Microalgae Cell Quantification Using Electrical Parameters MICROALGAE CELL QUANTIFICATION USING ELECTRICAL

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    Microalgae Cell Quantification Using Electrical Parameters Leena Osama Fahmi Saqer

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  • lmEU (( t )) o� I � jJU I l.:'IIJ La � I Ci.st.o l? '\:J' United Arab Emirates University

    United Arab Emirate Uni ersity

    ollege of Engineering

    Department of lectrical Engineering


    Leena Osama Fahmi Saqer

    Thi thesi is submitted in part ia l ful fi l lment of the requirements for the degree of

    Master of Science i n E lectrical Engineering

    U nder the upervi sion of Dr. Mahmoud Al Ahmad

    May 2016

  • Declarat ion of Origin al Work

    L Leena 0 ama Fahmi aqec the under igned, a graduate tudent at the ni ted Arab Emirate l�n i \ ersit) ( EU), and the author o[ th i the is entit led "lUicroalgae Cell QII(/l 1t�f;ca{iol7 C\'ing Electrical Parameter " , hereby. olemnly d c lare that thi

    thesi i' 111) own original r search \\ ork that ha been done and prepared by me under the uper\' i ion of Dr. Mahmoud I hmad, in the o l lege of Engineering at A rhi \\�orh. ha not pre\'iou ly been pre ented or publ i shed, or fomled the basis for

    the a\'\-ard of an a ademic degree, diploma or a imi lar t it le at th is or any other

    univer it) . Any material borrowed from other sources ( whether publ i shed or

    unpllb l i bed) and rel ied upon or inc luded in my the i ha e been properly c i ted and

    ach.n \\ ledged in accordance with appropriate academic convention . I further

    dec lare that there is no potential conflict of interest with respect to the re earch. data

    col lecti n, authorship, pre entat ion and/or publ ication of thi s thesis.

    tlld en l' i gnahu'e: __ ---==,..:.:-----.:::::d::-::::...,==---____ _ Date : _�5"-L/_· �---,-' I_L_o_, Co_

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  • Copyright.£; 20 1 6 Leena Osama Fahmi Sager

    A l l Rights Reserved

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    Appro a] of t he Ma ter The i

    Thi Ma ter The i i approved b) the f, l lowing amining Committ e Member :

    1 ) d\'i or ( Committee hai r ) : Dr Mahmoud I hmad

    Tit le : ciate Profe or

    Department of Ie trical Engin ermg

    liege of Engineering

    ignature �. 2) 1 ember ( Internal Examin r ) : Dr. Falah Awwad

    Title: Associate Profes or Department of E lectrical Engineering

    Coli g of Engineering

    ") 1ember ( External Examiner) : Prof. Mona Zaghoul

    Tit le : Profes or

    Department of E lectrical and Computer Engineering

    Date 2j 6j 2-D I -b

    Institution: The George Washington niversity, USA.

    Signature -r+r-f--+--r�'-b""'::">';�1--- Date Lfjllf I 20 f b I /

  • Thi 1a ter Th accepted b} :

    Dean of the Col lege of Engineering: Professor abah lka s

    ignature _� __ �_�_edz) __ .f" ___ :-=--__ _ Date ---------

    Dean of the Col lege of the raduate tudie : Profe or Nagi T. Wakim

    igna[ure � Date s=, � , 2 I G

    Copy � of�


  • vi

    Ab t ract

    Electrical pr pert ie of l i ving cel l s have b en prov n to playa sign ificant role

    in under tand ing and characterizing the di fferent bi logical act iv i t ies of th cel l . The

    obje t iye of this work. is to devel p an lectri al ba ed technique for d termin ing and

    e t imating the number of m icroalgae cel l i n a u pen ion without the need for any

    ample treatment or pre-proce ing.

    The propo ed techn ique i based on the di rect u e of electrical capacit ive

    model . fhe ba ic premi e beh ind thi id a is the electrical polarizat ion of microalgae

    particles that get charged due to the appl ication of an electric field . Thi wouldn't cau e

    an) di tort ion or d i o lv ing/di ffu ion of the content of the cel l s i nside the medium .

    Th electrical mea urements of the capacitance - voltage concept i s emplo ed to

    determine microalgae cel l count . The microalgae cel l s are considered as dopant

    embedded inside a relevant medium. The cel l s count i s then estimated by subtract ing

    the i ntrin ic impuri ties of the medium from the effecti e ensemble impuri t ies of the

    suspension i nside a defi ned volume. Three strains of m icroalgae. namely

    XOl1nochlorop i . Tetra. and Scenedesmu were cult ivated and examined under the

    proposed methodology. For validation. samples with unknown cel l counts were

    quanti fied u ing the proposed method and compared to other techniques used for

    val idation.

    Results of the study revealed that cel l count determined with the propo ed

    electrical based methodology was done with in few minutes, which is significantly

    shorter than al l other reported techniques. The enumeration of microalgae cel l s count

    is i mportant for their growth optimization. A real t ime. rapid and efficient technique is

  • vii

    needed � r uch purp e. The propo ed method pro"ided a better combination of high

    'en. it i \ it) , quick re pon e, rev. minute . low co t. high throughput. and ea e o[ u e .

    [he outcome f thi \-\- ork al low the development of a rapid technique [or the

    determination of cel l count o[ microalgae or it could be further extended to detemline

    the cel l count o[ other typ of su pended cel l s of comparable size. In addit ion. the

    propo ed methodolog) could be upgraded to b appl ied in-situ with a feedback loop

    that cou ld al low for cont inuous monitoring of the growth conditions and rapid

    detemlination of microalga cel l s count .

    Keyword : Capacitance - Vol tage measurement . cel l count, e lectrical parameter,

    electrical characterization. microalgae.

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