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Migrating Two Course Management Systems to One Unified Sakai CLE. Thomas Boudrot – Manager, Instructional Technology John Ansorge – Educational Technology Specialist Oregon Health & Science University June 16, 2010. On Rebellion …. ”There is no learning without a little bit of rebellion.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Migrating Two Course Management Systems to One Unified Sakai CLEThomas Boudrot Manager, Instructional TechnologyJohn Ansorge Educational Technology SpecialistOregon Health & Science UniversityJune 16, 2010

On Rebellion There is no learning without a little bit of rebellion.

Michael FeldsteinOpening remarksSakai 2010 ConferenceRebellion: June 2007Sakai is very crude and unsophisticated. There are lots of better systems out there. It has the feel of a Computer Science 101 project.

-- Anonymous OHSU Faculty Member

Rebellion: June 2007Since the discussion forum is not a threaded one, I am not even considering using Sakai.

--Another Anonymous OHSU Faculty Member

Rebellion: June 2007I wish more planning had gone into selecting Sakai for testing. Its inadequate and inappropriate.

-- Yet Another Anonymous OHSU Faculty MemberRebellion: June 2007Please return to eCollege. Pronto.

-- You get the picture

Oregon Health & Science UniversityLocated in Portland, OregonEstablished in 1877; Oregons only health and research universityOHSU Hospital and Doernbecher Childrens Hospital; most comprehensive health care services in Oregon with more than 150 primary and specialty clinicsAnnual grant awards over $350M; $225M funded by NIHSchools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy: BSN, MSN, MBA, MPH, MSN, DN, PAMD, DMD, PhD, MD Enrollment: ~2,900 students Faculty: 1,600 faculty and over 2,000 practicing clinicians serving as volunteer faculty membersThe JourneySept. Dec. 2006 Oh, Woe OH$UJan. May 2007The Pilot That Better Not FailJune Aug. 2007Fire, Ready, Aim!Year 1: Sept. 2007 Aug. 2008Age of Denial, Despair & DisgustYear 2: Sept. 2008 Aug. 2009The Slow ThawYear 3: Sept. 2009 - TodayAge of EnlightenmentLate 2006: Oh, Woe OH$UExtreme state budget shortfall for FY 08 (starts in June 07)Massive layoffs projected with severe program cutsNo desire to change course management systems; cant afford them as currently licensed:Blackboard users < 200 @ $42K plus supporteCollege users ~ 1,100 @ $350K plus supportSchool silos have autonomy and no real allegiance to the university

11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 20109Enter, the Village Idiot: March 200711th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201010

Pilot started in January 2007. ATECH manager hired March 2007.Determine if Sakai diverse/robust enough for university-wide adoptionUnify schools/programs on single CMS; enable interdisciplinary crossoverEnsure availability of Sakai hosting at reasonable cost (~$10 per student/yr.)Manage successful integration project with student information system

Early 2007: The Pilot That Better Not Fail43 faculty members from all four schools, multiple departments11 courses fully implemented in winter and/or spring quarters18 faculty actively participated in surveys, meetings, pilot post mortemPilot findings: June 2007

Pilot Findings (Issues v.2.2)NavigationConfusing; too many clicks.Discussion Forum ToolWhere are the treads? (Jforum)Why cant I see an entire threaded discussion? (forums)Tests & QuizzesNo real QTI import compatibilityLook and FeelSite home screens not flexible enough

The Results11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201013

Concerns AddressedStars align with v2.2 to v2.4 (there is a God)

Navigation: Vendor value add could be removedForums: v2.4 incorporates Display Entire Message functionTests & Quizzes: v2.4 improvements including Quick Create capabilityLook and Feel: Customization totally okay

Provosts RecommendationsPending adequate addressing of concerns raised, OHSU will:Offer Sakai at no cost to schools/departments beginning Fall 2007Provide help desk support 7 days a week and offer design consultationAllow eCollege and Blackboard to continue operating at school/departmental expenseReview and approve any new CMS before purchase

11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201015Fire, Ready, Aim: Nursing Takes the Plunge16 courses offered in Summer 2007Coercion by conversion: SON designers hit the ground runningSakai Help Desk launched (phone and email)SIS integration re-worked, tested, deployedYear 1: Denial, Disgust & DespairSoN, SoD and MGT made the moveeCollege to be phased out by Spring, 2008Jillions of orientation sessionsDont bother, it wont be around long.Angry calls, tears, confrontationsPoison dropped into the well

Year 1 SurprisesUniversity hired full-time educational technologistBlackboard admin takes second look:Major revision of BMI intro course completed Excellent student/faculty responseDecision made to scrap BB at end of academic year; Dept. will hire full-time instructional designer to be managed by village idiotYear 2: The Slow ThawSakai sole CMS by December 2008OHSU hired instructional designer for course consultation/help desk supportContinuing education programs join SakaiOutreach by training, consultation and mentoringSupport always seems to be available. What gives?

Year 1 Results: Students/Fall11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201020

Year 1 Results: Students/Spring11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201021

Year 3 Results: Students/Spring11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201022

Year 1: Students/HD Support11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201023

Year 3: Students/HD Support11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201024

Year 1 Results: Faculty/Spring11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201025

Year 3 Results: Faculty/Spring11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201026

Year 1: Faculty/HD Support11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201027

Year 3: Faculty/HD Support11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201028

Year 3: Age of EnlightenmentOutsourcing becomes popularUniversity hires another instructional designer/help desk support personUniversity looks to ATECH for overall faculty development directionDiscussion is changing: education, not technology

Lessons LearnedChange is tough. Accept it.Conversion is not all its cracked up to be.Keep your friends close and your enemies closerGive superior service and bite your lip; When you cant, be constructive, direct and follow up.Document, document, document.Communicate (a lot) and laugh even more.

Questions/Discussion11th Sakai Conference - June 15-17, 201031