Spanish I

Module 1 los sustantivos

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Page 1: Module 1   los sustantivos

Spanish I

Page 2: Module 1   los sustantivos

A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea In Spanish, all nouns are either masculine

or feminine. Masculine Nouns Feminine Nounsel libro la puertael escritorio la camael colegio la tarea

Page 3: Module 1   los sustantivos

The idea that nouns have gender seems perfectly natural when the noun stands for a living creature. This is because in English, living creatures often have different names depending on whether they are male or female.

Masculine Feminineboy girlgrandfather grandmother

tiger tigress uncle aunt

Page 4: Module 1   los sustantivos

Certain nouns that denote living things have both a masculine and feminine form in Spanish.

Masculine Feminineel gato---- male cat la gata---- female catel abuelo--- grandfather la abuela--- grandmotherel padre-- father la madre--- motherel chico--- boy la chica--- girl

Page 5: Module 1   los sustantivos

El gato El abuelo El cuaderno El libro El carro El armario

What does “el” mean?

Page 6: Module 1   los sustantivos

La abuela La puerta La calculadora La ventana La tarea La chica

What does “la” mean?

Page 7: Module 1   los sustantivos

Nouns that end in –o are usually masculine.

Nouns that end in –a are usually feminine.

Notice the term “usually.” -There are exceptions to these two rules!

Page 8: Module 1   los sustantivos

You can’t predict the gender of a noun, except in the case of living creatures.

The word “Dress” is a masculine word in Spanish--- “el vestido”

“Necktie” is a feminine word in Spanish---

“la corbata”

Page 9: Module 1   los sustantivos

When you learn a new noun, you MUST memorize its definite article (el or la).

Page 10: Module 1   los sustantivos

Definite Articles (the)el libro - los libros

la casa - las casas

el hombre- los hombres

la mujer – las mujeres

Indefinite Articles (a, an, some)un perro - unos perros

una pluma – unas plumas

un lápiz - unos lápices

una mesa - unas mesas