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MOL Emergency Procedure

Emergency Procedure, SOGLVersion 5.0

Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C.

Emergency Response Document: Part III Contingency Plan

Volume 15: South Oman Gas Line (SOGL)

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UIPT Infrastructure Pipeline System & Terminal Manager

Issue Date

24 March 2014



Keywords: This document is the property of Petroleum Development Oman, LLC. Neither the whole nor any part of this document may be disclosed to others or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means (electronic, mechanical, reprographic recording or otherwise) without prior written consent of the owner.

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Revision Record:

Version No.



Scope / Remarks

Version 5.0



Updated Reference Indicators, telephone numbers. Material Specification and Capacity between Isolation Points, SOGL System and Schematic diagram.

Version 4.0



Fourth Issue. UIP/31 update and revision

Version 3.0



Third Issue. UIP/31 update and revision.

Version 2.0



Second Issue. TTP/4 Technical Update

Version 1.0



First Issue. CSM/4 comments included.

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In the documents of the PDO Emergency Response Management System the following words are used to express the level of requirement for actions described within the text:

Shall, Will:Means mandatory. Such actions must be followed

Should: Means strongly recommended

May:Means acceptable and to be considered



1.1Objectives of the Emergency Response Management System5

1.2Purpose of the Document5

1.3Structure of this Document5

1.4Document Ownership and Maintenance6

1.5Review and Update6

2Emergency Procedure7

2.1Strategy for SOGL Failures7

2.2Local Emergency Base Controllers7

2.3Emergency Reporting7

2.4Area Safeguarding and Access Control7

2.4.1Locating the Site of the Leak7

2.4.2Gas Testing & Area Isolation8

2.4.3Emergency Site Communications8

2.4.4Leak Isolation8

2.5Assessment of Leaks8

2.6Gas Leak Rate Data9

2.7LEBC & OSC Specific Checklist for Pipelines Emergencies9

2.8Stand Down of the Emergency Team10

3South Oman Gas Line Technical Details11

3.1Asset Overview11

3.1.1SOGL Gas Suppliers11

3.1.2SOGL Gas Consumers12

3.2Pipeline Specifications16

3.2.1Pipeline Classification16

3.2.2Pipeline Volume data17

3.2.3Line Capacity between Isolation Points17

4Emergency Repairs19

4.1System Preparation19

4.1.1Line Isolation and Depressurisation19

4.1.2Line Degassing19

4.1.3Specialist Repair Resources:19

4.1.4SOGL Leak Repair Response20

5Business Resumption21

5.1Failure mechanisms21

5.1.1Failure of a Gas Supplier.21

5.1.2Leak on the Gas Line21

5.1.3Contamination of the Gas22

5.1.4Obstruction of the Gas Line22

5.2Impact of loss of gas22

5.3Load Shedding for Southern region24

5.4Ensuring Business Continuity25

Tables and Figures

Table 2.5 Leak Risk Assessment8

Table 2.6A LEL Hazardous Areas9

Table 3.1.1C Gas Availability12

Table 3.1.2 Gas Consumers14

Figure 3.2 South and Central Oman Gas Line Suppliers and Consumer15

Table 3.2.1 Pipeline Classification17

Table 3.2.2 Pipeline Volume Data17

Table 3.2.3 Line Capacity between Isolation Points18

Table 4.2.7 Specialist Repair Resources19


Appendix A: Glossary Of Terms, Definitions & Abbreviations28

Appendix B: Telephone Contacts30

Appendix C: List Of Approved Contractors For Pipeline Emergency Repair33

Appendix D: Change Control Form34

Version 4.0Emergency Procedure, SOGL

Emergency Procedure, SOGLVersion 5.0

PR-1067Page- ii31/12/1998

PR-1275Page 2March 2013

IntroductionObjectives of the Emergency Response Management System

The prime objective of PDO in emergencies is to ensure that activities are carried out with the following priorities:

Safeguard LivesPeopleP

Protect the EnvironmentEnvironmentE

Protect Company or Third Party AssetsAssetsA

Maintain the Company Image/ReputationReputationR

Personnel involved in dealing with emergency shall follow these priorities when making decisions and developing action plans.

Purpose of the Document

This document describes specific response and recovery arrangements for emergencies occurring on the PDO South Oman Gas Line Asset [SOGL] consisting of the SOGL pipework and Pig launcher / receivers.

This plan considers scenarios affecting SOGL Operations between Saih Nihayda in the North and Harweel in the South which are controlled through Local Emergency Team Organisations. It is not site or geographically specific and is applicable to the full length of the SOGL between the stated points.

The initial response to emergencies involving the SOGL asset will be managed by area emergency control teams. This document details actions over and above generic emergency response activities which need to be considered by emergency response personnel when responding to an emergency on the SOGL.

Distribution/Target Audience

This document is available in Livelink. If you do not have access to Livelink contact UIPT/32 to obtain a copy. The following receive hard copies:



Local Emergency Control Centres (LECCs) via UIC/4

Corporate Emergency Control Centre (CECC) via UIC/4

Structure of this Document

This document is designed to be used in conjunction with Part II Company Procedure PR-1065 which details the PDO emergency call out system and generic roles and responsibilities for Area Emergency Control teams. The manual is structured as follows:

Emergency procedure for SOGL

SOGL Technical Details

Emergency Repairs

Business Resumption

This manual does not include the detailed repair for pipelines. Reference should be made to:

Pipeline Emergency Repair Manual GU379 available in LIVELINK.

which is the responsibility of the pipeline focal point in engineering.

Document Ownership and Maintenance

Document Owner

Document Owner is the Infrastructure Pipeline System & Terminal Manager [UIPT]. UIPT is responsible for:

Approval of the document following review and revision

Annual confirmation to UIC by email that the plan is still Fit for Purpose

Ensuring the document defines an organisation and identifies resources to enable PDO to adequately respond to identified scenarios

Document Holder

Document Holder is the Terminal, MOL & SOGL Delivery Team Leader [UIPT/3]. UIPT/3 is responsible for:

The technical accuracy of the document

Ensuring update, review and revision of the document not later than every 3 years and whenever there are significant changes to the company organisation, resources or assets addressed in the document

Delegation of maintenance and implementation of the document is via a document Custodian.

Document Custodian

The Custodian of this document is Pipeline System Operation Support, UIPT/32. On behalf of the document holder, UIPT/32 is responsible for maintenance and implementation. This includes:

Ensuring updates are distributed.

Implementing review and update.

Planning and executing emergency response exercises.

Related Forms

Users who identify errors, inaccuracies or ambiguities in this document are requested to advise the custodian by returning the Change Control form (Appendix D) and a copy of the relevant page(s) with their comments.

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Pipeline Repair Manual


Review and Update

This document will be reviewed following major changes to the asset, PDO organisation or operations process. Notwithstanding the above, as a minimum it is required that it be reviewed not later than every three years.

Emergency ProcedureStrategy for SOGL Failures

The strategy for a confirmed leak is to stop any supply to the leak location by closing the adjacent upstream and downstream block valves.

The public are to be prevented from approaching the area and all ignition sources must be eliminated. When site control is established, recovery, repair and clea