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M o n s t e r H u n t e r F r e e d o m U n i t e

abcdefghijklmnoprstuvwxzyabcdefghijklmnoprstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12O============================================================================O Monster Hunter Freedom Unite/Portable 2nd G FAQ/Walkthrough For the Portable Sony Playstation By Thomas Gazay aka Darksun45230 ( Version 3.00 (Most Recent Update: 4/25/10) Copyright (c) 2010; Thomas Gazay 80 Characters Per Line Font/Style/Size: Courier New/Regular/10O=============================================================================O

"A Hunters Life for Me!"

/\ /\ |_|/ \/ \onster | |unter===================================================--x-----------x----------| Introduction! \ x===================================================----x

My name is Thomas Gazay aka Darksun45230 of GameFAQs. My story is a trulyboring one. I love Monster Hunter, and I don't have money for college. Guesswho needs a hobby? Yours truly has written (or in the process of writingdepending on which version reading) a guide. This guide has two purposes. One,to kick my previous guides ass. And second, to give people the chance to breakinto Monster Hunter.

As a the guide-writer it's my responsibility to teach you. Laughs areforbidden. I'm serious. Because as an awesome-guide-maker I am, I must educateyou lowly serfs. Weep before my god-like intellect and good looks! MUAHAHAHHA~!

...I'm also here to teach you how to Hunt. Like a parent teaching a toddler, ithas to be done with the deepest affection. It also has to be repeated. Becausethe parent knows his son and/or daughter won't get it the first time.Information should come in little spurts. So they'll learn it. They can't learneverything in a day. And you can't learn Monster Hunter in a day. Even if youread this guide in a day.

Or in a equally hypothetical metaphor, the parent knows his child is an idiot.That'll never change. No matter how hard the parent tries. So he/she might aswell beat (metaphorically speaking) a few lessons into the child's head. In thehopes that he/she doesn't obliterate themselves. Or the poor souls that happento be nearby. For the both the parent and the child, the struggle is going tobe painful. In fact, it may damn well tear them apart. They'll learn though.

So which one are you? The child that learns, or the child that struggles?

/\ /\ |_|/ \/ \onster | |unter===================================================--x-----------x----------| Table of Contents! \ x===================================================----x

If you've ever read a guide then you should be familiar with CTRL + F. Simplyinput a number on the list, like "[3.1]" for example (w/out quotations) to findwhat you seek. Don't type something like "[3.1] Weapon Questions" or elseyou'll come up with an error. It has to do with the way I formatted. *shrugs*

[0] If you e-mail me then you fail[1] FAQ[1.1] Beginning FAQ[1.2] Game-Saving

[2] Pokke Village[2.1] Home[2.1.1] Item Box[2.1.2] Felyne Kitchen[2.2] Felyne Fighter[2.2.1] Your Felyne Fighter[2.2.2] Behavior[2.2.3] Training[2.2.4] Skills[2.2.5] Loyalty[2.3] Pokke Farm[2.4] Weapon Seller/Forger[2.5] Item Salesman[2.6] Old Lady[2.7] Training Hall[2.7.1] Normal Training[2.7.2] Special Training[2.7.3] G Rank Training[2.8] Village Elder[2.9] Felyne Elder[2.10] Guild Hall

[3] Basics[3.1] Nature[3.2] Controls[3.3] Combat[3.4] Accuracy[3.5] Observance[3.6] The Right Weapon[3.7] Be Prepared[3.7.1] Potions[3.7.2] Paintballs[3.7.3] Capturing[3.7.4] Combining[3.7.5] Enhancing[3.7.6] Restoring Stamina[3.7.7] Drinks[3.7.8] Bombs[3.7.9] Barrel Bombs[3.7.10] Whetstones[3.7.11] Ammo[3.7.12] End-Game Inv.[3.8] Choose your Skills[3.9] Methods

[4] Weapons & Armor[4.1] Weapon Questions[4.1.1] Sword and Shield[4.1.2] Dual Swords[4.1.3] Greatsword[4.1.4] Longsword[4.1.5] Hammer[4.1.6] Hunting Horn[4.1.7] Lance[4.1.8] Gunlance[4.1.9] Light Bowgun[4.1.10] Heavy Bowgun[4.1.11] Bow[4.2] Armor Questions[4.3] Elder Armor[4.3.1] Summary[4.4] Felyne Elder Armor[4.4.1] Summary[4.5] G Rank Armor[4.5.1] Summary

[5] Materials[5.1] Gathering[5.2] Pokke Farm[5.3] Zenny

[6] End-Game Weapons[6.1] Sword and Shield[6.2] Dual Swords[6.3] Greatswords[6.4] Longswords[6.5] Hammers[6.6] Hunting Horn[6.7] Lance[6.8] Gunlance[6.9] Light Bowgun[6.10] Heavy Bowgun[6.11] Bow

[7] Elder Quests[7.1] Review[7.1.1] Prep for Battle[7.1.2] Wild-life[7.1.3] Final Words[7.2] Elder *[7.3] Elder **[7.3.1] Yian Kut-Ku[7.3.2] Congalala[7.3.3] Khezu[7.3.4] Reviewing Elder **[7.4] Elder ***[7.4.1] Daimyo Hermituar[7.4.2] Plesioth[7.4.3] Gypceros[7.4.4] Blangonga[7.5] Elder ****[7.5.1] Yian Garuga[7.5.2] Monoblos/Diablos[7.5.3] Shogun Ceanataur[7.5.4] Gravios/Basarios[7.5.5] Kushala Daora[7.5.6] Tigrex[7.6] Elder Quest *****[7.6.1] Kirin[7.6.2] Gravios[7.6.3] Lunastra[7.6.4] Chameleos[7.6.5] Rathian & Rathalos[7.7] Elder Quest ******[7.7.1] Shen Gaoren[7.7.2] Lao-Shan Lung[7.7.3] Hypnocatrice

[To be continued...]

In case you need my Diagrams for reference (why is a mystery) just write"Diagram #?" and replace the question mark with the following number. Simpleright?

Diagram #1 - Multi-FireballDiagram #2 - The Charge MethodDiagram #3 - Backhop DemonstrationDiagram #4 - Three Pronged ThrowDiagram #5 - Daimyo HermituarDiagram #6 - Hip-CheckDiagram #7 - Gypceros Tail WhipDiagram #8 - Rock CrossDiagram #9 - Wall-GuardingDiagram #10 - Triple-FireballDiagram #11 - Tail SweepDiagram #12 - High RoarDiagram #13 - Forward SweepDiagram #14 - Overshot TackleDiagram #15 - Full Moon LighteningDiagram #16 - "Y" LighteningDiagram #17 - Scrambled LighteningDiagram #18 - Guarding against LighteningDiagram #19 - Gunlance, Kirin, and youDiagram #20 - FlamethrowerDiagram #21 - Remote BombsDiagram #22 - Gaoren TreadDiagram #23 - Gaoren RotationDiagram #24 - Lao-Shan Lung TreadDiagram #25 - Triple-Sleep Glob

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/\ /\ |_|/ \/ \onster | |unter===================================================--x-----------x----------| [!] Contributors! \ x===================================================----x

First things first. Before you witness my guide, read through the names....Come on! I couldn't have done it without them...You're just gonna scroll bythis aren't you?.......sigh...I tried.

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