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    Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience

    Staff Recruitment Pack National Schools Partnership Manager

    AIME provides a structured dynamic educational program that connects volunteer university students in a one-on-one mentoring relationship with Indigenous high school kids. AIME dramatically improves the chances of Indigenous kids finishing school, and provides education and development for all people connected with the Program. The objective of AIME is to see all Indigenous kids finish school at the same rate as every Australian child.

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  • Whats in this Pack ! Player Profile

    ! Position Description

    ! Learning and Development information

    ! AIME Salary Structure

    Key Dates to Remember ! 15 October 2012 Applications open

    ! 4 November 2012 Applications close (midnight)

    ! 7 January 2013 Employment starts at AIME


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    National Schools Partnership Manager

    !!A team player always, a lone wolf sometimes, this player keeps themselves motivated and the team inspired. An outstanding educator with experience managing schools they believe, nay they know, that education is the most important thing in the whole universe. As a result they are a powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to education and the way it is conducted in this country.

    They embody credibility in the eyes of school principals. Like an AIME virus out and about infecting schools with the Indigenous = success bug, they are a whiz at communicating at all levels, making everyone feel at ease. This player is often seen at the sideline whipping the fans into a frenzy, a conductor any drum would beat to.

    The AIME Program Team relies on this player to represent them out in the field. Their efforts behind the scenes help inspire the team with stories of success from school land. They are the holder of much knowledge and revered amongst the team.

    Without this players efforts, the team could be playing to an empty stadium. They are a draw card that ensures the turnstiles are spinning off their posts. !

    !!$80,000 - $90,000

    Depending on experience


    Plus Learning and Development Package


    Team Role Value

  • POSITION DESCRIPTION: National Schools Partnership Manager

    Position Details

    Reports to National Program Director

    Number of staff to manage 0

    Key relationships Program Team, School Principals, Education Bodies (incl. State/Fed Gov) School Communities, Partnering Team, Campaign Manager of Schools based program

    Location of role (predominantly) Negotiable University of Sydney NSW 200

    Main Purpose of the Role

    To maintain and build upon partnerships with existing AIME schools, create alliances with key education bodies, and develop new school partnerships for AIMEs Core, Outreach and Online Programs. For the Core AIME Program, the Outreach Program, and the school based Program, the National Schools Partnership Manager will be the key resource for bringing on new schools and ensuring that AIME executes a strong relationship management plan so the whole school is engaged. This role is responsible for ensuring AIME reaches as many high schools as possible and has a plethora of schools lining up for its programs.

    Main Responsibilities

    " Work closely with the National Program Director, Campaign Manager of the school based Program, Partnering Director, and Program Team to ensure AIME has engaged the number of schools needed to maximise its impact and reach for the Core, Outreach and school based programs.

    " Update and execute the principal engagement strategy and organise key touch-points including the principal roundtable forums and principal session visits.

    " Build new school partnerships as AIME expands its programs. " Work with the Partnering Team to build and manage relationships with relevant state, federal and regional education

    bodies. " Support the National Program Director in the development of the Program Team around school engagement as

    required. " Manage school relationship challenges and issues as they arise.

    Knowledge, Skills and Experience

    " Relevant tertiary qualifications. " High level public presentation skills. " High-level communication skills. " Strong educational networks. " Experience working in the education sector, as a senior educator, principal or in the Department of Education (or

    equivalent body). " Proven ability to build partnerships and maintain relationships. " Proven project management expertise. " Demonstrated ability to manage and motivate a team of people. " Strong leadership capabilities. " Excellent interpersonal skills, sensitivity to cultural and personal diversity. " Excellent communications skills both written and verbal " Experience working with Indigenous Australians, or groups of different cultural backgrounds, or the desire to learn.

  • Learning & Development Strategy 2012 2013!

    AIME is proud to offer a dynamic environment of learning and development for its staff. AIME is committed to building Australias future leaders Indigenous and non-Indigenous and providing an environment that brings all of these future leaders together to deliver the highest quality, most effective mentoring program available to Indigenous high school kids across our nation; so they can finish school at the same rate as every Australia child.

    AIME Learning & Development Key Programs Touch-points Initiatives

    1. AIME Staff Camps, AIME Quarterlies & Learning and Development Days

    14 days where the whole team comes together in Sydney to touch base each quarter, to reflect, regroup and refine our skills and focus for the next stage.

    At the quarterly touch-points the AIME Team attends workshops run by some of Australias leading organizations including Google, Coca Cola, Telstra, Origin Energy, and Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders. Themes include: Leadership, Management, Communication, Team Synergy, Culture and many more.

    2. AIME Professional Mentoring and Leadership Program

    Our commitment to mentoring also extends to our staff who receive their own Professional Mentor for 5-6 months of the year. Its a chance for AIME to connect our staff with some of Australias current leaders, to grow and learn from their experience, and to then feed it back into our day-to-day work.

    The following, are an example of the calibre of people who have been involved as Professional Mentors with AIME: Chris Sarra (Executive Director, Stronger Smarter Institute), Adam Spencer (ABC Radio), Greg Hutchinson (Executive Partner, Bain & Company), Marion Potts (Artistic Director, Malthouse Theatre), Chris Boys (General Manager, Support Services Team, Social Ventures Australia), and many more.!

    3. Study and Development Leave

    Each AIME staff member will receive an extra 5 days of leave that can be directed towards the staff members development. It may mean that some staff choose to complete a course, others may wish to do some reading or writing, others may simply take the time to experience new perspectives through conferences or festivals. Staff simply apply for the extra leave, and then can use the pay for those 5 days of study and development leave and direct it towards something they want to do. !4. Cultural Leave Each staff member will also receive 3 days of cultural leave each year. Basically this was brought in to give all of our staff, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, the chance to build their connection with Indigenous Australia. For many of our Indigenous staff it's a chance to get back home, to learn language, or maybe even to go to another blackfella's country and learn from their experience. Then for our non-Indigenous staff, it's a chance to really build that connect point around what it means to be Australian, a chance to maybe volunteer for another Indigenous organisation, or head off with an Indigenous AIME staff member to their country, or attend festivals such as Garma. A strong connection to Indigenous Australia makes us all much richer in terms of our history, identity and sense of belonging as Australians !!!

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    AIME Salary Structure!

    Staff Wage Progression The following information should be read in conjunction with the notes that are listed on the next page

    Level Qualification Guidelines Role Type Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10

    1 Yr 12 or equiv, min exp in field, or TAFE/training accredited Project Manager (Development

    Stage) 40,000 41,600 45,760 47,590 49,494 51,473 53,532 55,674 57,901 60,217

    2 TAFE/training qualifications, & 5+ years exp in workplace Administration 55,000 57,200 62,920 65,436 68,054 70,776 73,607 76,551 79,613 82,798

    3 Uni qualified, or training & 2+ years work exp in field Program Manager 66,000 68,640 75,504 78,524 81,665 84,931 88,329 91,862 95,536 99,358

    4 Uni qualified, or training & 2+ years work exp in field Project Manager / Com & Ops

    Manager 68,200 70,928 78,020 81,141 84,387 87,762 91,273 94,924 98,721 102,670

    5 Uni qualified, 5 years+ work experience Operations Manager 70,000 72,800 80,080 83,283 86,614 90,079 93,682 97,429 101,326 105,379

    6 Uni qualified, 5 yrs + work exp or min 2 years exp in the field Senior Level Management 75,000 78,000 85,800 89,232 92,801 96,513 100,373 104,388 108,564 112,906

    Service Bonus (paid at end of relevant calendar year Xmas Bonus) 2,000 5,000 10,000 15,000

    Salary sacrifice can provide Tax Free Dollars for those able to direct them to ATO approved expenses, which as a guide,