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The pin-on-disk tribometer serves for the investigation and simulation of friction and wear processes under sliding conditions. It can be operated for solid friction without lubrication and for boundary lubrication with liquid lubricants. Thus both material and lubricant tests can be executed.


2010 (english)

TestequipmentMT: weartestspinondisktype

MICROTEST,S.A.Instrumentsandequipmentformaterialtesting (+34)

Testequip pmentMT:w weartests pinondisk ktype

Introd ducingtestequipmentMT

The control of the friction and w wear in movable sofmachinesis sacriticalelem menttofaceint the pieces indust try.Itisimport tanttohaveco omparabledata aof analys ses obtained during years with variable s, humid dityandtemper ratureand/orinthepresence eof lubrica ants. The field of applicatio of these te ds on ests are,am mongothers: Newmater rials(ceramic,m metals,polymer rs) Lubricants and oil add ditives in auto lubricatingsystems Qualityassurance Themostcommonas symmetrictestrigsemployapin oraba allpressedaga ainstadiskont theflatsurface eof thedis sk(pinondisk,ballondisk). The pinondisk tribometer s serves for t the ear investigation and simulation of friction and we sses under s sliding conditio ons. It can be proces operat tedforsolidfric ctionwithoutlu ubricationandfor bound dary lubrication with liquid lubricants. Th n hus bothm materialandlub bricanttestscanbeexecuted. Accord dingtothestan ndardtest(AST TMG99)principle a stat tionary test specimen (pin or ball) with a h define normal force is pressed ag ed e gainst the surfa ace ofano othertestspecim menplacedontherotarydisk. k

Th normal force is applied ov the pin or ball by he ver meansofaseto ofdeadweights sbetween0N and60 N (other range under dem es mand). This way of w pplicationallow wsastableforce eduringthetes st. ap Th friction coef he fficient () is determined during the testbymeasurin ngthefrictionf forcebymeans softhe de eflectionoftheelasticarm(st traingagesbon ndedon the elastic body of the arm convert it in a force y a se ensor and allow the direct measurement of the w fri ictionalforce). Ge eneralfeatures stestequipmentMT

Normal force, tempe erature, wear rate, r frictionalcoefficient,nu umberofturns, ,speed and othe parameters a firstly, reg er are, gistered andthenrealtimedisplayed Rotationa alspeedfrom0 0to5001rpm Controlle atmosphere tests by me ed e eans of polycarbo onate coffin (Makrolon ). It mechanic calcharacterist ticsassurespro otection againsthazarddebrisdu uringthetest 16bitme easurementres solution Wear m measurement t thanks to cap pacitive sensor 32 bi angular po it osition measurement resolution(encoder) Temperature acquisition measur re in differentpoint(placedb bytheuser)bymeans ofKtype ethermocouple es Highstiff fnessforcetran nsducer Versatile and power rful test sequence ator.Automateyourownsequ uence! configura


Othervaluesarea O availableunderre equest


Testequip pmentMT:w weartests pinondisk ktype

Teste equipmentMTservocontrol MT eq quipment for tr ribological tests, has the chan nce of controlling unde different t er targets variab bles cal acement, number of cycles) by (vertic force, displa means of a servo controlled PID (proportiona s D al integra alderivative) Softwa are Setofspecialdevelop pedsoftwarefo orpropercontr rol, tion and accur rate analysis related with te ests execut producedbytestequ uipmentMT. set of progra ams enables fully customiz zed This s softwa arebytheuser rfortheforme ertest,forfurth her dataanalysisandforsubsequentreportgeneration n. grates all dev vice Even more, that software, integ manag gement (camer optical microscope, senso ra, ors, engine es)inthesam meenvironment t. nalelements Option Test e equipment MT is suitable to be attached w with differe entpurposemo odulessuchas highandmediu um tempe erature(furnace e),temperaturethermocoupl les, lubrica ation set, rec ciprocating or different de r ead weight tsrangesoutofvaluesbydefa ault. Hightemperatu H ureoption High t temperature t tests through ceramic furna ace (600800C). Highte emperaturefur rnaceincludes: Resistor furnace specially adapted for t y test equipmentMT Automatic temperature control fro e om specific so oftware upgrad Or manua de. ally controlledd directlyfromth heinterface

Tribom meters critical component are ts manufa actured in hea resistant st at tainless steel. Outside cage works as pro otection tburns against Therma insulation in order to minimize al heattransmissiontot tribometersins side Fu urnace has been specially designed for easy mounting and di ismounting ope eration allowin both ng hig ghandroomte emperaturetes sts. Motorizedradiusoption y us s ns By default radiu selection is set by mean of a manual microm meter. Howeve motorized radius er op ption allows ad djusting and c controlling the radius fro omthecomput ter,evenwhentestsareonpr rocess.

Th specific fea he atures cover displacement speeds fro om0to20mm m/min,thatallo owsboththeac ccurate co ontact point po ositioning and that displacem ment in or rder to tests u under material without any groove, g n newzone.

Th hemovementis scontrolledclo osingloopbymeansof dis splacement me easure and the optic sensor placed e at the geared m motor. The as ssembly includ the des co orresponding m motor regulator and the mec r chanical an ndelectronicala adaptationsreq quired. Ba asic control a and acquisitio software suffers on modifications in order to real t time control be etween ax xisturningplate eandfrictionalarmdisplacem ment. It does not carry out any incompatibility with extra y op ptions.

Measuresb bymeansofth hermocouplety ype Kplacedins sidethefurnac ceattestsarea


Testequip pmentMT:w weartests pinondisk ktype

Lubricatingopt L tion

Wearoptio on

Proper lubrication is achieved by means of spray s dispen nserunitequippedwithanoi iltankimpulse by air. Pulver rizers tip (270 mm) is flex 0 xible in order to facilita the best p ate posible installat tion. That mea ans

Th option add capacitive displacement sensor his ds attached at the tribometers a arm carrier, for group r pecimenandba allorpinwears sevaluation(as sfaras sp ar rmcarriersinclinationisincreased).

directi it to the de ing esired zone. Op ptionally (if use ers

Se ensor total measurement ran varies betw nge ween 2 an 4 mm (sensor type SM200 It includes fitting nd 0). ou electronic it ut tself; with pow supply an high wer nd lev output co vel onnected directly to contro and ol measurement t tribometers s system. For sure it s ngelementswi iththeaimtof fixitto includesattachin thearmcarrier,includesbothth hecoreandthe ecoil. onnectoroption Rotatingco

he on electrical connectors2 Th incorporatio of rotary e wi mercury co ith ontacts (up to 1200 rpm) 430 four 0 terminals model for carrying signals from turning l, t plate to measur rement system or transmit electric m int tensity.Lessthan1mresista ance.

installa ation does not provide comp t pressed air line to the tr ribometer) a c compressor, ge eared motor a and adequatefiltersarep provided. That interesting co omplement is suitable to be contro olledfromthes samecomputerrestoftasksa are commanded. It is also included a bracket with t the of pulverizer with the tribomet ter. aim o fixing the p Dropp ping speed is re egulated by me eans of a manual needle evalve. Finally yspecimensho oldertrayshape edfortestsund der lubrica ated conditions is included. It is suitable to be s t couple eddirectlytotr ribometersplat te.2

Connectorrotatio C onalinstallationw whilemanufactur rers process.Previoustr ribometersshipm ment


Testequip pmentMT:w weartests pinondisk ktype

LinearWearop L ption

Contactres sistanceoption n

Linear Wear optio allows trib on bometer MT to reprod duce linear m movement typical from a high variety of real mec y chanisms. The entirely option e allows the measure of frictional m s movement in th hat specifi icmovementas swell.

With resolution that varies from 104 to 108 . This W sp pecialoptioninc cludesthefollo owingelements s: Set of electronically isolated pin or ball g housing Measured contact p points connect ted by means of rotating c connector pre eviously installe 4 ed Commu unication betw ween softwar and re

This te echnique (rec ciprocating) re esults very use eful forthe estudyoffrictionalcoefficient tvariationintime compa aredwithfrictio onalcoefficient tmeasureditp pin ondisk disposition. Most contact geometries a t are mulated with tribometer M MT suitable to be sim ate, ballonp plate y flato on including pinonpla plate3.

measuring module to allow res sistance tsignalregister r contact Multim meterKeithley2 2100with6di igitsfor measuring contact r resistance. Res sistance range u to 108 (autorange). Minimum up resolut tionof0.1m (maximumran nge100 m). T This multimete allows the user to er u measure other different electrical parame eters5.

Even more, optionally, reciprocating module could ompleted with a heater de evice for a wide be co tempe eraturerange. Linearspeedsthataresuitabletob beachievedallow user to test at ranges fro om 0 to 8 Hz the u (altern natively 15 H Hz) with a s set of differe ent amplit tudesupto40m mmsteppedin55mm. Triboscopic coption

Th option allo his ows the user the recording of an im mageofthere esultsin2Dor3 3Dchartsshow wingthe ev volution in the time of the m measured value This es. sy ystemincludes multiplepoints spercycleacquisition (fo orinstance360 0pointspercyc cle)atdesired turning sp peed, e.g. 120 rpm, over fu range of ch ull hannels (fr rictional, angu ular position, temperature, etc.) Sa amplerateofat tleast1ksample/channel/s)

4 5


Otrosbajopeticinexp presa

R Rotativecontacto option Justforroomtem mperature.Highte emperaturesund der quest req


Testequip pmentMT:w weartests pinondisk ktype

That optional pack incorporates an extra da k s ata acquis sition board as well, with and encoder w s with index signal to pr x roper synchron nize with starting angula position as well

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