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  • 8/2/2019 Manual Detector MD-5008



    Please read before using this equipment

    Metal Detector5008

  • 8/2/2019 Manual Detector MD-5008


    FEATllRESWith your MD-5008 MetalDetector, you can hunt for corns,relics, jewelry, gold, and silver, etc.just about anywhere The metaldetector IS versatile and easy to useThe detector's features include:Headphone Jack-lets you connectheadphone (not supplied) to thedetector.Viewmeter and Pointer - showsthe probable type of metal beingdetectedVolu me Indicating - gives offtune of fixed frequency whilefinding metal.Waterproof Search Coil - lets youlise the detector's length forcomfortable use.Note: The search coil ISwaterproof, but the control housingIS not waterproof.Adjustable Stem - lets you adjustthe detector's length for comfor-table useNote: yow' metal detector reqmres8 pieces of 1 5 V batteries


    TREAS(TRE HIJNTER'S CODE: OFETHICSAll treasure hunters might be Judgedby the example you set Here are a fewbasic rules you should follow whileusing your detector Always get permissron before

    searching any site Respect the fights and property ofothers

    Observe all national, state, andlocal laws while treasure huntmg

    Never destroy historical orarchaeological treasures If youare not sure about an object yourhave found, contact a museum orhistorical society in your area.

    Leave the land and vegetation as Itwas. Fill 10 any hole you dig

    Use your detector only III safeareas.

    Dispose of any junk you find. onlyill approved areas 00 not leave Itfor the next treasure hunter tofind

  • 8/2/2019 Manual Detector MD-5008


    2 .

    ( 'O'lTENTSPreparation 3

    A~S{'!1Iblill1! I he Dctcctur.. . 3InsLdlill1-: Ibtteries.......... .. 4

    I t:

  • 8/2/2019 Manual Detector MD-5008


    PAEPARATIONbracket and the stem . Push theconnector through the holes andtighten the knob

    ASSEMBLING THE DETECTORAssembling your detector is easyand requires no special toots. Justfollow these steps.I.Turn the stem 's lock nutc lo ckwis e u ntil it loosens.

    2.L engthen or shorten the stem sowhen you stand upright w ith thedetector in your hand. the searchcoil is le ve l with and about 8inches above the ground w ithyour ann relaxed at your side.

    3 .Turn the stem 's lock nutcounterclockwise to lock it illplace.

    4.Unscrew the knob on the searchco i I and remove the knobs andconnector. Insert tile stem andalign the holes on the search coi I


    5.Wind the search coil cablearound the stern. L eave en ou ghslack in the cable to let youadjust the search coil when youarc hU1l1 illg 011 lJIICVCII grouud.

    6.Insert the search coil's plugin to the search coil jack on thedetector's control housing. Besure the pins on the plug alignw ith the holes in the jack.

    Cautions: The search coil's plug titsinto the connector only one

    way. Do not force tile plugor you could dam age i t .

  • 8/2/2019 Manual Detector MD-5008


    I. If the detector is ON, turn i t toOFF.

    To disconnect the searchcoil's cable from thedetector, j!filSp 1 he rlug ;\IIdpull it out Ilf th e conucctor.Never pull on the cable,

    7.1.00sen the knob at the searchcoil's end, then adjust the searchcoil to the desired angle. (Thesearch coil should be parallelwith the ground.) T ighten theknob Just enough to keep thesearch coil from rotating orwobbling,Caution: Do not overtightenthe search coi I or use toolssuch as nliers to tighten it.INSTALLING BATTERIESYour need 8pieces of '1.5Ybatteries to power your detector.

    Cautions: Use only fresh batteries ofIhe required size and

    recommended type.

    Do not m ix old and newb atte ri es . d if fe re nt types ofbaucriesrstnndard. alkaline,of rechargeable), orrechargeable batteries ofd iffe ren t c ap acitie s


    O F F

    2. Press the right batterycompartment cover's tab andsl ide the cover off in thedirection of th e a rrow .

    3 . Place 4 pieces of !.5Y batteryinto the battery com partm ent ontop of the ribbon, matching thepolarity symbols (+and -).

    4. R eplace the right batterycom partm ent cover.

    4 .

  • 8/2/2019 Manual Detector MD-5008


    5. Press the left batterycom parunc n t cover's 1 a b an ds lid e th e covet o ff in th e d ire ctio nof th e a rr ow .

    6. Place 4 pieces of 1 .5 V batteriesinto the battery com partm ent ontop of the ribbons, matching thepolarity sym bols (+ and - )marked.

    7. Replace th e left batterycomp artm en t c ov er.Cautions:

    A lways remove old or weakbatteries; batteries can leakchem icals that can destroye le ctro nic p arts .

    I f yo u do not plan to use thedetector for a week or more,remove the batteries.

    D ispose of old batteriespromptlY;J .l id proper ly .

    You can extend battery lift hy usingheadphones, which require lesspow er th an the built-in sp eakers.

    5 .

    TESTING TIl EnA1TE!{ 1 Slf the indicat-or light is dim ordark, so the detector does not turnon. has weak volume. w ill nottune properly, has erraticoperation. or dri f ts. R eplace thebatteries.ADJUSTING THE . M ETE RWith ~v10DE se t to OFF, use ascrewdriver to adj list thealign men t con trol u ntil the p oin terlines up v- ith 0 on the scale.~I

    . . ._.....,_ O ' f tUSING HEADPHONES

    You can connect a pair of stereoheadphones .(not supplied) to thedetector so you can listen to i tprivately. Using headphones alsosave battery power and makes iteasier to identify subtle in thesounds you hear, for betterdetection results.

  • 8/2/2019 Manual Detector MD-5008


    To connect headphones to thedetector, insert the headphones'1 /8 inch plug i 11 tO the headphonejack on the side of the controlhousing.The detector's in ternal speakerdisconnects when you connectheadphones.

    Listening SafelyTo protect your hearing, followthese guidelines when you useheadphones. Set t he volume to th e lowest

    setting before you beginlistening. A [ter you beginlistening, adjust the volum eto a comfo rtab le le vel.Do not I istcn at extremelyhigh volume levels.Extended high volumelistening can lead top erm an en t hearin g loss.

    O nce you set the volume, donot increase it. Over lim e, y ou rears adapt to the vo lum e lev el,so a volume level that doesn'tcause discom fort m ight stilld am ag e your hearin g.

    T ra ff ic S af et yDo not wear headphones whileoperating your detector near high-t ra ff ic a re as .E ven though some headphones aredesigned to let you hear someoutside sounds when listening atnormal v olum ele :v els . th ey still canp res en t a traffic h az ard .

    External Power Jack


  • 8/2/2019 Manual Detector MD-5008



    ZEROING BUTTON7eroing Button is at the forefinger'sposition when holding the detector.Press it, the pointer of the-viewrneter returns to "0" position.

    Zeroing Button has memoryfunction, so it can memorize theworking circumstance at workingtime. For example, while holdingthe search coil over the ground, theground emits signal to make thepointer leave . O"poSiliolt, you canreturn it to "0" by pressing theButton again. Then you can begindetecting.Don't press the Zeroing Buttonnear metal, or the detector can notdetect metal any longer.What must be pointed out is thatyou must press the Zeroing Buttonbefore adjusting any other tumbutton, then relieve it after finishingadjusting.


    During detection, with thechanges of environment, thepointer often leaves "0"position. Pressing Zeroing Bullonto return the pointer to "0", so youmust often press it during thedetection process.The detector need about oneminute to preheat after turning onthe detector, or the pointer willleave "0" after pressing theZeroing Button. All will benormal after preheating.

    TUNE TURN BUTTONAdjust the TUNE, the sound risesslowly, the sound which just canbe heard is called "critical sound" ,The detector has the highestsensitivity when it is at "criticalsound".

  • 8/2/2019 Manual Detector MD-5008


    Note:Press the Zeroing Buttonbefore adjusting the "criticalsound" and set free it afteradjusting.If the "critical sound" rises.falls. or disappears. set it byprcssiug the Zeroing Bulton.SENSITIVITYBUTTON


    Sensitivity Turn Button controlsthe sensitivity of the detector.


    Rotate it counter~clockwise tothe end point, the sensitivity isMlN and the detection depth isMIN; rotate it clockwise to theend point. the sensitivity is MAXand the detection depth is MAX.To set sensitivity depends onthe testing circumstance. but notthe higher, the better,

    For example, in those heavymineralization area, high sensitivitycauses false signal, the detectorsounds everywhere so that thedetector can't find target correctly;'In such condition, lower thesensitivity to reduce the effectcaused by complex soil; in thosepure area, the higher the sensitivity,the stronger the detection.Note: Press the Zeroing Buttonbefore adjusting the sensitivity andset free it after adjusting.GROl)ND BALANCE TURNBUTTONOwing to The "mineralizationreaction". the search coil of old-style metal detector emits fals.esignal. and the "critical sound" isaffected by the change of thedistance between the search coil andthe ground, so you can't distingul.the type of the signal (minerlizalioQsignal or metal signal). To salvesuch problem, Ground Baia'nc::eCircuit is designed 10 decreasethe "mineralization reaction" to thelowest.


  • 8/2/2019 Manual Detector MD-5008


    3 . Lower the search coil about8inch above the ground : ifthe volume rises. raise thesearch coil (about 24inch) androtate the turn button counterclockw ise to try, if th evolume falls. rotate itcounter

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