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Seize the Day
Welcome to week 5. I can't believe we are halfway through Term 3 already! Debating
This week students from our RIEN network of schools participated in our yearly debating competition. It was great to see Charles and Megan step up and complete the debate by themselves and win their round. Debating is a fantastic skill and develops students critical thinking skills.
Mrs Emma Speirs
Megan Waters & Charles Bellamy For showing leadership and teamwork to
successfully win their first debate. COMPASS
Positive Behaviour for Learning
Our PBL focus for this fortnight is ‘Respect: Allowing Others to Learn’. Staying on task
and trying your best will allow others to learn. Managing your own distractions and not
talking while others are learning demonstrates respect for staff and peers.
Please talk to your children about how respect is shown in our community
and workplaces and why this is an important thing to learn and do.
You can check out your children’s attendance rate within our compass app. We are aiming for all students to achieve over 90% attendance rate for the term. That is 45 days out of 49 this term. To access your child’s attendance information: Open Chrome > Select a Profile > Attendance
4—10 Welman St, Beckom, NSW, 2665 Website:
Tel: 02 69782314 Fax: 02 69782342 Email: beckom –[email protected]
permitted in schools.
• Parentsshould: maintain physical distancing- avoid gathering outside of school gates
• remain outside of school grounds (note some exceptions may apply regarding schools for specific purposes, vulnerable students or students with disability
• follow mask-wearing requirements and sign in using the Service NSW QR code when entering the school.
All students are expected to be at school unless they
have even the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms. Under
the current health orders, there is nothing to restrict
students and staff who must attend school from
moving between two areas with different levels of
restrictions. Students and staff should reduce
traveling to geographical areas with higher levels of
COVID-19 restrictions in place.
attend school if unwell, even with mild symptoms of
COVID-19. Any person with any COVID-19 symptoms
will be sent home and should not return until they
have received a negative test result and are
symptom-free. In circumstances where children
have other medical reasons for recurrent
symptoms a letter from their GP is sufficient to
negate the requirement for a negative test.
Anyone who is unwell with COVID-19 symptoms is
strongly encouraged to get tested and self-isolate
until a negative result is received.
What day of the week are most twins
Congratulations to Caitlin Waters who provided the correct answer for the student question last week, How many pairs of wings do bees have? Answer is 2 pairs.
The winner of our community question, Which ocean is
off the California coast? Is Janet Popple with the correct
answer of the Pacific Ocean. Please enjoy
your virtual chocolate!
Community: What was the first toy to be
advertised on television?
Coolamon Library News
Our next Storytime will be held at the Coolamon Library
on Friday, 27th August @ 10.30am - it’ s all about
“Transport”. Everyone is most welcome.
National Science Week, 2021 is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology and this year the Coolamon Library will be involved. It will take place between the Monday, 16th August – Friday, 20th August. The Library will have 30 free take home kits to give away to families. This includes a VR headset, each headset clips onto a smartphone. All instructions will be provided with additional resources and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Phone the Library to reserve your kit - 69272492
Megan, Charles & Ryan built these sand timers as part of a
learning maths activity and learning about time.

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