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created by Christopher Baloloy

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  • *2 The Hygienic AdvantageResists odor, maintains all day freshnessHighly absorbent, 100% combed cotton rapidly wicks moistureLatex-free polyurethane provides hypoallergenic qualitiesProtects underwear from fungal growthAntimicrobial properties remain active wash after wash

    Awards2008 Saatchi & Saatchi World-Changing Ideas Award2005 International Design Award (INDEX)2006 WellTech Innovation Technology AwardAccoladesBest Invention of 2005 -TimeEuropes Best Innovation - Readers DigestInnovation of the Year - EsquireInvention of the Century - GizmagA Water Purifier for the Masses -Popular ScienceA Water Purifier That Could Save Lives - New York TimesTen Things That Will Change The Way We Live - Forbes magazine

    200 million bed nets sold worldwideIs a ready-to-use bednet pre-treated with deltamethrin.Continues to kill & repel mosquitoes even after 20 washes.Remains effective for up to 4 years.Contains a dirt repellant to keep clean longer.Safe to use for the whole family, including infants.Recommended by the WHO Pesticides Evaluation Scheme.Bed net of choice of International Organizations & NGOs working in Malaria endemic countries.

    NANO SILVER ToothbrushFEATURES:Approved by U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)Nano-sized silver particles in the double-bristles reduces up to 99.9% of Bacteria.Regular bristles remove plaque on teeth and fine bristles act as floss to clean in-between teeth and massage gumsBrush handle with natural rubber grip and brush heads are designed like dental instruments to suit the oral structuresAvailable in several colorsFashionable toothbrush with innovative technology

    Earning Opportunity

    Mr. Bong Sadian

    Features:Up to 50% Discounts on Companys Products.AirLoad Distributorship (Loading Business)Personal Business WebsiteSMS Business SystemBig League MembershipRetailer PackRetailer Pack - P200.00

    Distributor Pack Content & Features:30 Retailer Packs (P6,000.00)2 Moments Power Pack (12 Packs Pantyliners and 4 Packs Sanitary Napkins P4,380.00)Discount Coupons (Total Savings P7,180.00)50% Discount - Scholarship Certificate30% Discount - Hotel Certificate50% Discount - Training CertificateDistributor Builder PackDistributor Pack P7,988.00Distributor Registration CardStarters KitUp to 50% Discounts on Companys ProductsBusiness OpportunityAirLoad DistributorshipPersonal Business WebsiteSMS Business SystemScholarship and Affiliate PrivilegesBig League MembershipTotal ValueP17,500.00

    Ways to EarnRetail BonusDirect Referral BonusPairing Bonus (Daily)Builders Bonus (Monthly)Executive Bonus (Monthly)Profit Sharing (Annually)Car, Travel & House Allowance

    Up to 50% Discount on Subsequent purchase of Other Products1. Retail BonusThe Business Plan

    2. Direct Referral BonusThe Business PlanGet 2 Moments Power Pack for onlyP1,396.50Product Value of - P4,380.00 Total Projected EarningP 2,983.50

    Moments Power Pack100 MK Points

    3. Pairing BonusNote: Maximum 64 Nodes per Level per Side.No Maximum Daily Income Limit.No Flush Out.Guaranteed Strong Leg Retention.No 5th Fund.No Registration Limit.Guaranteed Safe Compensation Plan.P1,500.00/PairDailyThe Business Plan

    51515 5 101045 Pairs30 Pairs15 PairsP7,500.00P15,000.00P22,500.00 -5+ 5- 5+ 5Total 1 Week BonusP 343,500.00Sample Computation

    DayGroup A( Left )Group B (Right ) Total PairsPairing BonusMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday

    3. Pairing Bonus (1 vs 3)P3,000.00P6,000.00The Business Plan

    Buy 3 Get 4 PromoBuy 3 Distributors Pack, get another 4 Business Nodes for Free.

    4. Builders Bonus5. ExecutiveBonusThe Business Plan

    Qualified RankDistributorDealerAssociate DirectorDirectorSenior DirectorExecutive DirectorGold EDPlatinum EDDiamond EDMonthly BP100 MKP100 MKI100 MKI100 MKI100 MKI200 MKI300 MKI500 MKI700 MKIPersonal Sponsorship-3-56-910-1213-1516 & Up3 EDs5EDs7EDs1st Level10%10%10%10%10%10%2nd Level15%15%15%15%15%15%3rd Level5%5%5%5%5%5%4th Level5%5%5%5%5%5%5th Level5%5%5%5%5%5%6th Level-10%10%10%10%10%7th Level--5%5%5%5%8th Level---5%5%5%9th Level----10%10%10th Level-----10%

    SimulationPhp 478,829,200.00*Assuming everybody maintains at 100 MK pts/monthP79,200.00P704,700.00Monthly

    6. Profit SharingPortion of the companies income will be set aside as a Profit Sharing for qualifying Gold ED, Platinum ED and Diamond ED.Profit Sharing will be distributed on an Annual Basis.7. Car, Travel or House AllowanceAnnualThe Business Plan

    Bonus DisbursementWire TransferCommission CheckLeague Wallet

    Online Business System

    Personal Business Website

    SMS Business System

    Sample SMS1. Bonus Auto-Notification

    Sample Keyword2. Request for Bonus Disbursement1BONUSGO//

    Future Plan

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    Bacteria on regular toothbrush grows rapidly and a single toothbrushmay contain tens of millions of microorganisms. Yet we use these everyday!The design of the toothbrush bristles You will never go back to an ordinary toothbrush after using our Nano Silver DENTAL CARE toothbrush.