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PT3Mathematics (50)Answer all the questions.

Question 1

(a) Diagram 1(a) shows a number line.

Determine the value of x , y and x + y.

3 MarksAnswer :

x : .

y :

x + y : ..

(b) (i) Calculate the valu of and express the answer as a

decimal. Answer :

(b) (ii) Adlis money is three times Johns money. Anita has RM200 less than John. The total amount of their money is RM 1 550. How much does each of them have ?Answer :Adlis money : .Johns money : Anitas money : ..

4 Marks

( c) A chess club had 60 members and 40% of the members were boys. Later, 12 boys and 8 girls joined the club. What percent of the members now are girls ?

Answer :

3 Marks

Question 2

(a) Match with the correct answer.

Answer :18The lowest common multiple of 5 and 7


35The prime factor of 18 is


iii. 33The highest common factor of 18 , 54 and 90 is

3 Marks

(b) Complete thw following steps by fillinf in the correct answers.

Answer :

4 Marks(c) Puan Habibah has 15m cloth. She uses it to make 6 curtains and 4 tablecloths. Each curtain requires 1.35m of cloth and each tablecloth requires 80 cm of cloth. What is the length, in m, of the remaining cloth ?Answer :

3 MarksQuestion 3

(a) In the answer space, mare ( ) for the correct name of the polygon and ( ) for the incorrect name of the polygon.Answer :

3 Marks(b) (i) In the diagram below, LMN and RST are straight lines. Find te value of p.Answer :

(ii) In the diagram below, JKLM is a trapezium and JKPN is a parallelogran. Calculate the area of the shaded region, in cm2.

Answer :

4 Marks

(c) The diagram below shows the change in a reading on a weighing scale. Calculate the mass, in g, of a bar of chocolate, if all the bars of chocolate have the same mass.

Answer :

3 Marks

Question 4(a) Match the diagrams with the correct words.Answer :

3 Marks (b) The diagram shows a circle with centre O. Calculate the area, in cm2, of the shaded region.Answer :

4 Marks(c) Diagram below, shows a right prism. Calculate the total surface area, in cm2, of the prism.Answer :

3 MarksQuestion 5(a) Determine whether the following statements are true or not true. Write TRUE or FALSE.

(i)Samy bought a number of boxes of oranges.Unknown : The number of boxes.

(ii)- x 3y + 8 12xThere are 3 terms in the algebraic expression above.

(iii)- 0.6a , 5 aLike terms

3 Marks(b) Diagram below in thw answer space shows a quare PQRS drawn on a grid of equal squares with sides of 1 unit X, Y and Z are three moving points in the diagram.

i. X is the point which moves such that its distance from point Q and point S is the same. By using letters in the diagram, state the locus of X.ii. On the diagram, drawa. The locus for point Y that is constantly 6 units from the point R.b. The locus for point Z that is constantly 7 units from the straight line PQ.iii. Hence, mark with the symbol the intersection of the locus of Y and the locus Z.4 MarksAnswer : (a)(b) (i) , (ii)(c)

(c) Diagram below shows a polygon P drawn on a grid of equal squares with sides of 1 unit. On the diagram, redraw polygon P using the scale 1 : .

3 MarksAnswer :

Question 6(a) Diagram below shows a cuboid. Name and state the number of parts of the cuboid. Answer :

3 Marks(b) (i) In the diagram below, O is the centre of the circle LMN. Given that LOM is a straight line, find the value of x.Answer :

(ii) Identify the regular polygon with an interior angle of 135o.

4 Marks(c) The distance between R and S is 320 km. Raziq leaves R at 1430 hours. If he wants to reach S at 1930 hours, what should his speed be ?


Answer :

Question 7

(a) Identify whether the following equations are linear equations in two variables. Write YES or NO in the box provided in the answer space.

Answer :i. ii. iii.

3 Marks

(b) (i) Simplify :

(ii) Find the value of

4 Marks

(c) Diagram below shows a quadrilateral ABCD.

(i) Using only a ruler and a pair of compasses, construct the diagram, beginning from line AB provided in the answer space.(ii) Based on the diagram constructed in 7(c) (i) , measure the length, in cm, of AC.3 Marks

Answer : (i) , (ii)

Question 8(a) In the answer space, match each of the equations with the correct graph of function.3 MarksAnswer :

(i) (ii) (iii)y = x + 2y = -2x - 4y = 2x - 2

(b) Diagram below shows two triangles, ABC and ABC, which are drawn on a Cartesian plane. Triangle ABC is the image of triangle ABC under a clockwise rotation of 90o.

(i) In the diagram, on the Cartesian plane mark the centre of rotation with P.(ii) State the coordnates of P.4 MarksAnswer : (i) , (ii)


Diagram above shows a container in the shape of a cuboid and another in the shape of a right cylinder. The cuboid is completely filled with water. All the water in the cuboid is poured into the cylinder. If the height of the water level in the cylinder is 8 cm, find the radius, in cm, of the base of the cylinder.

3 MarksAnswer :

Question 9(a) Solve each of the following :

(i) - 5 = 9 m(ii) p + 3 = 4p 3 53 MarksAnswer :(i) (ii)

(b) 4 Marks (i) Simplify 5(p 4) (2p + 3)Answer :

(ii) Given that 3x = 5 2y, if y = -5, find the value of x.Answer :

(c) The pie chart in the diagram below, illistrates the sales of various brands of petrol.(i) What percentage of the total sales does Shell have ?(ii) If Esso accounts for 30% of the total sales, calculate the angles of x and y.(iii) State the mode of the data.

3 MarksAnswer :

Question 10(a) In diagram below, V is the midpoint of QR.

(i) State the coordinates of V.(ii) Find the coordinates of Q.

3 MarksAnswer :

(b) Use the graph paper on page 16 to answer this question. Table below shows the values of two variables x and y of a function.

The x axis and the y axis are drawn on the graph paper on page 16.(i) By using a scale of 2 cm to 2 units, complete and label the y axis.(ii) Based on the table above, plot the points on the graph paper.(iii) Hence, draw the graph of the function.

4 Marks

Graph for Question 10 (b)

(c) In diagram shows two right angled triangles PQR and QST. (i) Find the value of SQ. (ii) It is given S is the mid point of QR and tan xo = 12 , 5 find the value of cos yo.

3 MarksAnswer :