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Media – Initial Ideas. By Reece Halkett. Aim and Purpose. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Media Initial Ideas

Media Initial Ideas By Reece HalkettAim and PurposeI am making this PowerPoint to showcase my three ideas for a music magazine. I will show this powerpoint to members of my target audience and canvas their opinions on each idea, giving strengths and weaknesses of both. This will help me decide which idea to use.Idea 1My first idea was that of an Indie/Alt magazine appealing to a target audience of about 18-24. Stereotypically followers of this genre fit into the 18-24 age bracket. The colour scheme would be a mixture of red/orange, black and white, as this seems to reflect the genre. The double page spread of this magazine would be an interview, featuring the artist pictured on the front cover. The sub-feature would be a list of tour-dates for the artist.

That magazine currently on the market which is most similar to this idea is NME.Idea 2My second idea is a general rock magazine, similar to Kerrang!. Like my first idea, the target market would the 18-24 age bracket however, this would also appeal to slightly older readers, much like Kerrang! This magazine would use a darker colour scheme to fit in with the genre. The Double-Page spread feature will be an album review, reviewing an album of the artist featured on the front cover and the sub-feature would be a competition.

The magazine most similar to this idea is Kerrang!Idea 3My third idea was a Dubstep magazine. This would also be aimed at a 16-24 audience, as the majority of Dubstep listeners are in a young age-bracket. The colour scheme of this magazine would be blue and white. Its double page feature would be a gig review, and the sub-feature would be a list of tour dates of a Dubstep artist.

There are no other mainstream Dubstep magazines on the market at the momentConclusion and EvaluationI asked 3 members of my target audience their opinions on my ideas. My feedback from my target audience was positive for both my first and third ideas. The second idea received criticism as it seemed to be generic. One criticism of my first idea is the colour scheme, and it was suggested that I use orange and black to differentiate from magazines such as Q and NME. The colour scheme of my Dubstep magazine received praise, however it was suggested I use a different double-page spread feature instead of a gig-review.

The magazine which seemed to be most favourably viewed was my first idea, the Indie/Alt magazine, and for this reason I am going to pursue this idea.