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Quarterly report ScotGrid Quarter 02 2005 Fraser Speirs

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Text of Quarterly report ScotGrid Quarter 02 2005 Fraser Speirs

  • Quarterly reportScotGridQuarter 02 2005Fraser Speirs

  • Current site status dataLocal network connectivity is that to the site SEIt is understood that SFT failures do not always result from site problems, but it is the best measure currently available.

  • All GridPP ResourcesThe GridPP-Tier-2 MoUs made reference to integrated CPU over the 3 years of GridPP2. Under the Promised integrated kSI2K hours until this quarter an estimate is provided of what the Tier-2 would have expected to provide to this quarter on the basis of planned installations. Static kSI2K shows what would currently be expected if all purchases planned to this quarter had been made and implemented. The actual columns show what has been delivered.

  • LCG resources1) The estimated figures are those that were projected for LCG planning purposes:

    2) Current total job slots are those reported by EGEE/LCG gstat page.

  • VOs supported by site0 => not supported 1 => supported

  • CPU used per VO over quarter (KSI2K hours)Information currently available from APEL - please note these pages are still under development! Nb. This could be automated with an SQL/R-GMA query

  • Usage by VO for Tier-2

  • Usage by VO (jobs)Nb: This can be extracted from APEL

  • Storage resources in use per VO (TB)Difficult to provide this for the period but we can at least show *current* usage. If we can get the information averageand maximum per VO over the period would be useful parameters to record.

  • CPU Usage by VO (KSI2K hours)Nb: This can be extracted from APEL

  • Progress over last quarter

  • Tier-2 risks

  • Tier-2 planning for next quarterMaintaining presence on gridComplete DPM SRM deployment at Glasgow, DurhamReliability/metrics a focusFocus on team communication and coordination at Glasgow (see: internal monitoring of cluster performance and uptime (Ganglia/Nagios)

  • Objectives and deliverables for last quarter

  • Objectives and deliverables for next quarter

  • Meetings, papers & effortFor Tier-2 coordinator:

  • Summary & outlookGood progress this quarter on resource deployment, especially Glasgow CPU and Edinburgh disk.Progress on SRM deployment promising, although we still need a story about migration from Classic SE.Improvement in team coordination at Glasgow

    Outlook is good for hardware refresh at Glasgow, EdinburghLack of enthusiasm for Scientific Linux across Glasgows local userbase leads us to believe that there is a pressing need to research and solve the problem of LCG co-existence inside a shared cluster. (Portability/Xen?)Need to find ways to make SFT results match reality. Currently, they make the situation look worse than it is because of full queues.

    Promised figures come from Tier 2 MoU.Actual CPU/Storage from knowledge of what was available in quarter.

    Actual kSI2k in quarter derived from the following: Promised kSI2k figure * fraction of CPU available * fraction of days avail...where fraction of days available is: Number of days SFTs passed divided by days in quarter.

    Days passed for each site: Glasgow=28, Edinburgh=50, Durham=75. This was done by counting the SFT results by hand for each site, so may be off by one or two due to human error.

    Caveat: its not known exactly when Edinburghs disk reached 19Tb, so am using current figure at time of writing.Unknown how the LCG Planning figure is broken down by site.

    Assuming hyperthreading at each site: (TotalCPUs * HostBenchmark * 2)/1000

    Caveat: its not known exactly when Edinburghs disk reached 19Tb, so am using current figure at time of writing.It appears that GOC is no longer reporting on the dteam VO?Needs doing for Ed, Dur

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