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Welcome to Mrs. Rush’s Classroom

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Welcome to Mrs. Rush’s Classroom. 6 th Grade Science Bendle Middle School Room 26. Please feel free to take a seat while you watch this!. Classroom Rules. Respect one another. Be in your seat and ready to work after entering the room. Always give your best effort. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Welcome to Mrs. Rush’s Classroom

  • Welcome to Mrs. RushsClassroom6th Grade ScienceBendle Middle SchoolRoom 26Please feel free to take a seat while you watch this!

  • Classroom RulesRespect one another.Be in your seat and ready to work after entering the room.Always give your best effort.Raise your hand to speak.No cheating. (You will get an automatic incomplete for that assignment.)If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up any missing work the next day.

  • Grading Policy for ScienceGrading will occur on a variety of assignments including: writing, discussion responses, group work, outside reading, tests, quizzes, presentations and participation.

  • Topics of Study in ScienceStudents will be learning about the following science topics in this class: Weather and ClimateEnvironmental ScienceChemistry(Sample textbooks are on the desks for you to look at.)

  • Topics of Study in CorrectivesStudents will be learning about the following topics in this class:AR Reading and Testing SkillsMEAP PracticeWorking on IncompletesEnrichment ActivitiesOrganizational Skills

  • Correctives Grading PolicyStudents will be graded on their participation and effort in this class!!

    If students do not receive at least 10 AR points each marking period and/or do not work to complete their incompletes, they will receive an incomplete for this class.

  • FTL LaptopsWe will be using laptops in this classroom on a regular basis. (See laptop cart at back of classroom.)

    Please feel free to use one of the laptops on the desks and check out one of these websites:Bendle School Website6th Grade Team WebsiteParent Web (view your childs grades)

  • Paperwork

    Please check out the table in the sixth grade hallway to get a paper copy of this slide show.

    Also, there are school forms that need to be signed as soon as possible by a parent/guardian.

  • This School YearI am looking forward to working with your child this year and helping him/her to achieve their full potential.

    I encourage you to contact me at any time if you have any more questions.

  • Contact InformationTo contact me (Mrs. Rush), please feel free to use the following forms of communication:

    Email me at: [email protected]

    Call my direct phone line 810-591-2838

  • Students PicturesPlease take a moment to view some pictures of the students I have taught through the past few years in my class.

  • Speaker from MSU Groundwater Program

  • Students working on laptops and presenting in front of class!

  • Students working hard on an assignment!

  • PowerPoint in EducationFor my own purposes, I will use this presentation as a Kiosk" stand alone presentation for parents/guardians to view at open house. A projector will be connected to a laptop at the front of the classroom to display this presentation. There will be textbooks and laptops scattered on selected desks that the parents/guardians can look over as they look around my classroom.

    At Bendle Middle Schools Open House, my team of teachers likes to meet with all of the parents, guardians, and students in one large auditorium and briefly discuss the general expectation and requirements, topics of study, and team/school rules. Then, parents, guardians, and students, go upstairs and do a walk-through of the sixth grade classrooms. As the parents do this, the teachers all stand in the hallway answering any questions, and make sure that the parents/guardians fill out paperwork, which is located on a table in the hallway. This is done because our open house is very late in the school year and, because of this, we try to make sure that this event does not become a formal parent-teacher conference instead.

    This presentation (with some modifications) could be used for a teacher to present information in a more traditional and formal manner in a classroom at an open house. It could also be used as a 5th grade orientation presentation for when the fifth grades students come at the end of the school year to visit the sixth grade. Finally, this presentation could also be presented on a school website for parents to continually view if needed and/or could be converted into a DVD for students to take home for parents who did not show up to the open house event.

    Positive Impact on Student LearningThe main strategy for using this PowerPoint presentation is to encourage more parent involvement in my school. Hopefully, when the parents view this slide show they will better understand the expectations and requirements of my class, and will enforce this at home with their children as they complete homework assignments, study for exams, etc. This will lead to a positive impact on student learning because parents can help their children receive higher scores on assignments if they know what the teachers requirements are. Additionally, my contact information is presented on the slides, which will hopefully encourage parents to contact me when they have concerns or questions throughout the school year. Finally, I provided additional resources to help parents and students keep up with school information and events throughout the year: school website, team website, and Parent Web (a site that allows parents to check their childs grades). Hopefully, this will encourage parents to be more confident, to get involved with the school system, and as a result, allow their child to be more successful, due to the increased parental support at home.

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