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1 Chapter 1: The Blood Stained Pages. Oh damn…” I thought as I opened to the last writable page in my notebook. “How am I going to draw now?Glancing around the classroom, I made sure my teacher’s back was turned before I resumed my usual oblivious state of mind. Mrs. Selene was writing on the white board at the head of the room while the rest of the class humbly followed with their pencils… Obviously, not all of them; I continued to ignore her actions as I returned my eyes to the grey notebook I was previously drawing in. Quickly, I skimmed through it, page by page, to make sure it was full and now it was painfully obvious that I was in need for another notebook. The pages in this one were faded and the neighboring pages rubbed off on one another… This notebook was already just a month old, yet, it looked as if some agitated author in need of psychological attention doodled in this notebook uncontrollably. All of my sketches, from my teacher being launched from a trebuchet, to a steam- punk microwave were in this little book, and now it ends here. Only to continued somewhere else. I let out a noticeable sigh. “Isn’t this just great.” I breathed. I looked around to assure no one heard, but a slight twist in my stomach expected something different. It faded as I resumed my actions. For a second there I thought I said that out… “Mr. Mikonos…” I looked up instinctively at Mrs. Selene who was now looking in my general direction. Her face was steeled with disappointment behind her scarlet frames. I hid my notebook noticeably under my opened test book and watched her eyes dart down and back up. My gut twisted further, expecting trouble again. “What was the next number in the sequence I just described in the following equation?” She asked. Her white dress covered the answer, only leaving the problem exposed. Monumentum De Mortis

Monumentum De Mortis

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Obitus Umbra in a better view. Still working on it along with more works. About a kid who finds an odd book that changes his life.

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Page 1: Monumentum De Mortis


Chapter 1: The Blood Stained Pages.

“Oh damn…” I thought as I opened to the last writable page in my notebook. “How am I going to draw now?” Glancing around the classroom, I made sure my teacher’s back was turned before I resumed my usual oblivious state of mind. Mrs. Selene was writing on the white board at the head of the room while the rest of the class humbly followed with their pencils… Obviously, not all of them; I continued to ignore her actions as I returned my eyes to the grey notebook I was previously drawing in. Quickly, I skimmed through it, page by page, to make sure it was full and now it was painfully obvious that I was in need for another notebook. The pages in this one were faded and the neighboring pages rubbed off on one another… This notebook was already just a month old, yet, it looked as if some agitated author in need of psychological attention doodled in this notebook uncontrollably. All of my sketches, from my teacher being launched from a trebuchet, to a steam-punk microwave were in this little book, and now it ends here. Only to continued somewhere else.I let out a noticeable sigh. “Isn’t this just great.” I breathed.I looked around to assure no one heard, but a slight twist in my stomach expected something different. It faded as I resumed my actions. For a second there I thought I said that out…“Mr. Mikonos…” I looked up instinctively at Mrs. Selene who was now looking in my general direction. Her face was steeled with disappointment behind her scarlet frames. I hid my notebook noticeably under my opened test book and watched her eyes dart down and back up. My gut twisted further, expecting trouble again.“What was the next number in the sequence I just described in the following equation?” She asked. Her white dress covered the answer, only leaving the problem exposed.Dammit all… I thought as I glared at the white board. We were doing “Recursive Definitions” in math… Whatever the hell that is, and I didn’t pay attention for the whole week.I figured that I’d just tell her the truth, instead of lying and just get it over with. If I didn’t we’ll have another long standoff, and before you know it, we’ll both be in the office… again. And I don’t want that, at least not on a Friday. I leaned back and shrugged my shoulders; underneath the surface I knew I was dead meat.“I honestly don’t know I have not been paying attention much in class.” Mrs. Selene’s facial expression didn’t change as she adjusted her glasses. And before I knew it, I was hearing the classroom door slam behind me along with the immediate stop of the laughter and giggles that followed me out. And with that said, I was sent to the office, again.So the only thing to do now is to swing my backpack over my shoulder and start walking.I sighed, that was the fifth time I’ve been kicked out of class already. I must be losing it, back then in junior high, I was a straight A student and now… I’m lucky to pull a B

Monumentum De Mortis

Page 2: Monumentum De Mortis

in my class. But I guess I’ve never been one of those kids who like to work though. I hope it’s just me being lazy again. Well, the only thing waiting for me at home is a nagging mother, so why not take a detour? It wouldn’t hurt. Or so I negotiated with myself- Truthfully I knew better.Besides, I needed to visit the library, plus not to mention I definitely need a new notebook… All the other ones are for the little class work I actually do and I doubt that I need a new notebook for those subjects. While taking the short walk of shame down the quiet hall, I decided to stop by the bathroom to wash my hands. Habit really, but I just can’t stand having my hands smell like drool. (Though, it was my fault that I slobbered all over my hands while sleeping in class the first place.) While walking towards the bathroom door, it opened on me. “Yo Zachery.” echoed in the silence as my friend Josh appeared in the doorway.As he saw me, I stopped as well, “Oh, hey Josh… Didn’t expect you here- three bathrooms away from the closest one from your class….”Josh shrugged his shoulders, “Eh, I forgot my lighter in here last time.”I raised an eyebrow, “Last time you what?”I thought to myself, “I hope he’s not smoking…”“Well, you know… last time I lit up.” Josh calmly announced as if not knowing what tricks I’ll play on him for this….I smirked and violently pushed him inside the bathroom again. “Here…” I said, shoving a “special pack” of cigarettes into his chest. “Here you go…”Josh looked suspiciously at the pack I gave him then he shoved them into his camouflage cargo pants. “Thanks”“Just don’t get caught.” I warned.He grinned, “I won’t. Hey wait, why do you have your backpack?”His expression changed to an even wider grin, I turned away from him. “Got kicked out of school again, huh?”I dropped my backpack and rubbed my shoulders. And I thought I was the smart guy here…“Yeah, Mrs. Selene is a bitch…”“So is Ms. Burks.” Josh added.I laughed and headed for the sink.“Well Zack, I’m going back to class, where are you going after school?”Turning on the faucet I answered, “The library, I need to get something to read and I need a new book also…”“Well, good luck with that.” He bluntly put. There wasn’t an drop of sincerity in his tone.Josh was always the one to make fun of me being a bookworm, but strangely, he’s never been one to get on my nerves. I splashed my face with water and heard the bathroom door sluggishly brush against the floor.“Well, not all of us hate to read…” I thought out loud, knowing Josh had already left. Enjoy that gunpowder in your cigarettes…

Page 3: Monumentum De Mortis

Next, I dried my hands and heaved up my backpack. I reached inside my jean’s pocket to notice a crumpled piece of paper. Good. I’m glad that I saved a bus ticket from yesterday, or I’d have to wait for the school bus in the front office again…

It was about an hour later after I left school grounds and I was still on the city bus. The repetitive stopping and going was starting to irritate me, but it wasn’t the fact that I was pissed off at the foreign faces passing and going, sharing their own little stories for me to eavesdrop on.No. It was the fact that the library’s closing in two hours and I’m only halfway there!I pinched the bridge of my nose, It takes forever to get across town…“I should look up a book on stress-relief…” I gently whispered.My attention returned to the bus window stained with an inverted advertisement and as I looked at the various objects and colors in the distance, I noted a list of books that I might what to check out. As I noticed my reflection staring back at me, I fixed my black hair behind my ears and brushed away the small clumps of hair that usually would hang over my brow. I sighed as I stared at myself… Hmm, what interests me the most though? I asked myself quietly.I already knew that I had a couple books checked out for my Spanish class and I only had 3 more books out of my max of 5 to check out. My eyes shifted back to the scenery and a closed sign hung on a house door. I looked up slightly to find the profession of this local businessman.It read in bold black letters outlined with a dull red color, Palm Reading and Psychic.“Hmm… that looks interesting…” I whispered.I’ve never really believed in psychics, but I’ve always wanted to give it a shot. The idea of someone knowing anything and everything seemed like total bull to me. But hey, I’d give them a chance to let them prove me wrong any day.“Excuse me...” I refocused my eyes slightly to noticing a blonde male teen looking at me though the reflection in the bus window. “Can I sit here?”I turned and moved my backpack onto my lap, “Sure, it is a public bus.”The teen smiled slightly, “Thank you, I been having no luck today and it’s nice for once to find someone less aggravated with the world.”I thought to myself quietly, Well, I’m no exception… Even I hate something.” The blonde spoke with a very noticeable accent, but somehow, I couldn’t place the language… Personally, I always hated people who always want to make friends on the go, but it wasn’t my fault… I just… well… Okay, maybe I do just have an irrational hatred for people on the bus, but I have to go somewhere!

Page 4: Monumentum De Mortis

The blonde boy held out his hand.“My name’s Evan, what about you?”I stared at him vacantly. “Um, I’m… Bob… (Yeah,) just call me Bob.”“Say it, call me Bob,” I thought devilishly in the back of my head.“Nice to meet you, Bob.” He said grabbing my hand and shaking it.What an idiot, does he really expect me to give my name to a stranger! I thought as I smiled… He’s way to gullible…“So Bob, how long have you’ve been riding the bus?”“Long enough.” I replied. I forgot how fun it was to play with idiot’s heads when they don’t know you… Though, it’s going to be awkward to run into this kid again… There was a brief silence that hung in the air as the bus stopped to let yet another passenger out. But the sweet silence was soon broken by an odd question.“Do you know any other languages Bob?”He asked.“Um, no not really, but throw something at me…”“So you can leave already!” I thought bitterly. “Existo vostrum alter umbra” Chanted Evan in a foreign accent.I stared; I could only guess the continent… He then chuckled and said, “It’s Latin… Of course, it’s Vulgar Latin and translates a little off, but the same meaning is still implied.”The first thought that ran through my head was, “What a loser… wonder what hilarious conversations you could have with someone.”Until I actually thought about it, I realized, this guy is going to be bragging about his higher intelligence until I just tell him to shut up. And him knowing another language is just going to make this ride so much longer!”“So Bob how was my accent?”He asked, but at this point I was more concerned with him leaving than his now annoying accent. “Listen, I’m apathetic at this point. Any further, and I’ll just tune out if you don’t mind…” I told him, choosing to be alone in this increasingly long bus ride.Not to be mean, but I just want him to be gone at this point…The blonde stared, then sighed after several long seconds of constant eye contact.“Yeah, well… I was never good at making friends on the go… well... I think I should leave… now…”Finally! Now I can space out alone.

As I watched the kid leave I noticed that he wouldn’t look me in the eye again. I was hoping he felt embarrassed for what an idiot he’s been, but I have to hand it to him for trying.That blonde got off on the next available stop, but then he waved and smiled ‘Bye’ to me.“What are you doing?” I mouthed to him as he looked at me again.The only thing he mouthed back was, “Look to your left.”Instead though, I looked back hoping to have any clue of where he was going, but it shocked me to notice that he walked directly into traffic… willingly.

Page 5: Monumentum De Mortis

Cars honked and stopped as the lunatic casually walked on into the middle of the four stoplights… it was short lived though as he was struck down by, ironically, another blonde female talking on a phone who had just turned. Other cars swerved to avoid stopped traffic and screeched to a stop. The bus stopped immediately and the passengers pressed up against glass to see what was happening. Through their eyes, it was a terrible accident.Their sympathy was wasted though… from that accident I could probably see his spine snap like a twig from here.Drivers were quick to change their cursing, to calls for help on their cellular phones and people’s gasps in the bus changed to a small stampede of interest to this dead Friday.I think it was just me, but I just happened to notice that the dead blonde was looking at me directly. His eyes seemed to follow me wherever I went as his neck rolled over his shoulder unnaturally.To me, it was a fitting end for him, no matter how tragic it may be, and I wondered what made him do that. I decided to leave before I found out. At least I won’t have that awkward run into him again…Looking down to grab my personal items I noticed the dead guy left something… A notebook?

Back on the street walking, I looked at the dead blonde’s book he left for me. Now I have a notebook, now all I need is a book to occupy my mind on the weekend… I thought, shoving the book under my arm. If only I had a ride now…Thanks to that kid, there are no buses or cars around to take me to the library… Thanks jerk.I kept on walking nonetheless and started to wonder if the pages I assumed were blank, were actually blank. I mean, it was recently owned by a kid who apparently had some serious psychological problems, or at least had a death wish with traffic.Doubt swept over me as I removed the book from under my arm. (I guess I wasn’t problem free either…)If I have to deal with someone else’s stupid and pathetic suicide note I’m just going to throw it away.(Or maybe turn it in… to the police… or authorities.)

I stared thoughtlessly at the notebook again, then, I noticed a small label on it. On the bottom of the left hand corner, it read, “Liberam Obitus” “Huh, I wonder what that means…”It’s probably Latin. Unfortunately all I wanted at this point was to get this Friday to end with a book in my hand. I guess I’ll just put the notebook in my backpack for now… I again gave my aching shoulders a quick rub down after dropping the hundred pound weight, then quickly unzipped and zipped the backpack back up.I wonder if Luke would pick me up…I thought as I pulled an obsolete cell-phone from one of the side pockets.“Let’s see… 4-5… 3-9… 0…”

Page 6: Monumentum De Mortis

I heard the phone ring a couple times before someone answered, “What do you want Zack? Did you forget all of your stupid books again?”I snapped back, “No Luke, you idiot… but I do need you to drop me off at the library.”There was a slight pause on the other side before my brother started again. “Well, it must be your lucky day lil’ bro. I’ve got plans to meet someone there at four o’clock and guess what time it is.”“Okay, thanks, oh and avoid 32nd avenue because someone died.”I heard my older brother reply apathetically, “You act like I care, just tell me where you are or I’ll hang up right now…”“Okay, okay… Sheesh… I’m on 33rd and Foley… okay?”There was another long pause before a dial tone replaced the eerie silence. I pulled the phone from my ear then shoved the phone back in my backpack violently.“Sometimes my older brother ticks me off so much…”I wondered if he heard me… “Well, while I’m waiting, let’s see what’s in this book…”I looked around again and made sure I was on the corner of 33rd and Foley before I continued to retrieve the book.I scanned the front leather cover to see if there was anything else, but it was blank except for that one label… For some reason the words in the front made me uneasy to read them… ‘Liberam Obitus.’ But I ignored the possible warning and turned to the next page. I read a small postage note attached inside,

“I spent my summer copying this lost book, and for hours on end I slaved over sweat and blood stained paper. Sadly now, I’ve appeared to lose my sanity in the pages… So I’ve only translated the first chapters into vulgar Latin to protect the innocent… if there are anymore left… I leave this to you.”

I looked at the bottom to find a number like those seen on a book, then looked at the number dumbfounded. “#132.3336”That doesn’t exist in my library… it must be from a better one… I assumed, but then again, I wouldn’t expect that kid to truthfully list the correct number for this forged book…I read on anyway, “Preface:Before the masses of sentience formed and created the world there was power of unimaginable strength that could shake the stars from the skies and blacken the heavens if it was commanded to do so. This driving force, this power has now been neglected for too long. Ryakin Sanguilar has slept a millennia. Now Oriuagor becomes restless as well. The time of sacrifice is not an option this time; a new age is upon all of us as we stare down a dismal path of redemption. A new age is not an object of creation. Only once in a lifetime can the ocean perform its final ebb and fro of divine creation to perform it’s cleanse throughout the planet. Only the reflection of spell can perform the final protection of its land and its people. As It is stated- ‘A language dictates

Page 7: Monumentum De Mortis

communication between a species, If words are the weapons of the language then they are as well- it’s summoners of creation.

The summoned awaits- Demakis approaches -Death’s messenger”

A noticeable uneasiness came over me after reading these words and thoughts surged through my mind. I looked at the cover again. I could only guess what was written in these pages, and what my mind was telling me as I ventured further in the book was anything but good.It is an interesting read though…I shoved the book back in my bag as I heaved up the lead P.O.S object I formally called a backpack and waited. A good 10 minutes had already passed and I’m sure that he’s coming… Right…A car horn interrupted my thought process. Speak of the devil… My brother yelled out the window, “Get you five foot lazy ass over here before I kick it over here!”I yelled back, “If my ass was five feet tall I’d sit on you! JERK!I saw him shake is head and mouth the words, “Stupid come back… I’d thought I taught him better…”Upon entering the black vehicle I immediately smelled that ‘New Car in a Can’. Quite frankly, I actually liked the smell. “Off to the library!” I pointed after chucking my backpack into the back seat.Luke leaned on the steering wheel, “Do you want me to kick you out?”I shook my head“Didn’t think so…”

Chapter 2: The Encrypted Index

“Well, Zack, I have to put it bluntly… The library is the worst place to meet people!”Luke ruffled his short, brown, fluffy hair in frustration.“As far as I know I already met her five times in this goddamn place!”I looked back to notice that Luke was drawing attention to himself… again… People were already starting to look up from their books… not good…I turned back to Luke, who was at this point, cussing profusely… “Of course a casual fucking conversation can’t be held in a public library of conformed silence- What the hell was I thinking!?”“Shh, you’re going to get us kicked out again!” I whispered.But I don’t think he could here me over his own voice.So, quickly, I considered my choices…

Page 8: Monumentum De Mortis

So… I could ditch him and take the risk of being stranded by him again… Or I could sneak away and get rid of the risk of being embarrassed by Luke… Excluding the possibility of being kicked out by his actions. Looking over my options I followed Luke, slowing down with every step I took.I soon decided I’d ditch him for the time being and take a small aisle to my right and as I snuck away on the velvet carpet quietly, his sentences still ravaged on with made up curse words. To sum it all up, his sentence structure was usually Curse word, cuss word, noun, verb, and cuss word noun. It’ll be a while before he finds me, I thoughtBut if he finds out his ‘Date’ isn’t here, he’ll probably leave me if I’m not paying attention again. I remember last time he left me…. I stood out in the rain waiting for the bus for two hours right after I bummed some people for lose change…

Now time for more reading… Continuing from where I left off of, I read,

“Before you now toss this text away like excerpt from a boot, you don’t need to believe in anything to realize the true potential of these words described in this book, you’ll indefinitely figure it out that the words you speak are not human. These are the words used to communicate with the dead and beyond. If you choose to speak, Demakis will listen. Just be careful of what you ask him to do, without the proper knowledge you may die for a strange purpose. The rest is up to you… speak when told, listen when asked. Follow this rule and you will soon believe in spell.”

“Talk about being vague…” I thought that this book would actually go somewhere other than constantly running in circles…“Eh, I bet the little blondy wouldn’t mind if I just skimmed my way along…”Murmuring to myself as I skimmed around, I finally found another postage note about 30 pages in.“Ah-ha,

These are the spells described in the book accordingly… I’ve tried only five of them out and have listed the effect of the spells. The other ones I have yet to use.I’ve labeled the spells as Hexes to simplify their uses.First Hex: The following ritual is used in all Hexes, you should remember this, using a drop of your own blood, smear against a piece of parchment. Then write the following hex on the blood, after doing so, speak the Hex.If done correctly the paper should start to burn black slowly. If it doesn’t work the first time, start in a quiet room. Demakis needs to hear you so speak clearly and loudly.

There was another postage note with everything I needed on it.

Page 9: Monumentum De Mortis

First Hex: Krus’ Niva Seri Thya; this hex will bring a great tragedy, that doesn’t involve anyone you know. But you’ll see the incident happen before your very eyes. The only drawback is that when you use this hex, it effects everyone you know…”

“Hmm, this is really starting to get sort of, kind of iffy… but hey, I’ll try it.”Though I felt like a complete idiot, I took out a strip of paper and pulled of one of the scabs on my elbow from a recent accident on my bike. And as soon as I saw a blood drop form, I caught it on the paper and continued by smearing the drop with my finger. Ending the small preparation for the hex, I took out my pen and wrote the hex down in cursive, hoping that it would aid this ludicrous nonsense. I then spoke silently, almost embarrassed in my efforts to complete the hex, “Krus’ Niva Seri Thya.”I then stared eagerly at the simple strip of paper…

A minute or two passed and I then rolled up the paper and shoved it in my pocket. Well, what did I expect? Now I need to find Luke before he leaves me.Just follow the yelling… I thought to myself.

The library I was currently in wasn’t too big, but it wasn’t small either. Now that I actually think of it… It’s about the sized of my house if you cut off the second floor and placed it next to the ground floor. But it had tons of aisles to get lost in… and that right now was the only thing keeping me finding Luke. Lots of narrows, and it was of an older style of building. Until finally, I found him simply walking out the door…“Oh, no you don’t!”While he was fumbling around with his keys I jumped on his back. He didn’t budge of course due to his tall stature. “Zack, get off before I make you regret being born…”“Aww, what’s a matter? You couldn’t find your date?”Luke shook me off, “No, but I did find five dollars on the floor, so this wasn’t all for nothing.”“Lucky you…” I scoffed. Yeah, that’s Luke, always looking on the bright side.“Just get in the damn car before I leave you here to catch the bus again!”I felt a nerve pinch in my brain, “THAT wasn’t funny!”Luke continued to play with the door lock until he finally got it to open, “Just shut up and get in…” He said, opening the car door.I obeyed knowing that he was my only form of transportation and sat with my backpack in my lap.“So, what were you up to when you left?”“Nothing, I just wanted to check out this book I’ve heard so much about…”Luke rolled his eyes, “How boring…”The car hummed as we sped out of the parking lot and onto the main roads to our house. The rest of the ride was quiet and I daydreamed away the time as I blankly stared out the window…

Page 10: Monumentum De Mortis

“Hey Luke…”“Yeah?”He said turning the last corner before our house.“When will we go to the library again?”Luke smirked and drove into the garage as the car bumped as we entered.‘We’ll go tomorrow, only if you ask me once tomorrow, if you ask again, I’ll just say no.”“Geez, now you’re acting like dad.”“No I’m not, I just have a headache right now, so I’m going to bed as soon as we get in the house.”Luke then pulled his keys out of the ignition, instantly killing the engine.“Get your stuff, get out and leave me alone for the rest of the day.”“Deal…” I said, obeying his orders.Luke slammed the door and walked out of the garage and into the house.“Whatever bro…”

Back in my room, I threw my backpack against the wall near the door and jumped on my bed, just like I always do. “Ahhh, it feels so good to relax…”It’s been a long day… yet, it’s only five… so what to do now?I thought that today was going to be interesting because of that stupid book in my backpack, but I guess not. I mean the only thing I have is that stupid hex in my pocket too… but that didn’t work, but why should it?As I continued to reflect on my Friday I heard the door begin crack open and interrupt my thinking.I lifted my head to look, but all I heard was… “ZACKERY MIKONOS!!!”I jumped and rolled out of my bed not knowing who or what I unleashed during my thinking process, but as soon as I looked up from the floor I saw my Mom, Lattese… “Geez mom, can you get any-”“I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT!” She shouted again. No doubt she knew about me getting kicked out of class again… “Why did you get kicked out of Mrs. Selene’s Class again? Isn’t this the third time or something?!”“Fifth time…” I corrected as I classically rubbed the back of my neck as I sat up. “This has been the fifth time I’ve been kicked out of class and sent to the office.”I continued…“So why didn’t you go to the office Zackary?”“Because you know Mrs. Selene hates me and doesn’t even want me in her class anymore! I quite frankly, should go to Ms. Burks or Mr. Tilden’s Class. At least I have a clean slate there…”“So that’s your excuse for leaving school grounds?” I stopped, then took a sharp breath in.“No, mom, I just left because there was only 5 minutes from dismissal.”“So why did the office call me saying that you were gone, they couldn’t find you and you were thirty minutes early from dismissal?”

Page 11: Monumentum De Mortis

I bit my tongue… “Caught in another lie.” I thought.“Zachery, did you leave school grounds before going to the office?”She asked with yet another taunting omniscient tone.If I tell the truth, I’m grounded, and if I don’t I’m in deep trouble… well, no use trying to fight it…“Yes mom, I left school grounds… Today was Friday, so I thought it wouldn’t matter, but before you reply…”I paused, “I know what I did was wrong, but I’m honestly getting tired of my teacher. I don’t even do anything.”“You left school grounds though, knowing that it was wrong. Zachery, you’re grounded for the week and if you get another strike by Ms. Selene I will see to it that all of your “doodle books” will be taken away.”

“Mom! That’s not right! I use my notebooks for-““I… DON’T… Want to hear it.” She pointed. “Now clean your room and I’ll also see to it that Luke keeps you in the house.”I clenched my fist as she left the room then tried not to slam the door behind her.

I looked at my pocket again, with a spark of spite; I pulled out the piece of paper. And read what it said again.“Krus’ Niva Seri Thya!”But again, nothing happened... but just as it was about to test my patience, the corner, to my surprise, started to glow red… “What the…”And not only that, then the room started to smell like burning paper! Solidifying my belief that this “Hex” was really happening!Slowly, but surly the red borderline of the smoldering ember marched across the paper as it smoked black.I watched in amazement, but my eyes were later pulled away by my sense of pain in the tips of my fingers.Immediately, I dropped the burning paper and then instinctively stomped on it. It went out with a small hiss as I rubbed it into my tile floor.“I wonder what will happen…” I thought as I looked at the blacked remains of the embers…I mean I didn’t… No… I couldn’t have caused…An urged ran through my gullet to turn on the news on my T.V, I was actually worried that what I did was… real!

Page 12: Monumentum De Mortis

Chapter 3: Sigil-

It wasn’t long until I started to flip through every news channel I knew about; including the public access channel, which nobody watches… But it just seems like whatever I did, much to my relief, wasn’t too catastrophic. I let out a sigh of relief as I sunk back into my bed. “Well, that wasn’t too scary…” I lied to myself again.But as soon as I was about to clear the thought of disaster out of my mind, I started to wonder about my mother. “I hope nothing bad happens to her.” I thought.A world seemed empty without a mom; I couldn’t bear having her taken away from me at this age. Again though, I put the thought out of my mind fearing that my imagination would encourage the event to happen.I let out another sigh. “A great tragedy will happen before my very eyes, and it will affect everyone I know without harming anyone… There are only so many possibilities…” Well, let’s see what we can find in this notebook.

Slowly, I skimmed throughout every page that was eligible to see what else I could find. Though, I kept thinking to myself that this book would soon be the end of me.“I wonder what Josh would think about this…”I wonder how it’d be if I showed him this, just a smear of blood and a couple words would light his cigarette from now on.But of course I won’t teach Josh any of this, he’s too… immature… it almost feels like he’s still a kid… I mean we are both in high school.Last time I gave him anything explosive he almost blew both his hands off! If I taught him any of this, I might as well be leaving the state. Though I doubted that would work…

But just as I was about to continue this random search for dangerous Hexes I stopped.

Page 13: Monumentum De Mortis

“I haven’t even read the first three pages…” I thought.And seeing how I just accidentally hexed someone or something, I quickly reconsidered my actions and flipped back to the introduction.“Let’s see what I’m dealing with.”

“Now, whether you believe it or not, these words will lead you into a world that you would normally turn a blind eye to. But not simply because you could turn away from it, but more or less, because you have had no other option but to ignore it. This world is a boundary, an edge which light and shadow mingle in unnatural ways…Mostly in supernatural ways, in which a single utterance of words could cause the forces of the invisible to act-This tome of archaic knowledge has been passed down since the age of Christ himself, and just as his allies wrote the will of god, so did I, Demakis, and The Four Rulers of the Domain write the commands of Sanctuary and Domain.But to unlock the true nature of these words, first you must create a contract with both Demakis and the Four Rulers of the Domain.



Verrzu Oriuagor

and Ryakin Sanguilar

Their history is in every spoken word, every muttered sentence. In a way, you are in fact reciting their very words in this book.And by directly quoting these Four Rulers you have indeed instructed their loyal followers to do what they do best. Mettle within a world in which you as a human cannot see…

To return to the history behind the power of these words, it dates back to a time when the earth was still fresh with ash and flame, when the Four Rulers dominated the land, still mending it with fire and molten lava.It came to pass that a language needed to be made to command all to hasten this process, for it had taken far too long for the earth to be repaired from the earlier Wars with the Sanctuary and the Domain.The Sin War and Sanctuary Exile of Lucifer, Satan, and other fallen angels is a battle few wrote about, even in the domain, it’s history is elusive to the minds eye.Though, the exact history of the war was a millennia’s battle, keep in mind that this battle decimated both earth and sky for centuries… Do not take these events lightly.

Nevertheless, a language was to be created to involve both visible and invisible forces.

Page 14: Monumentum De Mortis

Bellowed by the very King of the Domain himself, Sanguilar said “Dos mievox serithium! Sie berithu zseva comyi. Cui serudium, parrashath formul.” (Or so I tried my best to pronounce it.)And the sky repaired from the red glow and was again blue. Fissures were filled with fresh burning earth and the oceans cooled from their boiling status.Though the pronunciation was lost, it was said with these words, he commanded a force that could split the earth in two, if his will said it to be done…

But besides the immense power Ryakin had in his voice, it was the language, the commands of Devie’Lazurus, which shaped the hexes, conjurations and summons in this text.It was up to his brother, Devie’Bethoriul, to memorize these commands for future uses and he kept these commands in a vast library.But just like any other language, dialects, both precise and altered, were made throughout the hidden community of the Sanctuary as well as Domain.”

It was there when I stopped.The breath had been seeping out of me as I if some mysterious force was slowly draining away all of my faith in what I’ve been told up to this day!“How did this evade textbooks, or even religion?” I slowly breathed.“When did this war happen? -And rulers of Domain and Sanctuary? What is going on between them! 4.6 billion years ago a war between these two places occurred here?” I mean I didn’t know what to do, what to believe in- I couldn’t just put all of these facts into non-belief!

“The hex, the hex! It worked so that must mean that this has to be true.”I leaped off the bed in excitement, “This completely changes everything I know about life!”I was ecstatic! Or maybe just a little insane, but in a way I wanted to know everything about these people, these rulers and whatever else this book may contain.It was just like Christmas in September, and I was the kid who snuck out to take a peek at his presents.I jumped back on my bed as I picked up the book as my dizziness faded.The need to devour the wisdom overcame me; I read on.

“It is from these dialects where the Hexes were formed and created to make a hybrid between the two languages. Though it is Latin based, the language is still considered a very close duplicate to any command used by Devie’Lazurus and Ryakin Sanguilar.

Though, there is a history of how this language was ever unleashed upon humanity.That is all the doing of Verrzu Oriuagor.

Page 15: Monumentum De Mortis

Verrzu Oriuagor was always a mischief-maker, who finally grew bored as his empire gathered strength under the control of Devie’Lazurus and his archfiend army.So he decided to steal the commands hidden in Devie’Bethoriul’s library and forges a book about his unnatural life, as he included Hexes, Conjurations and Summoning. He also added a detailed history of the past, present, and future.This was later known as the Prophecy of Oriuagor as he brought it to the world disguised as a simple Irish man.The seed of his plot was soon planted as he simply donated the book in the early 1700’s to a library.From there most people found the book so intriguing, they copied massive amounts of the text to be circulated. Though, only a few copies of the books remain, they caused madness throughout history even to this today.

Returning to the domain, Verrzu was banished from the lower circles of the domain to the higher levels to keep him out of the libraries of Devie’Bethoriul once and for all.Though, he never planned on returning to the lower levels, he accepted his banishment with resentment towards his king’s powers and fled to the human world.It is there where he stays, still in his house killing his children to adopt their identities.

But returning to the subject at hand, you must be in some was curious about how to use these words.Well wait no further; your curiosity will be satisfied.”

I stopped for another breather.“Wow…” I said softly with a slight tone of disbelief.“Oriuagor, really lives in Ireland?”But soon, I shook the idea out of my head to concentrate on the topic at hand.“Okay, I’ve learned something about this, these… Rulers; and it seems that they weren’t all buddies…”I jokingly said to myself. But the way this book was written seemed as if it was a hook for anyone who reads this…“Well, here I go.”

“Contract- Demakis and the Four Rulers

Now first, you need to establish a connection with one of the oldest contractors in the world, for centuries he has claimed many souls and promised abilities over his years.But to meet I, Demakis, all you need is blood, a piece of paper, a mirror and a sigil.The sigil is a simple drawing of a symbol, and all you need to do is to smear the blood to make a circle around the sigil. After that using the side with the blood, place it to your mirror and recite these words…“Demikas Sothurl Sy’ kerioth.”

Page 16: Monumentum De Mortis

And this must be heard very loudly and clearly. The rest will happen on it’s own.Now this is crucial to you, before you can proceed with anything else, complete this small ritual so I may allow you read every command in this book.”

Okay then, now I’m summoning a demon… I thought.“Great, but if it is necessary, then here we go.”Following the directions, I pulled out a sheet of paper as well as a pen to draw the sigil. There was a picture of it in the book and I tried copy it as best as I could, but as soon as I drew it, it immediately looked iffy. “I hope this works.” But just as I was about to use more blood from my scab, I thought to myself.“I better lock my door, it would be just horrible if my mom walked in to tell me about dinner or something.”So I walked over to the door, and pushed in the small button lock.Okay.Continuing, I smeared the blood in a circular fashion and stuck it onto my bedroom mirror, which was roughly a foot wide and a couple feet tall.With a clear, yet loud pronunciation, I said the words… “Demakas Sothurl Sy’ kerioth!’”My voice started to shake after the first word from my excitement, but something else was also present in my voice and it didn’t take me long to find out.It was fear of what I just did.As the last pronunciation of the last word escaped my mouth, the paper creased as it seemed to be drawn into the mirror.“Holy shit...” I whispered; I watched in both suspense and fright while this event took place. And as the paper soon crumpled and disappeared inside the mirror an object came out that closely resembled a hand!I jumped at the sight of it and took a few steps back for safety. “I hope this ends well…”

The hand was completely black and as it touched the air, a small hiss escaped from the hand as visible heat started to rise from it’s palms.It’s nails were long, yet seemed dull with the rotting yellow around them, I didn’t dare go to it.Another hand soon followed the last one, along with the arms and it’s head.The image was frightful, almost too unnatural as this creature crawled out of the mirror in the same fashion as a scary movie. Except this was no movie…To my relief, a torn cloth covered it’s face as well as it’s body, so I couldn’t see it’s face; but the cloth didn’t seem to affect it’s vision in anyway.

As the rest of the demon crawled out of the mirror, it stayed very close to it, and practically held the edges of the wooded frame as if it was prepared to retreat in a second.The Demon was slim and his body was skeletal with reverse joint legs. His feet also left an orange burn along the tile…

Page 17: Monumentum De Mortis

I took caution as I stepped forward just to test its intentions.In return, so did it, still reaching a hand back to hold the frame.But as I took a step back, again he moved forward finally releasing the mirror.The heat that I saw earlier was still very visible as it was constantly emitted by this fiend; it was taking its toll too as it quickly heated the room to a sweating point. Every inch of its skin seemed to be reacting to the air in my room in a way, but strangely only his hands emitted the hissing sound…“Demakis?” I asked, managing to use my quivering voice as I gently said it as clearly as I could.That word to the creature, seemed to make a familiarity between the both of us, but even if it didn’t, the fear was still present in my shaking body.

The fiend seemed to notice this as it came even closer.Not knowing what to do or to say, I reached for the air-conditioner, which was very close to me now, and turned it on in an attempt to break the sudden heat wave created by this event.Demakis slowly started to cock his head to the right as the A.C started to hum and battled the rising heat.But as the room finally started to fall from the sweating point, the demon, surprisingly, beckoned a finger towards my A.C.The action made me jump once more as I turned at the A.C. as it beeped and turned off.Maybe I shouldn’t turn that on anymore…I thought nervously.

But then the demon muttered something that closely resembled something I would find in Libram Obitus;It said, “Do’su mira conaserie…”The demons voice was deep and it had an inhuman ring to it, much like he was speaking in multiple tones at once… I hope that’s not a warning. I thought.I didn’t know what to do or to say, so just to see if he could understand me, I replied, “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”Demakis paused for a couple seconds and then scanned my room slowly with his eyes. Though they were covered by the cloth, a strange sensation was radiated by them as his attention came and passed from one object to the other. The sheer spectral power of this creature was immense…Then without delay, it looked as if he found what he was looking for. I looked back cautiously to find the source of his attention.

His head remained perfectly aligned with the scattered papers on my floor and the pen which I wrote the sigil on and turning back I asked, “You want that?” I pointed.But it seemed that the demon didn’t care much for what I said.Lifting up his skinny long hand and the pen and paper was instantaneously thrown up into his spider like fingers.

Page 18: Monumentum De Mortis

For a second, I thought that the paper would blacken or even burn in his grasp, but his strange control over the physical world kept the paper from doing so.Even still, the heat poured from out his hands, yet that piece of paper was left unharmed!

Demakis examined the pen for a moment but lost interests in how it worked and dropped it like a piece of trash. Instead he held out his narrow finger and using his long yellow nails, he wrote something.I couldn’t tell what it was, but as soon as he was finished, he turned it around revealing a list of nearly fifty languages. Each was written in a very elegant, yet odd calligraphy.“Zimmock terro audius…”He bellowed again.It was strange, but somehow this time I knew exactly what he said out of the visual hints he provided me. He wanted me to pick the language I spoke.

But instead of holding up the list in his hands, he simply dropped the paper and allowed it to glide to my feet. I knelt down and picked it up quickly. Then I made a gesture to see if he would give me my pen too.He didn’t get the message, in fact, his piercing gaze made the thought rush out of my head. I think I’ll just point it out…Then showing him the list I tapped several times and the word that said, “English”He acknowledged this by speaking, “Ahh… so… that is your tongue…” The demon echoed.

The statement seemed raspy almost as it looked like he didn’t speak this language often, but the mixture of the intense whisper and the chorus of his voice produced a profound shudder throughout my body.“So…” He continued slowly, “How did someone like you come across a book like so?”I swallowed the knot in my tongue to reply, “I… I found it after the previous owner died.”Demakis seemed to let out a deep menacing chuckle, “Avian? So… you took this from him after he passed?”“Yes.” I formally replied.I wiped off the dripping sweat from my brow.As I continued, “I already-“But my sentence was cut of by Demakis, “You don’t have permission to speak…”He interrupted in an eerie tone, but at this point every single word he said was creeping me the hell out! I obeyed knowing that he could probably snap his fingers and end my life… The thought of it made my life seem so short, but I threw the idea out of my head. I can’t afford to think of things like that.“I… shall ask the questions, and you will listen… now have you summoned me to create a pact?”“Yes.”“Good…”

Page 19: Monumentum De Mortis

The fiend started to chuckle again as he waved his long fingers for me to come closer.“Give me your hand.”He commanded. I, of course, didn’t dare to oppose him.I hesitantly held out my left hand, and as I did so he grabbed it and a searing pain started to boil out of the middle of my palm. I instinctively pulled back, but the strength of this demon was beyond mine. He kept the pain coming and as he did he whispered an incantation of some sort.I covered my mouth to avoid yelling in pain and as I did, the pain grew sharper and sharper…

My teeth grinded up against each other, but just as I thought this would go on for an eternity, he released me. I dropped to my knees as I examined the wound he made in the center of my palm… It was the same sigil that was in the book, in fact, it was an exact duplicate. The symbol burned as if I had just ran my hand in front of a steam pipe and noticing the color of my burn I noticed that this was indeed a first degree burn…I gritted my teeth again as the pain returned.“What did you do?” I asked, trying to mask my pain under the question, but as I looked up, the demon that once towered above me was gone.I jumped up, still holding my hand in pain.“How di- Where… Demakis?”But everywhere I looked there was no sign of him. The only clue to where he went was the cracked mirror that stood in front of me.I looked back at my hand to reassure that this really happened and surprisingly the burn was gone! But as the pain once more returned; I knew better. It was still there.“I wonder if I could use this to summon Demakis again.” I pondered.Then looking back at the mirror I somehow knew that it wouldn’t work. At least not with that mirror...

Retuning to the book on my bed, I saw the piece the paper that Demakis wrote all of the languages on, and strangely I don’t remember ever letting go of it. But as I bent down to flip it over, the letters and calligraphy that was once on it was completely gone.“Man, Houdini ain’t got nothing on this guy…”

Chapter 4: Friday Night Hex

It wasn’t long before I continued my reading, but it seemed that after every page, the deep searing pain returned to my hand… But besides the discomfort, these moments completely changed my life! Not only did I learn a vast amount about Devie’Lazurus

Page 20: Monumentum De Mortis

and his brother Devie’Bethoriul, but I also learned much more about what the Domain and Sanctuary are. And as I expected ‘Heaven’ is the Sanctuary and ‘Hell’ is the Domain.

But there were some minor differences contradictory to popular belief. The Sanctuary wasn’t quite the godly realm in the clouds; in fact Heaven was actually another dimension in which energy travels to when it enters a high vibratory rate. Though, they didn’t say that exactly, it was clued off in many different ways.Like this quote, “The Sanctuary is a realm in which spectral creatures rule and though they cannot be seen, the world they live in is indeed connected by both light of the natural aura and sun. The light isn’t visible to your eyes though, they can’t quite pick them up.”

And I know better than anything that when people refer to the aura or light they can’t see, like infrared, is just energy vibrating at a higher or lower rate.Ghosts have been known to be vibrating at higher frequencies also, so these might be those spectral beings that they referred too.

Heh, it’s funny, a few seconds ago, I would have never been trying to understand the paranormal, but ever since that demon crawled out of my mirror, I’m calling back everything I read as a kid in the seventh grade.Including all of the science jargon I picked up over the ages. But going back to what I was saying; the Domain… is much more than just a pit of fire and a few screeching demons… In fact it is actually a giant source of spiritual energy, swirling around a central point in the middle of the earth. Well, or so it is depicted…“The Domain is the central point of all the combined residual energy given by the sun. And as it swirls around deep within the earth, its power increases slowly by the second. And it is this forbidden power that the King, Ryakin Sanguilar controls and bends to his will to manipulate the thin fabric of our world and his.”

But I had to wonder… why would such a demon be gathering up so much energy?A thought constantly came to mind in which the King used that massive orb of energy to obliterate the surface to nothing but glass… But that couldn’t be it… because if it was, he would have done it numerous times since it comes from the sun…The book gave small clues here and there, but without the hints of science, it just seemed that all of this non-sense was of actuality, until the chapter ended…

Though, disappointingly, the book never told me the reason of how that energy came to be or why Ryakin Sanguilar controls it, it did slightly tell me what this energy was for. Apparently, this energy is the source of the hexes powers and the reason why these spells work. To myth it this energy has a combined conscience of it’s own and just by referring to these hexes you communicate with the orb that we all have within and how make it follow your will.

Page 21: Monumentum De Mortis

But because it is a combined conscience, this means that sometimes it doesn’t always understand you; and it is this that gave birth to the hex.

Though the next chapter I read seemed to revolve strictly on the mark I had been cursed with and its origins, the rest of the book was encrypted in Latin. Including the summoning of Demakis, the only things I could read was the sigils revolving around the main sigil I had burned into my left hand… Alterations of the sigil were like different layers of burns… “Hopefully, I won’t need to go through that much pain…”

And it was from there when I closed the book and checked the time. “Wow… it’s seven o’ clock already?”It seemed that I got lost in yet another book, but returning to the physical world around me I saw things in different ways… The religions I’ve learned, the information I had to swallow as a kid, and the history I was constantly tested on, meant nothing to me as I took a very in-dept look at the afterlife and what was ultimately ahead of me. I let out an exhausted sign as I snuggled against my pillow in bed.I took another deep breath in as I saw the book on the dresser right next to the cracked mirror. It wasn’t getting late, but the energy I once had had vanished in my pursuit to know about the recent events that took place in the last five hours…“What a day.” I stretched, as I learned back onto the comfort of my bed.But just as I was about to lie down to let the blessings of sleep fall upon me, my stomach decided to let out a sharp growl.“Well, I guess I do need some food…” And besides, all of these demons and their history is exhausting…

Walking out of my bedroom I stepped into the hallway and traveled down the stairs but there was a very strange oddity that I’ve noticed around the house. It was very apparent that something or someone has killed all of the insects in my household. Everything from flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and even the occasional roach were all dead. Even the daddy long legs appeared to shriveled up in their corners. How odd…But it didn’t stop there, by the time I walked down into the kitchen my mom immediately spoke out to me.“Zackery you wouldn’t believe what just happened an hour ago…”“What happened?” I asked trying to stay out of her view as I went to the fridge. “Well, I was just making dinner as usual when I noticed a fly drop dead out of the air! And if that wasn’t odd enough, soon I realized that all the flies that have been pestering over the garbage outside also died along with all the ants and crickets!”“Wow…” I tried to ignore the shaking in my legs as she spoke, but before she started again, I told her good night and walked back up to my room with a box of cereal.“Wait right there young man!” She shouted at the last minute. I immediately stopped. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”I looked back at my hand with the box of Coco-Rocos.

Page 22: Monumentum De Mortis

http://www.aboutmcdonalds.com/mcd/our_company/mcd_history.html “No, not really mom, I’m set.”My mom gestured for me to come closer.“Please eat those here…” She asked.“Okay mom.” I said. I’m glad my mom doesn’t notice oddities every day.

After eating a bowl of cereal, I returned to my room to at least try to relax and cure this burning pain… But modern medicine apparently has met its match. “Demonic sigils…” I exhaled softly almost regretting what I did- I could have sold my soul already, though I hope I didn’t.Wonder if Luke will still take me to the library after mom called house arrest on me. Probably not. I looked back at my hand- The blood red sigil returned as I focused on it. “I hope my mom didn’t notice this as I ate cereal.”Though, if she did, she would have called it instantly. I exhaled another sigh as I flipped another page in the notebook. “At least I still have my cell phone.” I reached for my backpack and pulled it out- In my left hand it was dead, no signal, almost no battery… “What?”I flipped the phone to my right hand and the exact opposite happened- Fully charged and full signal. Looking back at my hand I wondered- Heat is energy, so flame is the visual effect- Remove the flames and you see waves… Take out the waves and what’s left?

Demakis seriously left his mark on me. “I wonder…” I though out loud as I pointed towards the Air conditioner. Turn on.Nothing happened, so I focused more on the pain as it started to return… Slowly but steadily the burn seared through me, physically it was too much to take- Mentally I kept the single though- Turn on, turn on turn on turn on… until the apex of pain reached my palm. It felt as if time stopped. Mentally: I was about to break like a five year old punished for setting a fire, burned by an elder guardian, and I was about to scream, but I didn’t. I grit my teeth and attempted to bear it. But as I drained out of will power, I came close to passing out.

I loosened my jaw from the taste of blood. That iron taste in the back of my tongue made me shiver. I unknowingly grabbed my left with my right and dug my nails into it. Blood seemed to be the only thing I had left to offer for my ridiculous torture test to bend reality. As my pulse synced up with the seconds on my room clock, logic dictated visual signals- My room was nothing special, and the Demon wanted something I didn’t have- A follower, and it’s too late now.

I centered myself on my bed, sitting reflecting that I came to a breaking point, and snapped… My jaw felt like a sore muscle that was kicked with a steel toe and my

Page 23: Monumentum De Mortis

arm was now accompanied with bloody hemispheres. The burn retreated back as it readied itself for another clash against my nervous system. I leaned into my bed as the clock hit 7:48. Sweating from the pain and in it all, the room almost turned white for a second. I almost blacked out from that experience and I stood up to finish what I started.I reached for the A.C. and turned it on then returned to my bed to mess around with my cell phone.

First I just wanted to layback and sleep, who cares if I did call Josh or Maryanne… I just want to fall asleep at this point- I never wanted anything so badly. As quickly as I fell out of conscience, my hand grabbed hold of me, and woke me up.“Oh isn’t this fucking great!” Now I’m regretting waking up from today… I wish I never went to school this Friday.

Chapter 5: The Shade

I woke up in a cold sweat. The room was unusually warm despite the A.C. being on. As the covers slid off of me, I shivered. My clothes were almost drenched in sweat. The room was unusually dark; the only thing visible was the green light on the A.C. that illuminated the desk under it. I reached for my cell phone in my pocket and turned on the backlight. The corner of the room closest to my door didn’t illuminate under the blue LED light. I squinted to see through the veil, but as my eyes fixated the shadow sped off into the darkness underneath my door. I jumped. “Today just gets better and better…”

Chapter #: Josh

I was in the backyard, sitting on a broken slab of marble that sat on top of clay bricks in a circle made of rocks. My thinking space I made a year ago and I sat here every now and then to reflect on my life as a teenager. I brushed back my black hair out of my face as I took another drag of a cigarette. The cigarette was my metaphor of my wasted youth. Each drag intoxicates my body into a relaxed state… Much like inhaling helium, or hydrogen. It’s not suppose to enter your lungs, but having that chemical, that toxin that gets you through the day was better than breathing air. Or at least I though…To my right was a chinaberry tree, older than me of course, its bark was cracked on most of the outside and it was close to a story tall. Been here since I was born practically, and it was filled with thumb-sized holes from all the carpenter bees that nested inside of it.But that never bothered me. Especially with a breath full of cigarette smoke.I stomped out the butt as it ran out and started to daydream around the tons of mosquitoes that started to surround me. Actually… there’s a lot of them… really, “Let’s see, one, five… ten… Oh SHIT!”I jumped up, “They’re all over me!” I decided to run inside… but since I was already sitting there for a ten minutes, and was itchy because of it…

Page 24: Monumentum De Mortis

“Fuck.”I had tons of red little bites all over my exposed neck and arms.“Great…” I groaned as I reached into my cargo pants. “Good thing I got those cigarettes from Zack. Or I’d be out.” As I popped one in my mouth, I grabbed the anti-itch lotion and smothered my bites.“I doubt these bugs would like to land on this.” I mumbled. Back outside, I lit up again.Each breath, brings everyone closer to death, and as seasons change as well as lengthen our debts. We clo