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<ul><li><p> | Dubai Real Estate Broker Roots Land Real Estate </p><p>Mega Projects Market Insights </p><p> Colliers </p></li><li><p> | Dubai Real Estate Broker Roots Land Real Estate </p><p> A number of national mega projects are planned and </p><p>implemented including Cairo Airport City, Suez Canal </p><p>expansion, and New Capital City that are likely to drive </p><p>demand for additional real estate products. </p><p>SUEZ CANAL EXPANSION </p><p>The Suez Canal expansion will irease the Caals aual revenues from US$5.3 billion to approximately US$13.2 </p><p>illio i 0. Aordig to the Suez Caal Authorits projections, daily transits will rise from their current level </p><p>of 49 ships to 97 ships by 2023. </p><p>Mega Projects - Market InsightsOne of the canal </p><p>epasios positive ipats is a plaed shee of establishing an airport in Ain Sokhna. This will enhance </p><p>the corporate demand for residential, commercial, retail, </p><p>education and healthcare facilities along with hotel </p><p>rooms, especially in the East side of the City Centre. </p><p>Airports and aviation sector around the Suez Canal are </p><p>also planned to compliment the major investment being </p><p>made to expand the Suez Canal. </p></li><li><p> | Dubai Real Estate Broker Roots Land Real Estate </p><p>CAIRO AIRPORT CITY </p><p>Cairo Airport City is aimed at positioning Cairo as the centre of the region through a </p><p>series of logistical, retail, and recreational developments. There is a study to link the </p><p>Airport City with the new Suez Canal through a new railway line with Ain Sokhna port, </p><p>and Cairo International Airport. Cairo Airport is likely to be a major assembly and </p><p>distribution centre of passengers and cargos. </p><p>The Airport City is a complete city around the airport and will include a new trade free </p><p>zone, cargo village, factories belonging to the civil aviation for packaging, and food </p><p>outlets. In addition, an entertainment area, administrative offices, hotels and a hospital </p><p>are planned or under construction. The project is expected to provide more than </p><p>120,000 jobs on the short and long term. This will translate to additional demand for </p><p>residential units, commercial space, and hotel rooms. </p><p>NEW CAPITAL CITY </p><p>The New Capital City is expected to be a new administrative and financial district, </p><p>extending Cairo eastwards to the Coast of Red Sea. According to the Egyptian </p><p>Government and the master planners, the City will be a new urbanization area that is </p><p>projected to host over 7 million residents. The new city is expected to be surrounded by </p><p>local schools, religious buildings, civic amenities and shops. </p><p>The project is expected to attract domestic and international investors. Therefore, a </p><p>stronger demand for real estate developments is anticipated in the future. </p><p>About Roots Land Real Estate: </p><p>Roots Land Real Estate is your property partner in the U.A.E. We are committed to </p><p>assisting you with the entire process of purchasing or selling your desired property. Our </p><p>experience in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?s property markets has provided us with invaluable </p><p>insight that is largely beneficial to investors. </p><p>Learn more about </p></li></ul>