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    Cornelia Shipley, PCC, BCC, ELI-MP is a nationally recognized executive coach, life mentor, speaker and strategic planner with over 20 years experience training individual and executive clients to achieve their personal and pro- fessional goals. Utilizing her extensive background in strategic planning, sales training, and corporate HR, Cornelia founded 3C Consulting, a leadership development firm where she and her team reach thousands of professionals annually by guiding clients through the formulation, implementation, and sustainability of leadership develop- ment, strategic planning, and work place change initiatives.

    Cornelia was awarded the Professional Certified Coach Credential (PCC) by the International Coach Federation in 2009, a distinction less than 1600 people held at the time and is a Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership. Leaders at organizations including Blue Care Network, The Kellogg Foundation, Comerica Bank, Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Merck, Edward Jones, The Detroit Medical Center, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, General Motors, Jujitsu Films, SilverHook Studios, Solaris Filmwerks, YMCA, Internal Revenue Service, and Black Entertainment Tele- vision have leveraged Cornelia’s expertise to take their results and careers to the next level.

    Board Certified (BCC) as a coach by the Center for Credentialing Education, Cornelia co-created the ‘Executive Im- pact Program‘ with retired Procter & Gamble VP of Human Resources, Maxine Brown-Davis which prepares senior level leaders for General Manager and C-Suite level career opportunities. She has also developed and delivered leadership development workshops and keynotes including ’The Power of Influence – A Stepping Stone to Your Career Success‘, ‘The 7 Keys to Leadership‘ and her most popular keynote “You Don’t Need Pixie Dust… You Need A Plan” .

    An eight time speaker for multinational information technology corporation, Hewlett-Packard, her audio programs ‘Affirmations for Positive Living’ and ‘Brand Equity – Don’t Leave Your Image to Chance’ have proven to be valuable teaching aids to audiences as part of their ongoing development in all stages of their life and career.

    Cornelia is a member of the corporate coaching faculty for consulting, auditing & risk management firm Deloitte LLP and GlaxoSmithKline North America, and a faculty member for ICF accredited coach training programs Coach- ing4Clergy and Coaching4Business. A former member of the Board of Directors, Cornelia currently serves on the Board of Advisors for a leadership training organization for high school girls in Detroit, MI, is an executive coach for the Enterprising Health Fellowship Program, and serves on the Board of Directors for Women For Change Coaching Community.

    Formerly a trainer for the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity & Inclusion, Cornelia has additionally applied her coaching techniques to clients of Glinda Bridgforth, author of the popular ‘Girl, Get Your Money Straight, Girl, Get Your Credit Straight, and Girl Make Your Money Grow’ series, and served as an Executive Coach for the Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program in Louisiana; a partnership between Duke University, Southern University & the U.S. Ambassador to South Africa.

    A member of the 2013 Faculty for the National African American Women’s Leadership Institute, Cornelia maintains several local association memberships, and has served on the Board of Directors for the National INROADS Alumni Association. Cornelia also serves as a Supervisor Coach for the University of Wisconsin Continuing Studies Profes- sional Life Coaching Certificate program.

    Cornelia is set to release the timely audio series “Life After Layoff” featuring financial abundance expert Ericka Young, the DVD home study course “7 Keys to Leadership for the African American Male”, and her highly antici- pated first book a guide to creating a life and work that work scheduled for release January 2014. Cornelia’s com- mitment to the empowerment of women is evident at her annual Design Your Life summit where everyone from momprenuers to executive women are able to take create their designed future. Cornelia studied business and leadership in Australia and Asia, and received her MBA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.



    You Don’t neeD Pixie Dust...You neeD a Plan

    Tired of life “happening” to you? This interactive experience is designed to inspire the audience to create a practical, integrated, and strategic plan for their lives. We will focus on the 5 keys to develop a sustainable plan for reaching your goals, dreams and ambitions while creating the balance and abundance you desire in every area of your life. This experience provides a great overview to the strategic process Cornelia uses every day with clients.

    In this session, participants will: D How success and spirituality don’t have to be mutually exclusive D Four key strategies every coach must use to ignite quantum shifts for their clients D How to coach masterfully around successful principals


    In addition to Cornelia’s most popular, signature presentation, “You Don’t Need Pixie Dust...You Need a Plan”, Cornelia also offers a variety of workshop and webinar presentation options suited to a variety of audiences and settings, including:

    D 7 Keys to Leadership D Brand Equity: Don’t Leave Your Image to Chance D Coaching at the Core: Designing Alignment Between the Essence, Spirit and Success of Your Client D The Secret Power of Designing Your Life

    More information about each presentation is included in this kit. For more information on specific delivery questions for your audience or setting, please contact our team at




    7 KeYs to leaDershiP

    What high performing leaders do to distinguish themselves from the pack! Some people have “it”, others “don’t.” How often have you heard this in your organization? The truth is everyone has the ability to lead and in truly successful organizations EVERYONE is a leader. What distinguishes the GOOD from the GREAT is having a team who understands both the WHAT and the HOW of leadership. You and your team will learn 7 Key Leadership truths and how to distinguish yourself from others.

    In this session, Cornelia will share: D How to determine your leadership vision D The secret to uncovering the hidden driver of the leadership skills of those on your team D How to employ the key strategies leaders use to influence an outcome D The secret to leveraging the role of TEAM in leadership.

    For Leaders

    BranD equitY: Don’t leave Your image to ChanCe

    What do your manager, colleagues, and customers say about you when you leave the room? Their comments embody your BRAND EQUITY, which impacts your ability to maximize your potential and exceed your career expectations. Whether your brand equity has helped or hindered you, this experience will give you the tools to successfully manage that intangible thing called “your reputation.”

    Participants will: D Gain clarity on how you are currently perceived D Develop strategies to manage how you “show up” D Understand the connection between Emotional Intelligence and your Career Success D Top tips to manage your personal brand image

    For Leaders



    CoaChing at the Core: Designing alignment Between the essenCe, sPirit anD suCCess of Your Client

    In this powerful presentation, Cornelia shares how coaches can help their clients discover their truth and who they are at their sacred core, ultimately achieving the transformation they desire. Cornelia takes the coaching relationship beyond the story to get to their core beliefs and value system and teaches the audience the four strategies needed to create the powerful shift and success your client desires.

    In this session, Cornelia will share: D How success and spirituality don’t have to be mutually exclusive D Four key strategies every coach must use to ignite quantum shifts for their clients D How to coach masterfully around successful principles

    For Coaches

    For Visionaries

    the seCret Power of Designing Your life

    An expert in helping her clients create a life and work that work, Cornelia Shipley shares her secret formula for designing your life in this power-packed presentation. Whether participants are overwhelmed and frustrated at not being able to get ahead or they are sick and tired of being sick and tired, Cornelia is able to help them shift through and discover the keys to creating a life by design.

    In this session, Cornelia will help participants: D Understand their deepest unconscious thoughts that ultimately fuel their ability to succeed D Learn the answers to their questions about why they struggle to have the life they want and work so hard for AND how they can change what they don’t like D How to tap into the power they already have to get more done in less time and with less stress


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    Cornelia will host an intimate conversation with a maximum of ten participants to include board members, sponsors, or other key stakeholders of your group.