Mercedes Benz AMG HPP 09.2012 - 12.2014

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<ol><li> 1. Mechanical Engineering I completed two placements within the function covering mechanical design aspects for the internal combustion engine, turbo and energy recovery systems. Both covered mechanical design for power unit components through concept to manufacture and testing. Extensive use of Catia v5 for modelling and technical drawings I also made use of knowledge gained from formal training in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and finite element analysis. Performance I developed a software tool using Matlab to analyse car telemetry data and estimate competitor performance. As a result I gained experience of more than solely the power unit data. I also gained experience of reviewing live event data. I later used the tool to post analyse track events, generating technical reports based on my findings. Alongside this I developed a secondary Matlab based tool to validate and check a specific powertrain data output. Test Operations I took a test from specification to results including the design of all test apparatus and conducting the test. During this I worked within DSEAR/ATEX regulations. I worked on a project improving facility capability, increasing an existing electrical test facilitys capability to meet specifications for evaluating new hardware. This involved a failure investigation aspect and required me to gain an in-depth understanding of how the facility worked and how it was required to evaluate current hardware. Subsequently I gained a relative amount of experience in electric powertrain testing. Reliability I worked on developing a pass-off procedure for aspects of the energy recovery system. This involved coordinating with multiple internal departments to manage the workload of the facility and allow concurrent work alongside prove out of the new procedure. During this I worked with the same facility I had previously been working on the capability improvement of during my test operations role. Viewing the testing from both facility and product perspectives, combined with designing hardware for the energy recovery system in my mechanical engineering roles granted me much greater experience and understanding of the energy recovery system and electric powertrains in general. As part of the pass-off procedure I developed several bespoke reporting tools using VBA code granting some experience of VBA. Quality I completed several failure investigations during which I enjoyed a large amount of interaction with external suppliers and gained experience with a wide range of metrology equipment and methods. I led a project using the International Material Database System for an automotive program, requiring collaboration with customers and suppliers and on a personal level learning the system which at the time was covering new ground for the business. </li><li> 2. Purchasing I oversaw purchasing for all assembly tooling working closely with the internal department and external suppliers to manage quality, delivery and cost. In total I looked after 21 suppliers with a large range of parts. I completed a vendor commodity spending analysis forecasting gaps in the supplier base for future programs. I managed the introduction of an overseas supplier for a critical component, requiring numerous visits and the use of my experience in previous roles to ensure internal quality standards as well as on time delivery were met. Build Support I designed build and assembly tooling for specialised applications. I spent a significant portion of the time designing tooling for building, disassembling and performing checks on the energy store. This incorporated a large focus on operator safety when working with the high voltage systems. A cost down initiative was employed and I gained experience liaising with the suppliers of the tooling to minimise tool cost. Manufacturing I designed tooling and fixtures for a range of in house manufacturing applications working to strict cost targets. A large portion of time spent working with motor manufacture and a range of polymer tooling, expanding my knowledge of designing for a variety of polymer manufacturing methods. I also designed tooling for rotating machinery applications gaining experience with balancing components and ISO 1940. </li></ol>