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  • A newsletter for PECs electric consumers Brent Boatwight, Construction Crew Supervisor

    August 2016

    Many businesses use the word member to describe their customers. Places like Sams Club or Costco and even American Express like to refer to their customers as members. You pay a fee to buy their goods and services, but that is really all you get for the membership. No right to vote for the Board of Trustees or to participate in any meaningful way in the organization.

    In cooperatives like Peoples Electric, membership really does mean something more than just the right to buy electricity. Co-ops of all types are founded on seven cooperative principles that give us guidance and strategic direction. Membership also gives you rights as an owner of this co-op.

    Department Name Change

    Upon PECs continuous eff ort to better serve our member-owners, we recently changed the name of our Customer Service department to be our Member Services department. This refl ects the fact that co-ops have members, not customers.

    We believe that reidentifying this department helps us align our cooperative philosophy to better meet your needs. 410710509

    We work for you--our member-owners--and our goal is to serve you to the best of our abilities. We strive every day to fi nd ways to improve our service to you and ensure you know exactly what being a member means. 741400401

    You are a member, not a customer

    Recently, PECs Member Account Manager Maranda Babb presented a PowerUp Disco Bluetooth Speaker with an Econo Mobile Charger, along with a Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet, to member Pamela Johnson of Ada. Ms. Johnson was entered to win Junes PowerUp drawing when she signed up for online access to PECs SmartHub portal last April. Our next PowerUp drawing is scheduled for September 1.

    Members with smartphones or tablet devices can download the SmartHub app from iTunes or the Android Marketplace. (Use search term NISC SmartHub.)

    Above, (l-r) Member Pamela Johnson of Ada is presented a PowerUp prize package from Asst. Vice-President of Member Services Maranda Babb.


    Annual Meeting of the Members (aka: PEC Day)PECs 80th Annual Meeting is all set for Saturday, September 24, 2016, at the Pontotoc County Agri-Plex in Ada. Commonly referred to as PEC Day, it is easily the most important day of the year for the cooperative. This is the day set aside for you to meet with your Board of Trustees and cooperative employees, while enjoying great entertainment, excellent food and beautiful crafts. On PEC Day, members are able to recognize the benefi t of being a member-owner when they receive their capital credit check at registration. Since 1986, over $20 Million has been returned to our members based upon PECs strong fi nancial condition as determined annually by our bankers and Board of Trustees.

    Above, (l-r) A PEC member receives her capital credit check from Accounting Clerk Cheyenne Counts during 2015s annual meeting of the members.

  • Peoples Powerline | August 2016 2

    2016 PEC Annual Meeting Booth ReservationSaturday, September 24, 2016 | Pontotoc County Agri-Plex

    ____ Food Booth. Please indicate where food will be prepared: _____On-Site _____Other (please provide location): ___________________

    Organization: _________________________________________________ Name of person to contact: ______________________________________ Daytime Telephone: _____________ Email: _________________________ Mailing Address: Street _________________________________________ City ______________________ State _____ Zip: ___________________ Product(s) to be sold: __________________________________________

    Send food or craft booth reservations to:Tara Mullins, People's Electric Cooperative

    P. O. Box 429, Ada, OK 74821-0429

    ____ Craft Booth. Please enclose $25 craft booth fee.

    PEC Day Booth Reservation


    PEC Crew Assists in Recovery E ort

    Okmulgee-based East Central Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (ECOEC) suff ered substantial pole damage due to a storm system which destroyed an estimated 85 poles throughout their service area on July 14. Pictured in the Liberty Mounds area of Creek County is a broken ECOEC pole which hangs in limbo after 80 to 100 mph winds moved through the area.


    o co


    sy E

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    l Elec




    Brent BoatwightConstruction Crew Supervisor

    Ben ColeLine Technician

    Rucker MayLine Technician

    Reese HowardLine Technician

    Brett LowrieConstruction Tech II

    F ive Peoples Electric linemen were sent to East Central Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (ECOEC) on the morning of Friday, July 15 to assist in restoration eff orts after strong winds, estimated at 80 to 100 mph, ripped through the co-ops service area the previous day. Offi cials estimated there where upwards of 85 poles lost during the wind storm.

    PECs Brent Boatwright, Ben Cole, Rucker May, Reese Howard and Brett Lowrie left to help the Okmulgee-based electric cooperative recover from the extensive aftermath located a couple of hours northeast of Ada. ECOEC serves approximately 33,308 meters.

    At print time of this newsletter, PECs linemen were expected to stay in the

    area through the July 16 weekend.Whenever another co-ops in

    trouble, our linemen are ready to go, said John Hudson, PECs Sr. VP - Operations & Engineering. We understand the importance of helping our neighbor, lending a hand and rebuilding. Its what we do. We wouldnt have it any other way.

    Above, (l-r) PECs Vice-President of Accounting and IT Kathy Spillman presents a Kindle Fire to new paperless member Bailey Walker of Ada. In order to be entered to win the June 1 PowerUp Paperless drawing, Mr. Walker made the move in May to PECs Paperless bill program on our SmartHub online web portal.

    Members with smartphones or tablet devices can download the SmartHub app from iTunes or the Android Marketplace. (Use search term NISC SmartHub.)

  • 24 Hour Outage Reporting System (877) 272-1500 or (580) 272-1500 (Ada Area)

    IMPORTANT DATESBills mailed ........................................31stBills should be paid by the ......... 10thCutoff s made ................................... 20th

    Business Hours8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday(877) 456-3031 or (580) 332-3031(Ada Area)

    People's ElectricCooperative

    P.O. Box 429Ada, OK 74821


    Eldon Flinn - FittstownChairman & President

    Jenny Trett- SulphurVice Chairman

    Dr. Laurin Patton - AdaSecretary

    Bob Thomas - CoalgateTreasurer

    Jack Lambert - AdaTrustee

    STEPS TO FOLLOW IF YOURELECTRICITY GOES OFF1. Check your fuse or breaker box.2. Check with your neighbors. Are

    they off ? Have they reported the outage?

    3. Call our 24 hour Outage Reporting System at toll-free 1-877-272-1500 or (580) 272-1500 (local Ada area).

    4. Always report outages promptly! Remember, the cooperative's responsibility ends at the meter. If a service call is made and the trouble is found on the consumer's side, a $50.00 service charge will be assessed.

    5. For faster service, please make sure we have the correct phone number(s) for your account on fi le. Your phone number will be used to access your account information.

    Providing electricity and energy service to over 21,000 meters in the following 11 south central Oklahoma counties: Atoka, Carter, Coal, Garvin, Hughes, Johnston, McClain, Murray, Pittsburg, Pontotoc and Seminole.


    CONCERN FOR COMMUNITY | August 2016 3

    Peoples Powerline is published monthly by

    Energy E ciency Tip of the Month

    Periodically inspect your dryer vent to ensure it is not blocked. This will save energy and may prevent a fi re. Manufacturers recommend using rigid venting material not plastic vents that may collapse and cause blockages.


    Ada All-American Blood Drive Results

    Thanks to the unselfi shness of the Ada community and local blood donors, 225 units of blood were collected during the recent 7th Annual Ada All-American Blood Drive held on July 6 at PEC and on July 7 at the Pontotoc County Agri-Plex. Coordinated each year by the Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI), the two-day annual drive was sponsored by three local Ada employers, the Chickasaw Nation, Mercy Hospital, and PEC. Blood collected during the event helps to increase the blood supply in the Region during the fourth of July holiday week when the need for blood historically increases.

    OBI estimates that approximately 675 lives will be saved as a direct result of local donors eff orts during Adas recent All-American drive, bringing the overall total lives saved up to 4,175 since 2010 when the Chickasaw Nation, Mercy and PEC fi rst joined forces. 861300200

    We are grateful for the overwhelming response we saw from the employees at each of our sponsor organizations, along with many of our members and area residents, said Jennifer Boeck, PECs Vice-President of Communications. Because of their generous support, we were able to meet the drives noteworthy goal of 225 units of blood which will help stabilize our local blood reserves.

    OBI account consultant DeeDee Morehead also commended the group of volunteers from the three sponsoring organizations. I appreciate the camaraderie between these three local employers and their dedicated staff who provided their time and energy. Without them, the Ada All-American would not have been such a success, added Morehead. 850303600

    Winners of the special prize drawings conducted at the end of the drive included the following: