Moeller Windows - Spring/Summer 2008

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Moeller Windows - Spring/Summer 2008


  • M ELLERSPRING/SUMMER 2008 D e v e l o p i n g L e a d e r s h i p i n Yo u n g M e n

    A C a t h o l i c S c h o o l i n t h e M a r i a n i s t Tr a d i t i o n


  • principalsdeskSoon we will celebrate our 50th anniversary. In five brief decades, Moellerhas accumulated an unprecedented record of achievements, which Ive

    chronicled on pages 14-17. And weve onlyjust begun.

    It is our ultimate vision to lead Moellerto be recognized as one of the top 10Catholic high schools in the nation. InMarch we launched a strategic processthat will help us develop this long-rangeplan for the school. Our goal is to engageall segments of the Moeller Family alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students,and supporters in this excitingendeavor that will not only strengthenMoeller in every way but bring us to anhistoric level of achievement.

    This strategic plan will be the catalystfor enhancing and growing what has always been the core of a Moeller Marianist education: forming young men in the Catholic faith(educating for

    faith formation), challenging students academically and athletically (providing aquality, integral education), enhancinghealthy personal relationships (educating inthe Family Spirit), inspiring our youth to behumanitarians (educating for service, peace,and justice), and helping them build life-longleadership skills (educating for adaptationand change).

    You are cordially invited to join us in this new millennium process this goldenmoment in Moellers history. Greatness istruly within our reach, so we are reachingout to you to become an integral part of this plan. Please contact me atBBCCoolllliissoonn@@MMooeelllleerr..oorrgg. Your passion, combined with our own, will help Moellerrealize its fullest potential as a nationalleader in Catholic education.

    Yours in Service,

    Blane M. Collison, Principal

    It is our ultimatevision to lead Moellerto be recognized asone of the top 10Catholic high schoolsin the nation.

    Administrative assistant Beth Zilch, chair of the Development and MarketingPlanning Committee, serves as a scribeduring the brainstorming process.

  • cover story10 HOUSE SPIRITThe House System Comes of Age

    departments2 FROM THE EDITOR





    The 2008-09 House System leadership prepares for the upcoming school year.(See cover story on page 10.)


    features14 PREPARING FOR GREATNESSMoellers 50th Anniversary

    18 A RECORD FINISHDerby Main Event a Winner




    Field of Dreams becomes a reality.(See story on page 20.)

    Main Event (See story on page 18.)

  • WHO ARE THE MEN OF MOELLER?Business leaders frequently talk in terms of theend in mind. They ask themselves, What is thevision of this company? What do we ultimatelyhope to accomplish? In education, we ask our-selves the same thing: What type of students dowe hope to graduate after four years? Who are these Men of Moeller?

    MICROSCOPIC VIEW: One way we can answer this is by looking at theschools Man of Moeller recipient, for this award honors the senior who rep-resents the best overall vision of a Moeller graduate. Salutatorian Brent Suterreceived this years honor. He is a Harvard-bound school leader and two-sportvarsity athlete. His high school resume is more than impressive its surre-al. Weve profiled him on page 4, but the accolades only tell part of the tale.And every Man of Moeller recipient has been similarly impressive.

    MACROSCOPIC VIEW: Another way we can view this is by looking at theclass as a whole. Moellers vision of a Man of Moeller is grounded in FatherChaminades vision inspired by Mary. He founded the Society of Mary(Marianists), who later consolidated his vision into five characteristics, calledthe Marianist Charism. Using this Charism as its foundation, Moeller aspiresto (1) graduate young men who are academically accomplished by educatingtheir mind, body, heart, and spirit; (2) graduate students who are grounded intheir faith; (3) cultivate an interdependent community, called educating in theFamily Spirit; (4) graduate young men who are committed to service, peace,and justice; and (5) develop students who can inspire and adapt well to positivechange in our ever-evolving world.

    These five elements or characteristics define the type of graduateMoeller aims to develop: a Man of Moeller. More simply, we call it developingleadership in young men.

    So, how do our students stack up against this measure? Qualitativelyspeaking, 97-99% of our students pursue postsecondary education, and 67% ofthis years graduates have earned scholarship and grant offers. Annually,approximately 90% of our students participate in co-curricular activities, andalmost half of our seniors spend part of their summer doing mission work.

    Quantitatively speaking, the Moeller "Band of Brothers" is alive and well,with innumerable anecdotes of life-long connections. Most recently, I receivedan e-mail from Marcus Colosimo '90 about his Mike "Z" Zegarski Foundation.Mike Zegarski is a '90 grad who suffered a brain aneurysm in March 2006, soMarcus and other friends initiated a golf outing, with the proceeds goingdirectly to the Zegarski family to help defray medical expenses. Since then, theevent has evolved to become the Mike "Z" Zegarski Foundation, a non-profitorganization, which has been set up to assist other alums and students fromMoeller High School and Alter High School who are experiencing similar hard-ship. Their next event will be a golf scramble this fall, September 27, at WaldenPonds in Hamilton, OH. (Contact Marcus Colosimo at (513) 314-7467 or e-mailhim at for more information about how to partic-ipate or to make a donation.)

    As you read through this issue, I hope youll see a pattern emerge. I believeyoull recognize that Fr. Chaminades spirit is alive and well. His end in mindis fully embraced by our Moeller Family and embodied by our graduates, ourMen of Moeller.

    Johanna KremerEditor, Moeller Magazine/Communications Director

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    2 SPRING/SUMMER 2008

  • moellerwired...for leadership

    AT THE APRIL strategic planning session,Principal Blane Collison announced threenew hires who will be key to implementingMoellers upcoming strategic plan. After an extensive and intensive search process, we believe we have hired three outstandingleaders with a vast amount of experiencewho will help propel our school to the nextlevel, he said.

    Alumnus Jim Stofko 85 is returning to hisalma mater after more than 17 years in thebusiness world, including Cincinnati Bell,Sprint, and Sibcy Cline, to become Moellersdirector of development. He will be filling thevoid that Chris Albrecht 77, current directorof development, will leave when he returns tothe business world to focus on his executivesearch and consulting business. (See page22.) Stofko comes to Moeller with an empow-ering management style and a reputation as a problem solver. Jims management back-ground in competitive, service-sensitive envi-ronments makes him a good fit for Moeller,said Collison. Were glad to have him returnto Moeller.

    Steve Ranieri will be Moellers director of institutional advancement (DIA), a newly

    created position. Ranierispent the last two

    years as DIA for

    Archbishop McNicholas High School. Duringthat time he developed and successfullyimplemented the schools strategic plan,which included increasing the alumni givingrate, exceeding revenue goals for the annualfund, increasing the number of donors,redesigning the communications and alumniassociation programs, and securing theschools largest donor gift.

    Prior to McNicholas, Ranieri worked asdirector of alumni relations for Thomas MoreCollege, was assistant to the president at the University of South Florida, director ofmarketing for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and director of marketing for theUniversity of North Carolina at Greensboro.

    Ranieri has a masters in public adminis-tration from the University of North Carolinaand a bachelors in athletic administrationfrom St. Thomas University in Miami, FL. Hesa graduate of St. Xavier High School.

    Moellers new dean of academics will beChris Wilke. For the past six years Wilke hasworked for Purcell Marian High School in avariety of leadership positions. He currentlyserves as the coordinator of administrati