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PEUGEOT Why compromise on performance? We believe choosing a compact MPV shouldn’t come at the expense of your driving pleasure. That’s why the 5008’s cockpit has been ergonomically designed around the driver to To ensure that nothing detracts from your driving experience the 5008 is loaded with innovative technologies; each designed to make life behind the wheel easier.

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  • INNOVATIVE DRIVER TECHNOLOGYTo ensure that nothing detracts from your driving experience the 5008 is loaded with innovativetechnologies; each designed to make life behind the wheel easier.

    Why compromise on performance?We believe choosing a compactMPV shouldnt comeat theexpense of your drivingpleasure. Thats why the 5008scockpit has been ergonomicallydesigned around the driver to

  • Distance Alert* The Distance Alert system helps the driver maintain a safedistance fom the vehicle in front.This radar technologymeasures the distance from the vehicle in front and thisinformation is then sent to thevehicles control system (ECU),before being relayed onto thetransluscent screen. The drivercan set their prefered distanceand the system will warn youwith a visual alert, providingaccessible safety informationwhilst still in full control at all times.

    Parking Assistance**Front and Rear Parking Aid is available with the AvailableSpace Measurement (ASM),meaning fitting into tight parkingspaces has never been easier.The system gives parking advicethrough different messages onthe display. An audible alertsounds when an obstacle is approaching.

    Electric Parking Brake with Hill AssistAll 5008s are fitted with theElectric Parking Brake with HillAssist as standard. Thisfunction offers many practicalbenefits from conveniencethrough to additional storagespace within the centre console. When the driver stops at a set oftraffic lights, the parking brakecan be activated manually.When removed Hill Assist willkeep the vehicle at a standstill forup to 2 seconds to assist thedriver when setting off on agradient.

    *Available as standard or optionaldepending upon the version.**Available as an option on certainversions.

    create an intuitive and enjoyabledriving experience. From thecomfort of the raised drivingposition, youll appreciate the5008s effortless acceleration,dynamic handling and refinedperformance.

    Head Up Display* The Head Up Display projectsessential driving informationonto ananti-reflectivetransluscent panel. The driver can therefore easilysee the vehicle speed, cruisecontrol / speed limiter and the

    distance alert*....All withouthaving to take their eyes off the road.

    *Available as standard or optionaldepending upon the version.

  • ENJOYED BY FAMILIESRelax into the 5008 and youll be instantly impressed by its comfort and the sense of space and light. The whole family can enjoy their journey with new technology, refinement and driving pleasure.


    5008 is adaptable for all yourneeds and has7 seats asstandard. You have the freedomto rearrange the seatingconfiguration and luggage spaceas required to suit all yourbusiness and leisure activities.

    FlexibilityFor more flexibility, seats in Rows 2and 3 fold individuallyandcan be folded flat. In additionthe passenger seat can also be folded flat*. Particularattention has beenpaid

    to the seats ease of use andcinema style seating enableseasy access to the 6th and 7thseats. The car is ideal for whenyou are all travelling and whenyou have more luggage.

    ComfortLots of leg room, clever storagesolutions and up to 2,506 litresof luggage space make for a truly comfortable journey.* Available as standard or optional

    depending on version.


    Spacious yet compact; watch the world go by in the 5008 thanks to its superb visibility and numerous clever storage compartments for everything the family needs.

    Panoramic Cielo Roof*See driving in a new light, the panoramic cielo roof* givesthe driver and passengers a senseof freedom and space. The heatrelective, tinted glass filters out90% of the suns ultraviolet rays.In addition an electric sunblindcovers up the roof at a touch of a button.

  • Volume and StorageThe boot volume of 5008 is generous and can be increasedwhen the seats are folded flat.Clever storage throughout the cabin including extra storagein Row 2 footwells* all help make an extended journey an enjoyable adventure.

    The low loading sill in the rearmakes access and storage easyand comfortable. There areseveral other additional itemsdesigned to suit all your familiesneeds; the 12v charger,additional light from the portabletorch* installed in the rear whichis equipped with a battery that

    recharges itself when the car is being driven.*Availableas standard oroptionaldepending on version.

  • VIDEO PACK*An impressive multi mediaentertainment system* providestwo seven inch colour screensintegrated into the drivers andfront passengers headrest. The system enables you toconnect to external DVD playersand games consoles.The children can listen to theirDVDs via bluetooth headsets -perfect for entertaining thechildren with different tastes on long journeys.

    Audio and Telematics5008 offers state of the art audio equipment or telematics*,through the Peugeot Connect(PC) Range:

    PCSound: Radio CDPlayerPC Navigation: ColourNavigation with Bluetooth. PC Media Navigation (NG4) -Colour Navigation, Bluetooth,GSM Phonekit, 30 Gig HardDrive including 10G Music Hard Drive.

    PC USB with Bluetooth - USB auxillary port with Bluetooth Handsfree kit. * Available as standard or optional

    depending on version.



  • The solid build and dynamic shape impose a bold and distinctive personality whilst the raking windscreen gives a breathtaking view. A dipping roofline and smoothly sculpted rear quarter lights create a stunning and unique profile which immediately draws onlookers attention.

  • 5008 - ACTIVE AND PASSIVE SAFETYWith pioneering technology such as Head Up Display with Distance Alert, Electronic Stability Programme with Snow Motion traction control and six SMART safety Airbags, each journey is reassuringly secure and relaxing for all the family.

    Optimum safety for both driverand passengers5008 achieves a Euro NCAP 5* rating the very highest safety accolade a car can receive. From the electricpower-assisted steering to the durable braking system (ABS with EBFD and EBA) thatincludes Electronic Stability Programme with Snow Motion an advanced traction control(ASR+) preventing each wheelspinning in slippery winterconditions.

    Cruise Control with Speed Limiter*5008 is available across the range with Cruise Control and Speed limiter. The CruiseControl maintains a constantspeed and your speed limit can be set at a speed that will not be exceeded.

    SMART Airbag technology5008 features six SMART safety airbags, all are designedto deploy at the right angle for maximum protection. They also automatically adjustthe pressure and volume of deployment, depending uponthe force of a collision. Frontseats also hide two side airbagsand passengers in outer seatsare protected by curtain airbags.

    Advanced traction control systemSnow Motion is 5008s intelligent traction control system, standard on all models,it supports impeccable steering,dynamic road handling and active safety. Snow Motion regulates each driving wheel independently in snow, ice, and rain giving the 5008 improved traction in difficultconditions.

    Electric Parking Brake and Hill Start Assist5008 is fitted with an ElectricParking Brake and Hill Start Assist function that helps the driver manuvre or set off,especially on gradients. Whenyou press the accelerator pedalthe parking brake automaticallyreleases and will then automati-cally enable when you switchoff the ignition. In addition it isfitted as standard with the HillStart Assist function that helpsthe driver on gradients. When the brakepedal is released, the ESP automatically maintains a stationary position for up to twoseconds, enabling the driver thetime to move their foot from thebrake to the accelerator withoutthe vehicle moving forwards or backwards on a slope.*Available as standard or optional depending upon on version.


    RESPONSIBLE CONTROLAerodynamics and fuel savingThe aerodynamics, lines and weight of 5008 were vital to optimize consumption. These also enabled the vehicleto post the best aerodynamics of its category, at 0.29Cx for the versions with 16 and 17inch wheels, also a major factor in reducing fuelconsumption.

    HDi FAPHDi technology is associatedwith the very efficient anti pollution system (FAP), DieselParticulate Filter. Peugeot wasthe first manufacturer to equipas standard some of its vehicleswith FAP.

    Electronic Gearbox Control*the EGC transmission providesconsiderable gains in fuelconsumption and low CO2boosted by the presence of a sixth gear.

    Energy Saving TyresThe less rolling resistence your tyres provide, the less fuelyou need to travel the same distance. Michelins EnergySaver Tyres, fitted on 16inch wheels on 5008, reduces resistance by 20%, saving you around 0.2 litres of fuel for every 100 kilometresyou drive compared to a standard tyre.

    Protecting the environment and preserving the future planet are the greatest challenges we face today. For many years, Peugeot has been innovating with

    the future in mind. Peugeot can show their committment to future generations with the already posted concrete results :

    Since the year 2000, Peugeot have sold more than 2,000,000 private cars equipped with FAP (Diesel Particulate Filter)

    In 2008, Peugeot reinforced its position as leaders in Europe with 1 in 6 vehicles that are sub 120g sold in themarket being Peugeot, taking15.4% of the European market*.*Europe 14 countries source A.A.A March 2009.




    METALLIC COLOURS(optional)

    Aluminium Nera BlackShark Grey (available fromDecember 2011)

    Vapour Grey

    Eygptian Blue Sky Blue

    Babylon Red


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