Twelfth Night and of remaining personas were motionless. Thanks to Franciscan Orders and Observantine they led into their place of the puppet. In the first half Polish bishops forbided the XVIII age of presenting a nativity play at churches. More and more wide penetrating into the plot of shows of stages and forms caused about the carnivalesque capacity. With sheds schoolboys started then singing Christmas carols apart from walls of temples, journeymen itp. They originated travelling folk theatres about secular character. Nativity-play texts, most often dialectal, were largely anonymous. They were being altered repeatedly, among others because they contained motifs appealing to current affairs. A nativity play written by Lucjan Rydel in the Fri. is included in known literary studies Polish Bethlehem. Slide 3 Jzef and Maria are looking for a place to stay Slide 4 Angels are announcing the Gospel for shepherds Slide 5 Three kings at Herod Slide 6 Herod Slide 7 The death is appearing for Herod Slide 8 Devil are dancing with the death above defeated Herod Slide 9 Bethlehem stable Slide 10 Adoration Slide 11 Slide 12 Slide 13