Mrs. Skaggs and Mr.Pharris Classroom Procedures

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Mrs. Skaggs and Mr.Pharris Classroom Procedures. Entering the Room. Sit in Assigned Seat Get Materials Ready paper, sharpen Pencil Start Bell work After the Tardy Bell the Floor is Mine!. Seating. Always sit in assigned seat Keep your desk clear - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Mrs. Skaggs and Mr.Pharris Classroom Procedures

  • Mrs. Skaggs and Mr.Pharris Classroom Procedures

  • Entering the RoomSit in Assigned SeatGet Materials Readypaper, sharpen PencilStart Bell work

    After the Tardy Bell the Floor is Mine!

  • SeatingAlways sit in assigned seatKeep your desk clearPurses and other materials should be under the desk or in your backpack

  • Pledge of Alligence1st Period onlyEach student will stand and respectfully say the pledge each morning before the announcements

  • BellworkEach day a prompt will be written on the boardYou are to record the prompt-word for word- and write a complete response

  • DrillsFire DrillTornado DrillEarthquake DrillLock Down

  • What if You are out of the roomFrom Library Computer LabRestroom

  • Papers To Turn InHomeworkClass WorkProjectsUp the row and acrossAll submitted work in Drawer Number 1 or 2

  • Paper HeadingNameDate (When Assigned)PeriodAll in upper right hand position of Paper

  • Daily MaterialsWriting Utensil(pen or pencil)PaperBook

    Lab Supplies as Needed or Requested

  • CourtesyGuests in the RoomAnnouncementsDont Speak when others are speakingRespect others materials and property

  • HousekeepingKeep Room CleanNo trash in sinks or Drawers !!!No trash on the floorSharpen Pencil At seat or sharpener on wall

  • Food and DrinkIf sold in school

    Water, milk, breakfast to goYou can have it, if you keep it clean!!

  • My Pet PeevesLanguageNo NosShut UpFlippinFreakinSucks Cant

  • Listening Devices

    Not permitted in the classroomEarbuds, headphones, etc. should not be in your ears!Oh, I have it turned off, I promise its not on!

  • PhonesWe cant live without thembut they do not have a place in the classroom.

  • Rest RoomOne time per week permitted

    Orange Pass from room 29No one permitted in the first or last 10 minutes of class10/10 Rule

  • Make Up WorkAll Assignments will be kept in Class Journal

    Papers will be kept in a designated place TBA

  • PINK SLIPWhen Your work is late Not CompleteNo Supplies For ClassPoor Attitude

    I keep this in your folder

  • Parent Contact FormWhen you have a zero on an assignment your parents will be called!!

  • Referrals

    Discipline Sent to the office for an administrator to handle Course of action explained in the planner pgs. 16-22

  • AssessmentNo Talking after the first paper is handed outEveryone deserves the same environment as the first person who finished

  • End Of ClassStay seated until the bell ringsWe do not line up at the doorYou or your class may be held after the bell

  • What to Do When You are Finished and Others Are NotStart ReadingWork On HomeworkQuestions???ExamplesBINGO CARD

  • Tips For SuccessCome to classStay caught upBe organizedRead your notes/ book on a regular basisAsk questions

  • Questions For Me

    If you dont know ask!!