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Key research assets Mathematics at Paris-Saclay covers almost the entire field of the discipline, from pure mathematics to interfaces with neighboring sciences: biology, computer science, scientific computation and engineering, theoretical physics.
12 laboratories
mathematics in France
3 Abel Prizes
300 PhD Candidates
20 ERC grants
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68 000 books
PhD program Each year, the Hadamard Doctoral School of Mathematics leads nearly 80 young mathematicians to high- level careers in academic and industrial research teams. Both programs are very open to international students who can receive financial support from the Paris-Saclay University or the Jacques Hadamard Mathematical Foundation.
Technology transfer In mathematics, there is no shortage of industrial partnerships with companies of all sizes. For example, the Gaspard Monge Program for Optimization, Operations Research and their Interactions with Data Science (PGMO) brings together the Jacques Hadamard Mathematical Foundation with major players in the field. Conversely, the IMOSE initiative of the Versailles Mathematics Laboratory aims to support SMEs in modeling, optimization and simulation.
Documentation Paris-Saclay University benefits from a large mathematical facility, the Jacques Hadamard Library. Its collection (68,000 books) is one of the richest in the world. Equipped with a pleasant and vast reading room (100 seats), with extensive opening hours, as well as qualified staff, this is a wonderful working tool for students and researchers.
Master’s program
With more than 500 graduates each year, the Master’s in Mathematics and Applications is the largest master’s program in this discipline
in the world.
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The Graduate School of Mathematics at Paris-Saclay University, alongside the Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard, aims to attract the best young minds from around the world to this discipline, which is rich in career opportunities.
Society's expectations of mathematics are high. It is estimated that in France, 9% of jobs, representing 15% of GDP, use mathematical skills. Nearly half of all key technologies are impacted by advances in mathematics. To meet these expectations, the Paris-Saclay area has an exceptionally favorable scientific environment.
Freshers’ welcome at IHES - master’s program © Valérie Touchant
String theory
Group theory
Number theory