Sucker Punch - Initial Ideas (AS Media Coursework)

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Our power point outlining our group's initial ideas for our opening sequence. We have also included which teen film conventions we plan to use.

Text of Sucker Punch - Initial Ideas (AS Media Coursework)

  • 1. Viewers discretion advisedThese are our initial ideaswhich we will be combined at a later dateand also edited. SPOILERS!!

2. Mustafas Idea Intro will be of students fighting on the playground while the camera zooms in when the camera is close enough one of the characters punches into the camera were the movies title will be placed and our production name(Suck3r Punch).The film starts with an establishing shot of the school which shows students rioting inside the school the school has been destroyed. In the amount of time of ten minutes, the school has been taken over by students. The narrative then flashes back to 3 hours earlier showing the protagonist waking up and meeting his friends in the bus stop. They talk about the teacher promising them good exam results and they laugh and talk of teenage themes ( Drugs, Sexual innuendos etc.). They walk inside the classroom and settle down. The teachers enters the room and reveals that they have all failed and says it in a casual manner. The students all get filled with rage and they all start a riot. 3. Nicholas Idea Suck3rPunch Opening theme, Metal shutter shut down hard with letters smashing into it Suck3rpunch boxing bell rings and screaming crowd, black out to intro credits. Opening scene is a helicopter in air, switches to protagonist (unknown at the moment) with his colonel they speak army stuff, then he tells him to reveal himself, he does. Protagonist jumps out of helicopter landing in a green outdoors, runs through bushes and comes in front of school, establishing shot of school, then title comes on screen. 4. Osishs Idea A new boy is seen going inside school. He is mysterious and is surveying the whole school and the students. The school bully sees him and tries to bully him. A crowd forms and the new student is seen using reverse psycology to outsmart the bully. He goes to the head masters office who is emotionally detached. His new schoolmate shows him around the school and the audiences establishes the stereotypes. The boy goes home and reveals to the audience his secret spy lifestyle. 5. Initial final story Protagonist arrives at school at time of crisis at the most prestigious well behaved school in the world, the students freak over the Headteachers who doesnt keep his promise, this makes the protagonist bring law and order back to the school; he disguises as a student to investigate the problems, he will encounter Jocks, Nerds, Glee Club and other misfits. 6. Teen conventions We will use the following teen conventions: Stereotypes e.g. nerds School setting Crude humour Upbeat pop rock soundtrack Relatable experiences/characters 7. Sub-genre We are using two sub-genres in our movie, Action and adventure plus comedy, the reason for this is because this will be mostly appeal to males even though it is a movie for both genders, comedy, we hope Appeals to everyone! 8. How will it appeal? From our research we have found out comedy is the most popular genre for teenagers especially crude humour, teenagers are attracted to rude jokes such as sexual innuendos, this is because sex is a insecure theme to express and popular amongst teens, this creates the Oh my god moment because of the awkward moments. Action appeals mainly to the male side of the audience, the fast paced action creates excitement, male audiences will look up to the heroic male protagonist. High school setting will relate not only to teenagers but young adults who have experiences from school.