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Perhaps the most significant role we play in hydropower development, whether the construction of new facilities or improving the efficiencies of existing ones, is our role as stewards of our environment.

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  • ServicesHydropower and Dams

  • Our focus: conservation of the worlds irreplaceable resource water. Our goal: Building a Better World.

    ...more than 7,500 employees on six continents...

    MWH Global is a strategic consulting, technical engineering and construction services firm leading the wet infrastructure sector. Offering a full range of services and innovative, award-winning solutions beginning in the initial planning phases through construction and asset management, we partner with our clients in multiple industries to implement projects and programs that focus on water, energy, natural resources and infrastructure. Our 7,500 employees in 35 countries spanning six continents are dedicated to fulfilling our purpose of Building a Better World, which reflects our commitment to sustainable development.

    Leading Wet Infrastructure Around the World

    We are Building a Better World

    Building a Better World is inherent to the way

    we do business and the way we live our lives

    as individuals. And as global leaders in the

    wet infrastructure sector, our employees see

    firsthand how critical water is for life on Earth.

    We partner with organizations who strive to

    ensure every single community and every

    human being has access to clean water.

    In addition, a sustainable future for our planet

    and its people remains a top priority for our

    company and its employees. This is why we

    conduct and support educational outreach

    programs designed to address climate change

    and encourage sustainable practices.

    We recognize that the health of our planet is

    deeply rooted in the wellbeing of its people.

    Therefore, we support global humanity by

    supporting efforts to cure disease, fight poverty

    and lend a hand to the many charitable

    organizations dedicated to causes that fuel our


  • With a rich legacy that dates back to 1820 and more than 7,500 employees on six continents, our global team includes program managers, business consultants, engineers, geologists, operators, scientists, technologists and regulatory experts who provide solutions to the worlds most challenging wet infrastructure projects.

    The MWH team is driven to meet todays challenges, dedicated to innovation and committed to mastering and applying emerging technologies to create client-focused results. We have engaged in the engineering, construction, financing and management of some of the worlds largest and most technically significant wet infrastructure projects for our client base of more than 4,000 municipalities, governments, multi-national corporations and industries.

    MWH Ranks at the Top of the SectorAccording to Engineering News-Record, our industrys leading trade

    publication, MWH is a leading firm in nearly every water category. We are

    proud to be:

    #2 Hydroplants

    #3 Transmission Lines and Aqueducts

    #3 Water

    #3 Water Supply

    #3 Sewer/Wastewater

    #4 Design Firms for WaterSource: ENR, 2011 and 2012 Sourcebooks A complete list of our industry rankings is available at

  • We Focus on Sustainable SolutionsPerhaps the most significant role we play in hydropower development, whether the construction of new facilities or improving the efficiencies of existing ones, is our role as stewards of our environment. Our sustainable solutions, specifically for fish and water quality protection, minimize the impact hydropower and dams facilities have on the environment and surrounding communities.

    We Responsibly Develop Hydropower Throughout the World

    Planning, Design and Construction Management

    Water Intakes and OutletsMWH engineers design integral and free-standing, multi-level withdrawal intakes for hydroelectric projects. We have designed intakes to meet seismic design criteria, provide a selective reservoir elevation withdrawal and designs includ-ing articulating panels to help regulate downstream water temperatures.

    PowerhousesWe have designed small, medium and large powerhouses, including some the largest powerhouses in the world. Our powerhouse design expertise includes powerhouse and pump station layout, equipment island analysis, floor slabs, walls, roofs, retaining walls, bulkheads, gates and trash racks. We are experienced in complicated foundations, drainage improvement, foundation strengthening and reme-diation. Our services include comprehensive dynamic and static structural analysis and use of state-of-the-art analytical modeling tools to meet local requirements typically follow-ing internationally accepted guidelines and requirements.

    We represent a world-class concentration of hydropower expertise few other engineering

    firms in the world can match. MWH-designed multiple purpose water projects have included

    hydropower plants that are currently operating in 33 countries on five continents. Since 1920,

    we have designed more than 120 new hydroelectric projects, with a total installed capacity of

    70,000 MW, enough annual power for 25 million homes.

    Energy generation is often a byproduct of wet infrastructure designed to store, regulate or deliver

    water, for multiple uses including flood control, raw water storage, navigation, aquaculture,

    recreation and environmental purposes. MWH engineers are the leading experts in multiple use

    water resources planning and engineering. This collective multi-disciplinary experience sets us

    apart, and as environmental stewards, we are dedicated to sustainable development principles

    in all phases of project execution.

  • MWH engineers designed the largest canal in the world as part of the Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project in Pakistan. This 10.5-meter-deep, 52-kilometer-long concrete-lined headrace canal has a capacity of 1,600 cubic meters per second.

    Water Conveyance SystemsMWH-designed canals, pipelines and tunnels range in ca-pacity from 1.0 cfs to 60,000 cfs and penstocks from one to more than 35 feet in pipe diameter. Our services span the life of the project from initial project engineering and planning through to construction management services, operations and maintenance support, and decommission-ing. Our experience includes using a variety of construction materials and applications such as buried and above-ground steel and buried concrete to address wide-ranging project goals, including conveyance, flow velocities, reduc-ing head losses and increasing power generation.

    Regulatory and PermittingThe MWH organization is a leader in strategic regulatory planning and environmental services designed to achieve timely approvals and public acceptance. Our full range of consultation services includes FERC licensing and relicens-ing in the U.S. and international expertise in environmental impact assessment and permitting regulations. Our integrated approach of engineering and planning services offers an unmatched level of efficiency.

    Specialized Hydropower Expertise in All Types of Hydropower Technologies

    Pumped StorageOur pumped storage expertise includes planning, design, upgrade and rehabilitation of pumped storage projects with capacities ranging from 40 to more than 2,000 MW. MWH has experience with all types of single staged and multiple staged units, single and adjustable speed, and specialized expertise in system modeling, financial plan-ning, contracting strategies and regulatory and community

    assessment. Our engineers lead the industry with successful projects that include the most recent advances in design technology, materials, fabrication methods and controls, which significantly improve the efficiency, performance, opera-tion and project flexibility.

    Incremental HydropowerThe potential for generating additional power at exist-ing dams, 97 percent of which do not have hydroelectric facilities, is paramount to meeting power generation needs across the globe. In the U.S. alone, this equates to more than 21,000 MW of additional energy generating potential by repowering, rehabilitating and upgrading existing hydro-power facilities, as well as adding hydropower generation to existing dams, water systems and treatment plants.

    Plant Rehabilitation and UpgradeMWH engineers have prepared plans and specifications and supported procurement and/or construction for more than 300 hydro rehabilitation projects. This experience includes the modernization of existing powerhouses and generating equipment, replacing or improving equipment and control systems, providing better reservoir regula-tion, adjusting reservoir water levels or performing other hydraulic enhancements. As one of the few engineering firms in the world specialized in designing and managing the construction of new hydro facilities, we are uniquely capable of applying the most current techniques for project redevelopment. Improving the way water is stored, deliv-ered and utilized can result in higher power production at an existing hydropower facility.

  • Small HydroOur engineering experience on more than 25 new and re-developed small hydro plants in the last 20 years has led to an unmatched depth of understanding on the differences between large and small hydro projects. We understand that the economics associated with these small plants, es-pecially those with significant intake and water conveyance features are often dependent on our cost-effective design solutions. Our expansive knowledge of financing, costing and procurement facilitates successful hydro development for our clients.

    Cultivating Innovative Hydropower TechniquesThe MWH team is at the forefront of planning, design and implementation of innovative hydropower facilities, including fish-fr