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Welcome to Mrs. Smith’s Classroom

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Welcome to Mrs. Smith’s Classroom. Fourth Grade Math and Science at Ripley Elementary School. All About Me…. All About Me: Experience. I went to school at West Virginia University at Parkersburg and Marshall University. Taught elementary school for 7 years. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Mrs. Smiths ClassroomFourth Grade Math and Science at Ripley Elementary SchoolGood evening everyone! How are you all doing tonight?For those of you who have never met me, my name is Michaelia Smith or Mrs. Smith.I teach fourth grade math and science here at Ripley Elementary School.

1All About MeFirst, I want to tell everyone a little bit about myself.2All About Me: ExperienceI went to school at West Virginia University at Parkersburg and Marshall University.Taught elementary school for 7 years.Taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

I went to school at WVU-P and got my major in elementary education. I then went to Marshall University to get my Masters Degree.I have taught in elementary schools for 7 years.I have taught various grades, but my favorite is 4th grade, and Im really excited to be teaching this class.3All About Me: Family and HobbiesFamilyI married my high school sweetheart.We have three beautiful children.HobbiesSkiing the wintertime.Spending time with my family.Shopping for my classroom.

I married my high school sweetheart 10 years ago. We then had three beautiful children. My oldest is 6, my middle is 4, and my youngest is 2. Some of my favorite things to do are ski, spend time with my family, and shop for my classroom.To the right is a picture of my husband and me skiing.4Our SchoolNext, I plan to give you to a little information about Ripley Elementary School.5Our SchoolRipley Elementary School Staff:Principal: Mr. LaneVice Principal: Mrs. GreenSecretary: Mrs. GrantCounselor: Mrs. CarmichaelTotal number of students: 290Mascot: Vikings

Here are some of the important people whom you might want to know. Our total number of students is approximately 290. Here is a picture of our mascot.6My ClassroomNow I would like to give you a little information about my classroom.7My Classroom: Supplies Needed for ClassThree ring binder with foldersPencil with eraserLoose leaf paperYourself

Here are a few things you need for my classroom. The most important thing is you. 8My Classroom: Where to Find EverythingEach student has his/her own desk.Classroom Library By Exterior DoorBathroom Passes By Front DoorCalculators Calculator CaddyRulers, markers, dry erase boards, and anything else is on the back shelf.Here are a list of some of the important items in the classroom. I have a classroom library for the students to go to after they finish an assignment. This keeps them all in our classroom.Bathroom passes are located by the front door. Students must take it with them when they go to the bathroom.A calculator caddy is located in the back of the classroom. If students take one, they need to put it back.Everything else is on the back shelf in the plastic containers.9My Classroom: RulesDo not speak when I am speaking.Come to class on time.Always come prepared.Keep your hands to yourself.Follow directions.Ask me for help when you need it.

Here are some of the important rules in my classroom. The first rule is to not speak when I am speaking. This is very important because students are not able to learn if they are talking to others and not listening.The bottom rule is to ask for help if you need it. It is very important to ask questions if you are not understanding something.10My Classroom: ConsequencesI have a Three Strike Policy. I will always give a warning, first.Strike 1: No RecessStrike 2: Principals OfficeStrike 3: Parent/Teacher Conference

I have a three strike policy. I will always give a warning.It is important for students to learn that all choices have consequences, whether good or bad.11My Classroom: Homework PolicyHomework must be completed on time.Late homework will not be accepted.Weekly times tables practice.Various science assignments weekly.

Here is a little information about my homework policy. There might not be daily homework, but there will be weekly homework.12In Case of EmergencyIn case of an emergency, heres what we will do.13In Case of a FireOutsideHallwayFire EscapeGo out the exit in the front left of the room. Head straight out the door and go toward the football field.In case of a fire, we will head out the door at the front left of the classroom.14Grading ScalePointsGrade90-100A80-89B70-79C60-69DUnder 60FHere is a copy of the grading scale.15Contacting MeNow I will tell the parents how to contact me.16Contacting MeMy email address:[email protected] telephone number:Call Ripley Elementary School at 304-372-7360Ask for Mrs. Smith.I prefer to be emailed. If you need to, you can call the school and ask for me.17Any Questions?Does anyone have any questions?18Lets Have A Wonderful Year!!!Lets look forward to a wonderful year.19Sources

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One picture came from my personal phone.

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