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Media Partnership for (MP4) Maternal and Child Health Accountability is a publication of Development Communications (DevComs) Network aimed at creating awareness and demand for quality maternal health services in project states and Nigeria. The campaign name of the project is ''NOTAGAIN Campaign'', which is supported by John D. and Catherine T. acArthur Foundation.

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  • MP4Accountability to Needless Maternal Deaths END

    Aug 2014 Edition

    Mrs. Folorunso is just one among many or the Abisugas, the belief in Epe indigenes with this belief, which has traditional birth attendants dates contributed to poor health seeking Fback to several years of worship attitude of women during pregnancy and and belief in deities, as a family way of a high maternal death rate recorded in raising children. Folorunso Abisuga, a 32 the locality. "We found evidence in our year old mother of five had had four data collation in the State, maternal children delivered at home by a mortality was particularly high in Epe traditional birth attendant and is willing from where women who had attended to deliver the fifth at home owing to her traditional birth homes develop strong affiliation to her family's tradition compl icat ions ," sa id the Lagos which takes root in the Yoruba adage that Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris.says 'no midwife takes delivery of animal, However, the chairman of the Lagos State thus women don't need midwifery but Traditional Medicine Board, Dr, Bunmi supernatural powers.'

    Institutionalise an effective Death Monitoring and Review system that tracks all deaths of women during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period to strengthen responses and avoid future deaths

    Increase budgetary allocations and release same to improve Primary Health Care operations.

    Provide essential drugs and other commodities at no cost for pregnant women

    Strengthen referral as well as effective ambulance services for pregnant women during emergency.

    Make free and accessible quality antenatal services, provided by trained and skilled health workers at primary, secondary and tertiary health facilities.

    Train and retrain health workers on interpersonal relations and communications as well as socio-cultural factors peculiar to the community of operations

    ''Policy Action Points How to reduce Maternal Deathsamong culturally inclined women- Expert advocates monitoring and training of TBAs

    group of media and government at all levels to reduce maternal and child Network brought together c i v i l s o c i e t y prioritize investments in mortality. about 20 media practitioners o r g a n i z a t i o n s quality maternal health care The forum which was and 10 members of the civil A

    (CSOs), during a CS-Media in low income and rural organized by Development societies to deliberate on forum in Lagos has urged communities in Nigeria to Communications (DevComs) need to increase demand and

    CS-Media group advocates for quality maternalhealth care in low income communities

    Health Demographic Health Survey and agreements by the World Health access to maternal health care needs of (NDHS 2013) has called for a review of Organisation amongst other institutions. women by strengthening the primary maternal and child health strategies, health centres (PHCs) which he said were policies and programs in Nigeria. Nigeria has close to 60% home deliveries not at par with the general hospitals The country is still battling with the and will need to reduce this proportion where most women prefer because of challenges of reducing about 40,000 drastically to achieve the millennium better infrastructure and friendly annual deaths due to child birth, development goal 5 aimed at reducing environment which are lacking in most despite numerous programs being maternal mortality ratio by 75%. In doing PHCs. According to him, the Lagos State implemented by state and federal that, experts have stressed the need for government has already commissioned governments in addition to the efforts improved availability, accessibility, some flagship PHCs out of the 57 PHCs of donor agencies and private sectors. funding and quality of maternal health which will have basic laboratory services,

    services in the country. treated water and at least three doctors As a matter of fact, monitoring of on rotation. He said the PHCs will work 24 maternal deaths and emergency The Chairman, Lagos State Primary Health hours a day and have back up power. '' we

    he recent maternal mortality ratio obstetric care are two important Care Board, Dr. Babs Sagoe, recently told are trying to decongest general hospitals

    of 576 per 100, 000 live births strategies that have not received NOTAGAIN campaign that Lagos State as practiced in the developed world'', he Trecorded by Nigeria National sufficient attention despite guidelines was working to improve quality and said.

    How to improve Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC) policies -Expert calls for coordinated ambulance system in Lagos state

    The long practice of birth delivery at home has stirred up arguments in various quarters of Lagos State with the realization that Epe, an ancient city in the State recorded the highest maternal deaths in a 2013 study conducted by the Lagos State Ministry of Health to assess the maternal mortality rate. In this report, Abiose Adelaja presents experts' opinions on reducing maternal deaths among culturally inclined women.

    Lagos speaker endorses NOTAGAIN CampaignPage 2

    -Ayodele Adesanmi

    This report highlights the thoughts of Dr. Joe Odumakin on the need to avoid needless deaths of women and children. According to her, improving access to maternal health means fighting poverty, synergy between government and other stakeholders, sensitization and empowerment of women and better attitude of health workers.

    Dr. Joe Odumakin

    Dr. Babs Sagoe

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  • 2Katampe mothers, community seek Health Facilities- Resort to Home deliveries

    this village is hospital clinic. As you can see will be happy so that we can ong distance from a health facility -now we have light and we have water'' he stop giving birth at home 'Too far' - is a long known factor that added. because sometimes when Lpredisposes pregnant women to Hadiza Sani, a mother of three said, If some women want to give

    mate rna l mor ta l i t y . The N iger i a government wants to do something for us, I birth at home, they end up Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) would want them to build hospital and road losing their children which is

    . Sometime if I am in labour, because there not good after carrying our 2013 revealed that about 28.8% percent is no hospital in this village, I will enter bike baby for nine months.women in Nigeria (12.4 percent in Abuja) and go to Maitaima hospital. She revealed A community member,

    complained about distance to health that because of the absence of hospital in Obinna Aneke described the facilities as a challenge accessing health the village, they have resorted to traditional visit of journalists as a care. way of giving birth. Some of us used to give welcome development, Katampe community dwellers are typical of adding that building a the women who complained about long hospital in the village would distance to health facilities because of lack be helpful as some women of one in the community. Katampe is a dont have money to go to settlement in the suburbs of Abuja in the hospital in the town.Federal Capital Territory (FCT) situated in Mpape town, Bwari Local Council. Mrs. Jaicita Omego, a nurse Pregnant and nursing mothers in this in the village, confirmed that community have to walk long distance to she has been helping the obtain antenatal and post-natal service in women to deliver their major towns, a condition that discourage babies in the community. She most of them from accessing maternal said ''I have delivered many health services. The discouragement in children in my house here accessing health care is also hinged on the and no woman has ever died lack of good roads and other social in my hand. They use to come to my house women and children, not to mention an amenities. to deliver because there is no hospital to emergency services during complications. NOTAGAIN gathered that the community deliver their children here. I use to collect It is unimaginable how these people will had recorded some deaths of children due between N 2, 000 to N3, 000 from them handle an outbreak of epidemic in the event to the situation of the healthcare system in because some of them dont have money to of one.the community. The Chief of Katampe, go to the city centre where there is hospita. More so, considering the proximity of the Adamu Diga, lamented that we do not I want the government to train me to a community to the Federal Capital Territory have health facilities here. Katampe has birth at home because we dont have any higher level than I am today so that I can

    of Nigeria, the villagers feel it will be fair for taken a long time in its existence. Some hospital here and sometimes, when a serve them better because they need help government to prevent deaths of women people have promised to bring a medical woman is seriously in labour, some women she said.

    center here but we are yet to see them. and children, and meet the health care will come and help her deliver. Meanwhile, NOTAGAIN gathered that the Since the beginning of the village there has A 39 years old mother of five, Mrs. Serah nearest health facility to Katampe village is needs of their people.never been a hospital here. Sometimes Tanka, confirmed that she had been located in Mpape, about 5km away from when emergency happens we use to take delivering her children at home due to lack the village. This is how Katampe community them to Mpape or Maitaima hospital. of health care facilities in the village. If dwellers have lived their lives since One of the things that is bothering us in government can build a hospital here, we inception, without a health facility for


    MacArthur Foundation. According to him, women he Speaker of the Lagos House of Assembly, Hon.

    should realize that they