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English Workbook
Cummins Diesei-Lndia Printing Unit Pragat Shikshan Sanstha. Phaltan
Published by
email [email protected]
email: [email protected]
Jllust rations
who was at that time principal of the Suty.ilayam School.
As we have found the workbook useful for our students
we were eager to reprint it. Since it was not possible to contact
Shankar, we have taken the permission of his colleague,
B Ranulas to reprint the book. We are grateful <>> Kamilas, and
happy that Shankar's work can reach more students
This book will be made available on a non-profit basis to
students of the Pragat Shikshan Sanstha’s K a mala Nimbkar
Balhhavan and to others who are interested
Marine limit sen
I cup j f fan I pii~l | rap | 1>'«
ffoil J ftrec I pj^d b;ii i
T Ah SR7
Is this a goat?
Is this a pig?
Is this a ship?_
Is this a bonk? XgiJ
table chair bench stool
10 II
letter *d* or ‘t\
I 5. sub
I 6. laJb _
i 7, kooh
M3ke as many words as you can with Itne following letters.
1 cat 2.
Is this a box ?
Is this a glass?
Is this a chair ?
Is this an apple ? : i
E Is this Is this
an umbrella ?
an aeroplane ?
[ / Is this a bottle ?
16 17
Is this a knife ?
Is this a table ? __
Is this an aeroplane ?
Is this a bicycle ? _
Is this a train ? _
Is this a bus ? _
Is this a ship ? _
2.1 am Peter.
: picture. 1. i am Mala.
2. You arc Mohan.
6, You are Mala.
8.1 am a girl.
1 a hoy.
You a man .
She a woman -
He a doctor.
rtva Suresh
Ramesh Torn
0 0 0 0 ©
,S. J liis is tin hag.
6. Thai is my hi cycle,
7. that is your month.
This is Vein's mother. This is Velu's sister.
This is Vein's ilog. This is Vein’s brother.
This is Vein
This is hjs father.
3) This is Maya's mother.
4} This is Mohan’s shirt.
5) This is AsiTs brother.
6) That is Jasbir’s watch.
7) This is Sonu’s book.
8) That is Mohan’s house.
9) That is Noorie’s cat.
1. What is your name?
My name is Velu.
My father's name is _
My _
5. What is your sister’s name ?
6. What is your dog’s name ?
38 ,
0 0 0 0 0
head eye , nose mouth | j ear |
arm teK | neck hand | | foot |
Write lhe correct word for each body pun
This is his father.
4) This is Mohan's shirt.
5) This is Asif's brother.
6) That is Jasbir’s watch.
7) This is Sonu's book.
8) That is Mohan's house.
9) That is Nooric's cat.
1. What is your name ?
My name is Velu.
My father's name is
5. W hat is your sister’s name ?
6. What is your day’s name ?
i 2. pather father badher fad her
3. fill fot foat foot
4. miither mother madher mather
5. mouth mooch moudh month
6. tiker tugcr taker tiger
7. luth tooth touth toodh
nV He is a
* Vi t> Is she a woman ? V Jf V

m Is she a policeman ?
b Is lie a teacher?
P _•
1. T he r:i| is hi the pot.
2. file rill is behind the door. .i. T he rut is jin (he table.
4- The rat is on the pot.
T he rat is under (he (able.
Vi nlc i lie correct sentence in front of each picture.
Find the numbers.
J * i V e y e 1 '
w & q z v n m X h 0 u r $ e 0 0 p r
f 1 i r q .p j n * i a n e
M ve/
K ! i s| f i I 1 zI P l * > |
1 gi hi t y s 0 s ml o | i r 1 e i t b d
1 0 P j : ti | v! 1 n g w “ l f
Crossword Puzzle
a is eating,
a is sleeping,
a is crying,
a is standing,
tat thin old young
a thin man a young man a tall man
a short ma
elephant iliiT tiger small.
eating letter.
J across bench.
The monkey
Crossword Puzzle
Word Jumble
2. A bird has no wings.
3. An elephant has a trunk.
4. A mouse has horns.
5. A pig has a long tail.
6. A tiger has no horns.
7. A giraffe has a long neck.
8. A cow has wings.
Join by arrows.
2. Who has a long tail 7
3. Who has three pencils ?
4. Who has a big nose ?
5. Who has an apple ?
6. Who has two pencils ?
3. Have you a pencil 7 _
4. Have you wings ? _
7. Have you legs ? _
9. Have you horns ? _
12. Have you eyes ? _
There are four trees.
5. bo vs ?
The man said,
caught the ball.
The man said,
stood up.
( house correct sentences and write in front of the pictures.
L They are climbing a tree.
2. They are walking along the river.
3. They are sitting under a tree,
4. They are playing football,
5. They are swimming in the river.
The Fat Man and the Small Dog
Write the correct sentence in front of each picture.
1. The dog looked into the well.
2. The fat man fell into the well.
3. A small dog chased a fat man.
4. The dog went away.
5. The fat man ran very fast.
Why ? He is _____
Who is crying ?_
3. can 9. giraffe 15. stool
4. cat 10. donkey 16. mother
5. fox 11. moon 17. policeman
6. kite 12. tree 18. clock
” Living Non- Living
hind the following objects.
b i 0 til b h 0 1e i a € 1 0 w 0 o TT
8 g fa 1 a b r a g a S 1 n i U | s g o
it h 0 u s e r w 0 i 1 c o y e a n
t r a i tl 0 s e r | E j n j z e | b r i z 0 z k i t e 0
QQQ -— - QQQ - [3 - QQQ - QQQ -
Find the colours.
3) (i e g r e _ *
4) h i w e t_
5) w o n r b_____
6) 1 o w y e I
Arrange the following sentences in the right order and w rite them in your notebook. *
Pm the correct picture number boxes.
The policeman ran after the thief. | j
The policeman saw
The policeman put the thief in the jail. (~I
I he thief ran. L-'
He ate it. | |
Mohan was hungry, j |
He bought a banana, | |
1. the monkey the ball caught
2. ran very fast the fat man
3. a banana bought Mohan
4. into a well the lion fell
5. picked up Marti the plate
Match the following :
2. Somu is a thief. Take hint to the _—--
3. Vani wants to post a letter, lake her to
to the_____
5. There is no petrol in the car. Take it to
the __-
6. ValH wants to go to Delhi. Take her to
7. Hari wants to go by bus. Take him to
the ____.